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  1. Pre-Outbreak Michael Nelson was born in December of 1992 in Toronto Ontario. Michael was raised in a fairly wealthy family with supportive parents, his father worked in IT and his mother was a stay at home mom. He had an older brother Jeremy and he would always be playing the new video games with him, they were best friends as children. Their parents always had money so Mike always had the newest gadgets and video games, he was really interested in how technology worked and was aware from a young age about the impact technology has on the world. Right after the Y2K scare in the year 2000, Mike got his first computer and was thrilled to have it and start experimenting with it. Mike and his brother Jeremy continued to be best friend throughout their childhood but when Jeremy got older he got into drugs and some drinking, at first it was just weed but everyone in Canada smokes weed so no one thought anything of it, even Mike started smoking at a young age. The issue arose when Mike got into sports like Rugby but Jeremy just kept drinking and smoking and had no real direction in life or hobbies. After Jeremy graduated from high school, Mike rarely heard from him because he went to a university in Montreal for Psychology. When Jeremy was away at school, he got addicted to opiates due to the stress and he started failing classes. When Mike found out about all of this he was devastated and started to close himself off and spend most of his time on his computer. Years later and Mike graduates high school and gets accepted at the University of Ontario for computer networking, his brother Jeremy had dropped out of school and had become a heroin addict. Mikes parents tried putting Jeremy into rehab multiple times but nothing worked, after the last rehab Jeremy was sent, he hasn't been seen since. Mike assumes he is just on the streets of Montreal getting high. All of this drove Mike to have a hate for people who import drugs because he knew heroin was not something produced in Canada. This also made him want to punish the people importing these drugs, he considered being a cop but he believed his skills with computers would be wasted and after some looking around, he decided to join the Canadian Armed Forces as a Signals Officer. A Signals Officer is in charge of operating and maintaining all the communication systems used by the Canadian Armed Forces. Mike was aware that the Canadian Armed Forces was involved in stopping drug trafficking from South America and the Middle East into Canada. He believed this would be the best way to make a difference so less people have to go through what his family has gone through. Mike went through officer basic training very easily, he was in good shape from rugby and he prepared in advance for the physical tests. In basic training Mike learned some basic infantry knowledge like how to maintain and operate a standard issue rifle, how to react to fire, how to read and navigate using a map, and eventually learned the basics of the CAF's communication systems. Mike's first deployment was to Afghanistan, his job was to assist the ANA (Afghan National Army) in setting up a proper communication infrastructure and databases for information to be used by the Army and Police. Afghanistan wasn't very technologically advanced so most of their systems were never used or at best, used poorly so not only did Mike have to plan the whole network, he had to teach the Afghan Officers how to use the new systems. The Outbreak Rank when outbreak occurred: Lieutenant In mid July 2017, Mike was finishing up the com systems when he got news that they had to head home. They heard about some issues in South Zagoria, but all the details were still blurry so no one was too worried yet. After boarding the plane back to Canada from Afghanistan, Mike fell asleep hoping to wake up back home but instead woke up to them being told that they have to make an emergency landing in Turkey to pick up some Canadian officials. Mike knew something was wrong when he was told he had to carry his gun for safety and help get the Officials to the plane. They entered the airport and it looked like a riot had happened, they were instructed to wait for the Special Forces to come with the Officials and then board the plane and get out. The spec ops guys never showed up. At 3AM Mike was awoken by gunfire, he quickly realized it was his friend Taylor shooting what looked like a civilian running at them. Mike quickly grabbed his gun and the rest of the soldiers awoke too. Before anyone could wrap their heads around what had just happened, more enraged civilians started pouring in from all angles. Mike and Taylor got separated from the group in the commotion. They decided to hide out in the back of the baggage pickup area. The next morning Mike and Taylor could not find any survivors and there were no signs of the special forces showing up with the officials and worst of all, the pilots were missing too. They spent weeks keeping their heads low waiting to hear something but could not reach anyone who could help them. Eventually they made it up to the black sea and found someone who was planning on boating to the Ukraine. Mike knew there were Canadian and US forces in Ukraine before the outbreak but had no idea what state the country was in now but they decided to take their chances. The captain of the boat was obviously inexperienced and hadn't made sure the boat was safe to use. Once they were half way across the sea they realized they were low on fuel and taking in water. Mike got on one life boat with some Turkish citizens and Taylor got on the other but it was in the middle of the night and there was no way of controlling the rafts. Mike and Taylor got split up and after a day stuck at sea Mike finally washed up on shore, he was extremely dehydrated and ran into the first city to find water. The city was destroyed and abandoned, there was an old military airfield next to it and the sign read Balota. Post-Outbreak TBD
  2. Jeriko351

    Bullet damage

    Definetly an issue with the Mosin and SVD but I think the rest are ok. The submachine guns and pistols are useless when people have a vest on but when they have nothing protecting them, I have no problem taking a few people out with a pistol. Ive had a few times where I feel someone definetly shoulda died but theres also storys of Navy Seals being shot 20 times with an AK and managing to survive and kill everyone left. I probably just spaghetti airmed and missed anything vital What i noticed on this Pvp server I play is you gotta hit them straight in the chest or head, if you hit "center mass" but you just skim them, it doesent do much damage but thats reasonable. Just yesterday I accidently killed my friend with 3 M4 shots to his chest when he had a plate carrier on, I dont think the AR's need a damage increase. Dayz devs need to fix the damn mosin and svd tho, mosin used to be my fav
  3. Jeriko351

