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  1. *Ted pushes the PTT, take a deep breath and start's talking* Hello, i preffer to stay unknow for moment, When you listen what i know and what i am... You're gonna see that i'm right to stay unknown of the targets i carry, So... How can i start? was part and involved in the Order of Demons, The Saviors and the Revenants. *Ted releases the PTT for a while* Also i was my self involved in the Cerna Liska some days helping them, Both Free Territory and French FLegion personal helper, I also known some old District boys and the New Moon... and was almost everytime being with Noah and Minnie, btw i was the last person Minnie has saw.... Rest in piece Minnie. Don't ask me how i end in the center of the hurricane.... Shit's just happens. *Ted releses the PTT*
  2. Wesley Snow

    Interview With A Valuable Community Member: NorwayRP

    "If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com lad?" This part was DA BEST! Nice interview
  3. *Ted hears all the conversation and them, pushes the PTT and English with Portuguese accent comes over the radio* - Olá, if i was you i would not trust in words by the radio, Soldier... But, i was by the Wolf Pack by myself to secure you that they are not bad people. *Ted releases for a second but pushes the PTT again* - About the Western regions, i never been there and never heard about people roubing there, Because people rob everywhere, Keep one eye open with eveyone. Not the less, Stay safe and armed boy, this is a mad mad word Você não está sozinho, soldado. *Ted releses the PTT*
  4. *Ted presses the PTT* Hello, probably everyone who knows my voice is dead ... But I hope Noah is alive, or anyone who has been at Minnie's funeral... I haven't seen people since that day and I may be going crazy alone. If u know about them, or know about people are, tell me. *Ted release the PTT and start walking again*
  5. I'm back wroting this (Nobody really cares) Ted's diary, In/By my hands.
  6. Wesley Snow


    our love is six feet under i can’t help but wonder if our grave was watered by the rain would roses bloom?
  7. HOLLY FUCKING BOIS This hit me deep in the heart Shout out for > @TheMrGasMask It was so nice to see you again and rp with @Mademoiselle Holly damn girl (Olá mademosele) i didn't expect to see you going in my hands :c @FireDude Hell damnn bro, Your RP was so fckng intense! want to see more again @Galapagos Doctor It is being nice to RP with you these days, srry i didnt cath you in the forums @RandomGuy that runs to me asking for medical assistance, if was not you i would probably lost this amazing RP that change alot for my storyline youre the best
  8. But this affect's a point that people aways talk, about Hate OOC If the thing have been deal and the punishement apllyed by Rolando, there's no needed to show the community to some band of guys giving freehate or targeting IC
  9. I agree with some parts of the OP threat My Opinion (This isin't to flame no one, don't get me wrong) Since I started playing with the Saviors, even though I was not at the beginning of the hurricane and everything that led to the IC hatred against us, I feel scared to get in game because a line from my character's story for being an ex- savior and even if his name is not so well known, and the whole story already made to be completely thrown away in a cheap RP because "oh you was a ex savior! *shots, youre dead*" {Nowadays Ted Kaylo have to hide that he was a Ex- Order of Demons/Savior and Revenants to do a decent roleplay} I think we could brink more using the Council discussion, or speaking about problems whitout having to report just because some char has decided to go the oposite way I have runned a couple of Brazillians RP Servers, That i closed in 2017 to come to this lovely comunnity and that happened there Groups making hate IC with anothers groups, And then into TS/Facebook groups OOC hate that leaded to a whole of reports just to win. End of my Opinion
  10. Great RP with Medic Boys of Tisy Summer camp and the Drug Collection Girl (srry im bad at names)
  11. Update GeForce Experience if u use Nvidia
  12. This isin't fair My birthday was 02/10 and @Roland didn't give not even a Happy Birthday :C I'm just a poor boy ♫ From Brazil, i can't buy :c
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