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  1. Day. - 40 I gonna turn this into a "every" day diary... at least i will try to, hello everyone who found a woman dead diary in the ashes of the world! As you saw in the front page, its Maxine, or Max, or Mad max i dont know. Soo.. well fuck it, i was with the Lost Highway... a couple fucked up, we got fucked up and split it out... I got hired by the bar, Michael did a shit move, we got fucked up, and we split it out... Am i a fucking trouble bringer? Well, i won a car from the Transporters... and i lost it... the engine is gonne. I am also helping them with medical

  2. Ill make a Dwarf character and no one can stop me

    1. OwOgleSimp


      stop GIF

    2. Bryan



    3. Snow_



  3. Wish me luck, my first dose schedule is to be in eleven months 

  4. I have a vision problem with lightness and this mod would just fucked up my eyes more, and also these things is the ones that i always turn off every game. Big -1 for me.
  5. Come to Brazil (No meme) @Spessis right, here is cool af My most wanted is Canada and Irishland, Canda would be awsome place to live and Irishland got beers... and other stuffs.
  6. Bem vindo, Rumble! Its really good to see that youre enthusiasm on bringing good RP! Also nice to hear that u will be streaming o/ wish you the best of luck!
  7. Why i didint knew this post??? +1 !!!! These backpacks are just AMAZING, and if they got reskin for some medical type i would love only more than i already love
  8. -1 This only gonna bring more main char syndrom since they gonna be with only one character, and it's gonna force people to stick with only one wich is not right for my POV, the community increase alot cuz people got tired of a character, they archive it and play with another one, and then when they feel the hype again they unnarchive that story. And also sometimes they just want to roleplay with another idea and then come back to their main character EDIT: This idea of making an exaust to change characters is more better IMO, for this idea is a huuuuuge +1
  9. Awsome roleplay today with @Otto Pilot and @Niveous thanks to both As Maxine being a medical field, handling for the first time a cirurgy was awsome! Can't wait to see Mary again o/
  10. Do you want some capirinha? @Spess

  11. Fixed @Cor Fixed again, i dint knew that once you edit the poll they doesnt get wiped to zero.
  12. Yes the clothing are really really heavy, but i think could be adjusted to not wheight that much
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