    Farming with GMR

    Glad to see you got some dope in your garden, definitely gonna have to stop by now
  4. Well it looks like you got some competition
  5. Yes sir You gonna tell on us?
  6. *Noah holds down his PTT and sounds aggitated* Big man on the radio threatening medics. You got a loud mouth, keep talkin like that and you wont have a stash to yap about. *Noah lights a cigarette then releases his PTT and goes back to trimming his weed*
  7. I agree with you but theres still a lot of people trying to get away from the fighting too, they are just waiting for something or someone to give them a reason. If youve ever been planning something like this I would actually love to see it come to life. Would definetly participate if you followed through with it and I wouldent be suprised if other people did too. I really like the idea of broadcasting the news, as someone who plays a hunter type character thats spends a fair anount of time alone, it would be nice to have some relevant background noise when im gathering and cooking.
  8. Sometimes people like to have structures to assist their roleplay, but its easy just to find a temporary location that would work aswell. I always wanted to see a group that does slave trade stuff and having a camp would make that really interesting
  9. In the mean time im hoarding nails lol
  10. Dayz devs said fixing persistence is one of their main prioritys, they said they want to atleast implement some type of temporary "safety net" solution. They said they would help inform everyone on how to use the safety net solution. I might be just being hopeful but they said the update is comin in Feb, im hoping whatever fix they have actually works
  11. Thats the dream but unfortunatly bigger map = more server resources being used = less total players. Unfortunate part of game development is it is very hard to get a good balance of map size to player count. I wish we had a smaller map and more people because that could actually be possible. My biggest problem right now with the map is the size vs the player count, way too big and way too little people, even with a full server I dont meet a lot of people unless i wanna go to Kab which gets boring. 100 players ruins the server preformance and its already too little for the map size
  12. Jeriko351

    Actual PK Suggestion!

    Ya kinda sounds like it buts he not 100% wrong, I just started up again recently and Ive already seen exactly what hes talking about more than once.
  13. Noah Cambell was born in Canada, Ontario in a more rural area near the Algonquin National Park called the Halliburton Highlands. He grew up in the woods essentially, Noah learned to hunt, make fires and gather wood at a fairly young age. His family's house had a wood burning furnace to heat the house so Noah and his father were constantly gathering, storing and splitting wood. Noah also had 2 younger brothers that he was close with as kids. He had a good relationship with his parents but when he was 16 he witnessed his dad get arrested and the house raided. Thats when Noah figured out his dad was part of the Hells Angels. Living up north there is not a lot to do so when Noah was a teenager and he saw his dad get arrested hestarted getting in to trouble. His mother was too busy keeping the house in order and working that she didnt have time for Noah and his 2 brothers. In the summer it is cottage country and in these seasons Noah learned how to make money off the naive campers and cottagers. He started robbing camp sites, cottages and even stealing boats when he was only 16. This escalated into him essentially becoming a fence for stolen boats around the age of 22, him and his friends had a camp site that they could bring stolen boats to and from there, they would sell them to locals who didnt want to pay the money for new boats. Noahs brothers didnt get involved in crim like Noah did, they were more focused on going to school. Although Noah was involved in crime he also really enjoyed the outdoors. He often went camping hunting, and portaging with his friends. He had been doing this since he was just a young child, Noah became very self sufficient and gained a passion for exploring the outdoors. Noah one day heard from a friend that there was a way to buy a shipment of stolen Russian AKM's but the catch was in connection was in north east Chernarus, the guns were left over from the civil war in 2009. Noah and his friends took advantage of this opportunity because they were able to sell the AKM's in Canada because they are impossible to get legally. They also had the perfect cover, just backpacking in a foreign country, no one would think twice when seeing foreigners in backpacking gear show up in an area known for backpacking and camping. They left for Chernarus on July 3rd, 2017. They had to wait a couple weeks for the connection to set everything up so they used that time to backpack across northern Chernarus. On the 12th of July Noah and his friends approached the town they were told to meet at the day before, they heard some aircraft overhead and bombings the days before and were very worried the civil war had reignited. After realizing the town was in chaos with little to no military personnel around, they decided to wait it out in the forest. Days went past and no sign of life in any nearby towns, just infected people they quickly realize are some form of zombies. The group started gathering supplies but one day was robbed by rogue CDF troops, They managed to escape with some gear but they got separated in the process, without working radios and a storm, they were unable to regroup and Noah fears they might have died. Currently he is trying to find a high enough power radio to find his friends or to head into high population areas to ask questions about his friends. Noah Cambell greatly values personal freedom, he hates restrictions of any sort, and a dislike for authority . He doesn't intentionally do bad or unlawful things, he just do what benefits himself and ensures his own personal freedoms the most. He refuses to have loyalty to someone that forces it or imposes it like the government, he only has loyalty to the people he knows personally.
  14. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): never saw a post, just PM'd by @Aiko on October 21st 2017 Why the verdict is not fair: we speaked to @Descendants and cleared it up, he just informed us to make an appeal to remove the blacklist Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: We waited to long to clear up this ban because we were anticipating a third roomate applying so we decided to wait for him. School and work picked up and no one had time so we are deciding to clear it up now @BrokenIronFork is my roomate, he will be posting an appeal aswell What would you like to achieve with this appeal: What could you have done better?:
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