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  1. EviaYB

    Green Mountain Radio [Open-Recruitment]

    ♪ All we hear is - RADIO GM ♪
  2. Ran into a Muslim Chernarussian guy named Nasser, couldn't find the players account but if u see this just know that I had a real good time with u fella and I hope we'll meet up again soon !
  3. EviaYB

    S1: RDM/KOS GREEN MOUNTAIN 2019-02-02, 12:20ish ST

    I RPed as Adam, the Green Mountain Collective member who was cooperating with the OP in the situation. Adam's POV: I was at the GM's compound, RPing with the people around. So I met Myk (the OP) and his friend Jack, who clamied to be hired by Sam (a friend of mine, the woman who pretty much runs the compound) in order to take care of the security of the place after the recent hostile events. Things became scetchy when a stranger was sneaking around the compund, coming in out quietly, although he claimed to just wander around and talking with his friends through the radio. Another stranger ran into the compound without answering who is he when I tried talking to him. Shortly later, I went to the closest treeline outside of the compound to get a wooden log, and then another stranger sneaked behind me saying "Keep moving, don't turn around" while pointing his gun to my back. I complied, going into the compound, but told him that he might want to take down his gun because I got a bunch of people with me, and as soon as he found out that I was saying the truth he pussied out and ran away into the woods. After that, a guy named Pavel (Antonov, I believe) showed up. He went up to the radio tower, where Myk and Jack were having their watch. The guys explained Pavel that they are taking care of the compound's security and nicely asked him to get down of the radio tower. Pavel was acting very rude, refused to listen Myk and Jack, raised his tone and was pretty much talking shit. At this point I went up to radio tower by myself in order to figure out what is going on and why is the stranger feeling like acting so aggresive. I tried to talk to that Pavel but he didn't seem to listen, kept behaving rude and talk shit, saying he can be wherever he wants to and we don't own this place. He made me really want to kick him out of the place but the main reason I didn't initate on him was that I felt like something was fishy - why would he act this way when it was him all alone with the 3 of us infront of him? Seemed like he just tried to provoke us go hostile on him in order to get KOS rights and take us down. So I kept being patient, but Myk or Jack said something offensive about Pavel's name. That was the point where I believe the rule breaking started, Pavel decided to ignore the fact that the three of us were with our assault rifles in our hands loaded and ready to go, and straight up punched Myk in the face - which I find as NVFL breaking, but at this point, I was really sure that he wasn't alone. In response, Myk shot Pavel's arm and shortly after got sniped by one of Pavel's allies which probably had a position on us from the woods. I was pretty shocked of how bad things escalated, while me and the rest of the people in the compound got initated by Pavel's allies which *surprisingly* were the suspicious strangers I mentioned earlier. They were talking shit about the Kozlovs when I said this is their territory and claimed again that no one owns this place. They acted very aggresive to Jack, punched him even though he was complying them but we managed to talk this out and he was let to leave to place, unfortunately, the goons chose to stay. I didn't really feel like RPing with those people, honestly it seems like they didn't like the peaceful RP that was there until they showed up so they decided to break it down in ways I don't like and might even be against the rules. After the conflict pretty much ended, I logged off
  4. You were desperate for food, water and ammunition? Well, that's odd, because before I followed u and offered u my help u just passed me and went off without asking for anything. Not to mention the pair of guns u had and the ammo you've wasted on killing 3 wolves even though I was shooting them with my own gun. I made this report not because I'm salty because being robbed, I made it because I believe there was a rules break here; 4.5 Hostile situations must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards. As an attacker you may NOT: - Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play. - Ignore your victims. You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times. 4.7 If you successfully capture a player through a hostile action and then take him into your custody, he is now considered your hostage. You must do everything in your power to keep your hostages alive and in a relatively good health. That includes protecting them from external threats like zombies and leaving them with a realistic chance of survival when they are released. You've been robbing me only for the sake of my gear, providing little to no RP, stripping me whole naked - even if you guys were in real desperate for food and supplies (which I doubt) u had no reason to completely strip me down, including my shoes, and just run off. I believe it counts as bad and gear RP. Also, you guys left me with no weapon and water (only a single tomato as food) when the nearest water source is about 1.5 KM away, I had no way to defend myself and almost died of dehydration when by the rules u were suppose to leave me with a realistic chance of survival. I hope u won't keep RP this way on this server and that the admins will give the right response for your actions
  5. Server and location: S1, Altar's radio tower Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-01-20, 15:30ish Your in game name: Adam Franco Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: @Phelps69 and @GorrilaGlue33 Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I mangaed to get few screenshots: Detailed description of the events: So I ran into a guy called Theodore Grey on the road from Gorka to Novy, he told me that his brother is surrounded by wolves on Altar's radio tower and I suggested to help him, he seemed to be intersted with my help so I joined him to the so called rescue mission. We arrived there shortly, took down the wolves and joined to his brother. After a quick introduction, I went to the wolves' corpses which were nearby and right then both of the guys pointed their guns at me shouting "Drop your gun and your backpack". I complied, and then they asked me to take off all of my clothes (including my boots). When I asked them if they're gonna strip me naked out in the cold they simply answered "Yes", took all of my stuff, said that they'll let me live and ran away - providing basically zero RP. I don't really have a problem with hostile RP as long as it comes with RP and not only with stealling all of my shit, because that's simply a 5 seconds robbery
  6. EviaYB

