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  1. Shout for @JaegerMain as Abdul and his Friends as Ahmed for the good RP
  2. Updated 12/11 Featuring "Is this a Friendship?" And a new tipe to story "The anger inside"
  3. *Ted is trying to plug his walkman on the Radio and make that frequency works fine on the tower, as he se that it work, he try the first time* - Hello everyone! It's me, Ted and i believe that the right cadence and harmony at the right moment can awaken any feeling, including that of happiness in the darkest moments, So i gonna leave my radio working with my walkman as soon has the baterry of them persist *He toggle his Radio On in the frequency 91.3 and fits the tape on his walkman, and you can hear some music starting* - Cause im a wanderer and i go around around around ♫
  4. *He hear a voice on the radio, as fast he see is G, The romenian, he takes and press the PTT on the end of the message* - G... I was looking for you buddy, i'm glad that yare alive man *He moves to the window, look to the sky* - I was talking to a Doc, idk if is the our Doc friend, but i'll give a try *Takes a deep breath* - Im planning to make a new crew, a crew to help people, To rise as new tomorrow, I'm now moving on again... *He look at the radio, to his things on the couch* - This is my last message here, i gonna turn my radio off... - It's Ted, Clear and Loud... This is... A call for freedom... For hope. *He put his backpack on, Load his AK, Release the PTT and turn his radio off and open the front door and start walking*
  5. *Take my radio, pressing the PTT* - It's a long job Doc, but we can make this a reality, step by step, I count on you. *Some sound of steps on the forest* - I gonna get my way out of here and meet ya . *Release the PTT for a second* - And for yall, Join us to help the New tomorrow, Mankind gonna live. *Releases the PTT again*
  6. *After taking that message, take my radio back with a good smile on my face and them press the Ptt* - Hey Doc! I think that it's not a suicide mission... *Some shortly pause* -Well.. Maybe it is, but i call that a call for hope, like the another that i said to help you to get out of this shit and find the cure... i have good news for you, but i can't tell them in the radio, But will be together soon and i will tell you the news. *One static come with a longer pause* - As someday, my father who told me, "We all have to help one another, Humans have to be like that... We have to live by each other hapinnes, but no by each others misery..." *A sigh of crying, as if remembering the past, during a pause with the radio on* - You're right, we need to fight for what we think is right... So is to all is listening... Don't give yourself for surviving, You have a humanity on your hearth, Never let a group of mens tell you what to do! Lets fight to free world again! Let's fight to this Science progess Find the cure, and let us all live togheter *Another shortly pause with a deep breath* - I gonna fight for our new tomorrow, For the mankind can LIVE! *Release the PPT*
  7. * Ted gives a sigh, pulls out his pocket radio and puts it on the radio station 107 * - Hello, is anyone there? can someone pick up the radio messages I'm lost in the forest but I'll be brief, This is a call, a request .... * A short pause, the radio goes to static, but the voice speaks again * - Well, I'm Ted, I come from Brazil and I'm looking for others like me, from South America so we can get out of this and go home. * The radio goes back in static for a few minutes, but a brief message back * - Não desistam... Our life is a gift, don't wast making battle with each other, Greetings from the Brazillian guy. *Radio goes static*
  8. Wesley Snow


    Hes got the SuperHero Landing
  9. No matter what, if ya can closed your eyes in these days, youre a lucky one,
  10. Wesley Snow


    Some Cooking Time
  11. I have enjoied really today is whit the @Doc whos tryind to find a cure and the Lady Rylei/Riley who gave me a ride trought chernarus
  12. Ted's diary, When we start to be part of something more. Ted's Tormenta, A new Nightmare. Ted's Diary, A new hope has arrived. Ted's Tormenta, The darkest sea Ted's Diary, Is this Friendship? Ted's Life, The anger inside
  13. Ted Kaylo, a man who learned to live at sea as his father, now wanders through Chernarus after he stole his boat and found himself in the hands of this world to wither away. When he was loading the cargo for another trip south of america, the cargo was paused, and men in black appeared pointing their AKs at him and his crew, his boat was stolen, his "soul" was with him, and today after hearing rumors that possibly they would have docked again, would not give up catching them and bringing the punishment They took my ship, and I'll take their lives.