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  1. *A voice came with some spanish/portuguese acent* - Olá, Villany never knows itself...Né, Pamiaty? *Releases the PTT, but 1/2 minutes later presses again* - Pamiaty's! Where shall i rang your corpses? Or i can put them in the Mast? *Releases the PTT*
  2. Shout out for the Cherna or Russian that trick me one time for the fake place for backpacks You guys couldn't lie me twice, was a bit of fun when i notice that you guys was making fun (I really laughed alot ooc) (ya can't fool me twice)
  3. You can make that you was thinking that no one of your family was left (That fits with you Char page rn), But your wife made it too (Her story) You can make a radio chatter, trying to find someone of Hinton family and then, you're gonna find her replying in radio
  4. Wesley Snow

    Language Tutor

    Ted takes the radio, while walks around New Paris and press the button So Sir, I made my way to New Paris, Waiting for u to come around
  5. I heard that have alot of Volcano there, it's true? And can ya go around there to see?
  6. Wesley Snow

    Language Tutor

    *Ted Kaylo take his radio closer to his face* Good to see that people of New Paris is making difference around! *Ted smiles for a second looking to the sky* If ya need help for Português Brasileiro, that is closer to Portuguese from Portugal, Or Espanhol, From Latin America I gonna love to help ya *Ted releases the PTT, but comes back a minute later* I would like to learn French, gonna try to met ya later at New Paris Boa sorte! Sr. Waiani! *Ted releases the PTT*
  7. Azerbaijan really exist LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUL
  8. Ted Kaylo, presses the PTT I already learned the languages that i need, Sin necesidad para eso... Adapta-te a nova humanidade Ted Kaylo, releases the PTT
  9. Ted Kaylo, Pick ups his radio, and press the PTT Hello, everyone.. I want to be fast here and i need to re-wrote my map So for the leaders or people that live in the new towns, What names the new city have earned? I already live in Tortuga, Check I heard about Pulko... I Mean, New Paris, I liked it. Can you guys update me asap with old and new. Ted Kaylo, Release the PTT and wait for a respond
  10. Wesley Snow

    Swapping to Namalsk

    Full Namalsk or in Char Page a Map Change Im done with Chernarus
  11. Wesley Snow

    What is Rolle's true forum name?

    Pablo "Rollandinho" Escobar AKA El presidente
  12. Wesley Snow

    Back to 80 players...

    give me this, plz
  13. Funny RP Last night at GM (With @Jackfish fight)
  14. "Soft water in hard rock Who warns yah, friend it its" Thats how brazillian wear glasses
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