    A way out [OPEN FREQ.]

    *Adam slowly shakes his head, disappointed to hear that message through the open freq. , then he holds the PTT of his radio observing from the woods north to Tortuga on the abandoned city* "Yo Moody, I ain't sure if you remember me, but it's Franco. I talked to you not so long ago, but before shit went south with those District boys, I warned you about them, told you that they ain't worth a damn trust. Apparently, you haven't listen to me so well; Letting them swarm Tortuga the same day. I told you they're plotting against you. Now look at that, the bastards offer a price on your head" *He releases the PTT for a moment, trying to figure out if he just noticed a living person or just an infected down in the streets, and then he holds the PTT for few more moments* "I hope no one is stupid enough to even think of dealling with these guys. Good luck, man"
  7. My POV: I was wandering around at Kabanino, found few camps and thought of breaking in to look for some goodies. I took down 3 pieces of fences which blocked my way to 3 different bases, then I did manage to crawl my way into 2 out of those 3 places (the 3rd one had metal wires which I had no option to cut off) without using anything to jump over the wall. Unfortunately I didn't find anything worth taking so I left everything as it is and went on my way. Seems like some other stranger came after me and chopped down that tree (maybe the logs can show who is it?), sure thing it wasn't me. In retrospect, the whole burglary thing wasn't really worth it, as I said - eventually, I didn't take anything. Hope @Camokid95 won't have hard feelings 'bout me, I had no intention to prevent you from expanding your compound or so. No abuse of game mechanics was done by me
  8. Adam was the only son of his parents, Eric and Abigail, couple of pretty wealthy business people. Although he basically grew up with a golden spoon in his mouth, he never really became spoiled, and when he was called to join the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) by the age of 18, he managed to join the Airborne Rescue and Evacuation unit, despite his parents' wish that he won't be a combat soldier. Few months before the termination of his service, the outbreak has begun. About 2 months into the apocalypse, Israel had a pact with the US to send combined military forces together to South Zagoria in order to provide help. Adam was among them. The situation escalated pretty soon, and so Adam and his brothers in arms got stuck into the chaos. By now, it's been more than 500 days since the outbreak - Adam's crew suffered many losses and got separated several times. It seems like the only remain survivors out of the original team by now are Adam himself and Sean Lensherr, one of his friends. Recently, the two got separated after Sean got kidnapped by bunch of bandits, but Adam kept on looking after him. Sean succeeded to escape out of the captivity, decided to join the Elektrozavodsk Commune, and even managed to contact his fellow through the radio. Adam immediately started his journey to Elektro, willing to join the Commune as well, but when eventually arrived to his destination after 2018's christmas night he found the place destroyed and raided by the Kamenici. The corpse of Seam was among the other fallens, he was one of the few Commune citizens who was there to fight for the place while the others were out on supplies runs. Broken, Adam buried his old friend by the shore of the city, in memorial of his friends love for the sea. After a long time of travelling on his own, he joined the Green Mountain Collective in order to adapt a peaceful way of life, wishing to leave behind him all the politics and conflicts of these days in Chernarus.
  9. I had my weapon out even before you started the initation, and as I've already said couple of times - I didn't see anyone that I could comply to because you were chasing the runners. I can assure you that I would fully cooprate with you if you'd given me a chance back there but as soon as you spotted me on the hill you started to shoot me down, that's why I didn't see other choice but fire back instead of putting my hands up 'cause you gave me the very clear impression that you are down to kill me either way
