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Kam Kjallakbrok


"They Came Out Of The Mist On An Icy Wind"

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  1. If there is still room for the fightclub sign me up!
  2. Kam Kjallakbrok

    How do you make your tea?

    I fill a cup with water and put in a microwave for a minute and then its burning hot, but i dont really drink tea, im more of a coffee guy.
  3. Kam is a foreign man who came from Northern Denmark, Kams parents died when he was young because of a lung disease which made kam having to live in foster care for the most of his life. Kam hasnt had alot of freinds throughout his life, he is too scared to loose people he is closely connected to. Before the apocalypse Kam just saved enough money to move to Siberia, he purchased a small cabin in the mountains, he lived mostly of the land, and by the animals he was hunting. One day Kams trust rifle stopped working after 2 years of service. He had contacts in Chernarus which told him he could get a Mosin Nagant cheap. He travelled there by getting rides from random people and hiking. When he got to Chernarus he purchased his rifle and was ready to head back home. By surprise he got stuck in Chernarus and could not get back to Siberia, Kam was forced to stay in Chernarus he hopes one day to return to his cabin in the mountains.
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