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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I was banned for not putting my point of view on the list. But i hadn't been online. I was told to write the point of view that i didn't put down. I don't remember much so here goes. Me and Narnia had been recently held up. I had gone afk and when i returned i was unconscious and when i woke up my things were missing. And so i walked outside to two men wearing pink rain coats they acted friendly until they held me and the just arriving Narnia up. They first asked us to remove our clothes and kept repeating the terms, "You see?" and "We're the pink bandits". Which is bad roleplay. Later in the hold up they made us fight zombies with our a hands and then after that we were forced to fist fight until knockout (if we didnt they would kill us). I had won the fist fight and they then sent us away Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was not online during the report What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be able to continue like normal What could you have done better?: The better thing i could've done was stay online.
  2. No sir just forget about it. I'm over this now. I'll be removing the report when you guys confirm
  3. I'd like to remove metagaming and rule-play from the report.
  4. Affirmative, but how would he have known that. I was overwatch
  5. By the way I personally had no Idea who you were before today.
  6. No sir you didn't. you had no clue IC that I was a bounty hunter there was no ID at all and if you knew in any way shape or form, that I was with them then you had to have been metagaming. Because it is impossible for you to have seen me, I was overwatch during the encounter. So I believe this was rule-play, Metagaming, and false identification.
  7. Yes I was. I also didn't have a full ghille. There was no hood and it was only a top.
  8. The full ghille you seen was probably not me because I left for a good bit after the initiation and later returned for recon. Also I hadn't been searching for snipers at any point. Because I was overwatch just north of the pub at the garages.
  9. And did you see me during that initiation? @Puncture
  10. You were part of the group committing the mass holdup? @Puncture