  10. Dude, YOU WERE NOT THERE SO I COULD COMPLY TO WHEN I WENT OUT OF THE BARRACK Believe it or not, but (unlike you guys) I prefered to RPing this out instead of taking the guns ablazing solution, you didn't give me a choice (and not for the other guy who was trying to surrender, which you can hear on your side's video one of you laughing about spraying him down while he's shouting to stop this) Both of us keep on repeating ourselves man, let's just let the gamemasters take it from here
  11. Moment before Declan ran away you can see me in his video standing infront of the open barrack, as I said - I was getting inside it when you initated and the others ran off. From one of yours video you could tell that you did assume that I was inside it by one of you keep on asking "did you open the double doored barrack?". You didn't try to keep initating with me, just went out to take down the others. You were not approaching me, nor threatening me or whatever, when I went out of the barrack I've only heard your massive gunshots and guessed that you've killed the others. The situation wasn't like you've initated me and I ran off, and then you've killed me after gaining the rights to, no. The situation was - you are starting to initate, 2 out of 3 are running away while the 3rd guy (me) staying in the initation spot, you are killing the runners and then taking down the 3rd guy too with no initation
  12. When the initation (which started and ended up with the one line of "everybody hands up") begun I was in that barrack, and when I went out of it you weren't there so I could confront you and decide to sumbit or run away - you were not initating with me. Also, I had my gun out even before things went south
  13. I was just getting into the barrack when u started to initate Thing is I wasn't running away like the others, I was just inside that barrack. When I went out of it after the shots trading you were already spread around the place and I didn't see you guys, I went to the hill trying to figure out what is going on and as soon as you saw me you started to shoot me down without any warning / trying to initate, like you straight up murdered the guy inside the container without giving him any chance to surrender. Seems like you fellows were just trigger happy..
  14. Server and location: S1, Vybor's military base Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2018-12-19, 15:00ish Your in game name: Sean Lensherr Names of allies involved: Mark Davis and some unknown others Name of suspect/s: Logs will tell Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N / A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Unfortunately not Detailed description of the events: I was RPing with Mark for awhile, traveling together until we arrived Vybor's military base, where we've heard couple of gunshots. I've seen a single person dealling with zombies alone, Mark claimed he saw 2 people, and so we went to help the stranger fight the dead and provided him food and drink when he told us he needs them. Shortly after we've been talking to the guy, another fellow showed up out of the blue. We were trying to get to know each other, and while I was inside of a close barrack I've heard some "Everybody hands up" shouts out of it. I took a peek out of the door but didn't see the others, and very soon there were many gunfires. Having no idea what is going on, I ran to the nearest cliff west to the compound. I tried to see and understand what is happening but as soon as I took my head out of the woods I've been started to get shot on sight. I tried to fire back on the guy that was approaching while shooting at me but he went out of this with him on the upper hand, I could only tell he was wearing a skull balaclava mask before he killed me.
  15. I was inside a car while losing connection with host and when I re logged the whole screen went black and I couldn't do any action (including watching my inventory) as if I was unconsious, but I don't have the option to respawn. I tried to re log couple of times but the situation stays as it is, any idea what can I do to solve it? I don't mind to respawn.. Here is a picture:
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