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  1. I was inside a car while losing connection with host and when I re logged the whole screen went black and I couldn't do any action (including watching my inventory) as if I was unconsious, but I don't have the option to respawn. I tried to re log couple of times but the situation stays as it is, any idea what can I do to solve it? I don't mind to respawn.. Here is a picture:
  2. Sean Lensherr was born and raised in Israel, the second-born among 4 siblings. At the age of 18, few months after finishing high school, he joind the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) as a combat infantry soldier. Although he didn't get along with the previous systems he's been through in life before, Sean became a decent soldier, and by time a decent commander. Only two months before his termintation of service the outbreak has begun, and it was one month into it after Israel sent some military forces to help out the Chernarussians, including Sean. It didn't take a long time until things went south everywhere, Sean's squad got stuck in the chaos, dealling with the undead monsters and the no less bloodthirsty living people in that god forsaken foreign country. It's been more than 500 days since the outbreak, Sean is the last of his crew, enduring to survive while trying to keep his humanity even when it doesn't seem like he's the only one who does.
  3. EviaYB

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    I believe they still had their shoes on when I returned to them, not completely sure but maybe their vests too
  4. EviaYB

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

  5. EviaYB

    S1-NWA- BadRP, GearRP

    So I was roleplaying with Rocco and we met and teamed up with Rex and Moen at the NWAF after they got attacked by bunch of people and a friend of them got killed. We've been wondering around together for a while and then went back to the NWAF, we ran into Luke and Biggsbe at the same place where we encounter each other, and since Rex and Moen had to deal with another hostile situation the same place not so long ago, it made sense for us to go hostile RP on these 2 fellows. While we were telling them to drop their stuff, Rex noticed someone in the ATC tower nearby so I went there with him to make sure the guy is not an ally of the people we were robbing, Rocco and Moen stayed behind to deal with the hostages. We were not communicating each other through radio or something so the situation became pretty messy and we clearly weren't synced about the actions of each other. After failing to find the stranger in the ATC tower, me and Rex went back to the others and I found my partners walking the hostages naked and one of them tied up. I immediately shouted to my companions that we're not doing this to them and started to lead the hostages back to their stuff. I cut loose the rope that was holding one of them and when he said he needs food and water I told him to follow me. The situation escalated beyond my control when Rex decided alone to kill Luke because he said something threatening that could hint that he's an ally of the house and they will gun us down. I separated Biggsbe from the incident and let him get back all of his stuff, even asked him if he wants to take something that was belong to his friend. I told him that I took no part of his friend's death and sorry that the things went that south, I gave him my own handgun so he'd have a weapon and handcuffed him only to make sure he couldn't just run after us as soon as we leave him. I left him inside the building he was stuck into but I didn't know that someone locked him in, havn't done it myself for sure. After all that the 4 of us were RPing together for more couple of minutes until I had to log off to take care of real life stuff