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  1. *Studying Intensifies*

  2. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    When i see Steven Brackett in Severograd
  3. Alone again - The Story of Kai O'casey

    I know, gonna add more tonight, just didn't have time this morning to write.
  4. Kai O’casey Prologue The slow monotonous beeping tone grinded to a halt as the beeps turned into a continous tone. The confused expression grew stronger on Kais face as he was quickly sent out of the bland, white and clean hospital room. As the door closed in front of him he turned around to look down the what felt like kilometer long hallway he was standing in, at the end of the hallway you could see people in medical scrubs moving from room to room. Kai, still being in shock, walked down the crystal clean hallway until he reached the dark blue sign, pointing him to the waiting room. Though Kai barely needed to use the signs as he at this point knew the hospitals ins and outs like his back pocket. When he arrived in the waiting room, he inspected the room as to see if anythings changed. The same old flowery curtain was still covering the suns rays to penetrate the room and the same scruffy looking man was still sitting there since earlier today. Kai walked up to the window and glanced outside. He saw people living their normal life, some were old, some were young but most importantly to him, they were happy. Something he had a hard time being anymore. Chapter 1 The doors to the orphanage opened as Kai arrived, a man was waiting on top of the decorated flight of stairs leading up to the main entrance. The boy would creep up the flight of stairs, looking very uncomfortable and worried. As he made it up the stairs, he would be shown around the different rooms by a man that was trying way to hard to become his new parent. As soon as Kai got the chance he locked himself in his room, practically isolating himself from the rest of the kids for weeks on end. During this time he would read and write, and soon it became apparent to Kai that he must become a doctor. Kai wanted to save people. After a while the caretakers gave up on Kai, they realized that he didn't enjoy playing with other children and much rather spent time in his own room, there he would mostly be glancing out the window.
  5. Getting in the Halloween vibe 

  6. Feel like i have to change my profile pic....

    1. Watchman


      scrub.. wait.. what

    2. HarveyJ


      RIP Lt Dan

  7. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    When Kai literally has to do surgery on himself in front of a group of people that refuse to help him.
  8. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Rare footage of Kai documenting Infected on rooftops
  9. Something Wicked (Halloween Event - Open Freq.)

    Kai quickly reaches across his desk to lower the volume and covers his ear with the other hand "What the fuck was that?" He mumbles... He picks up the radio and presses the PTT button. "Where in Zelenogorsk exactly? I'm a doctor I might be of some help...?" He listens intently to the radio, awating a response from the man.
  10. Describe your latest RP with a GIF

    Kai all fucking day in Severograd
  11. Name: Kai O'casey This document is used to document the spread of the Infection commonly known as the "Wendigo Syndrome". Case #001 An Infecteds arm that has been forcefully ripped off by someone or something. After further autopsy of the right arm reveals that the muscle tissue and joints in the shoulder area had been cut off deliberatly someone with an object such as an axe or saw. I hypothesize that it could've been cut off due to someone trying to stop an infection as a large bitemark was visible on the lower wrist. Case #002 This picture shows an infected individual on top of a factory roof, Perhaps it turned while up there or on the contrary, climbed up there after turning. Could this mean the infection is developing stronger muscles within the ones infected to grant them the ability to climb up rooftops? Futher research will be done on this topic... To be continued...
  12. O'casey to Belle (Private Freq)

    O'casey smiles as he hears her good news. "Yes, I'm on my way there... I'm so glad you're okay" A happy, drowsy chuckle can be heard -snip-
  13. O'casey to Belle (Private Freq)

    O'Casey opens his eyes quickly from his nap and grabs the radio. "Yeah, yeah I'm here... a... are you okay?" He seems shocked.
  14. O'casey to Belle (Private Freq)

    O'casey grumbles as he sits down to take a break from cleaning his Medical tent. He would take out his radio and shoot out another message. "Belle, can you hear me?..." he sighs and mumbles under his breath. "Please be okay..." He keeps the radio on, waiting for a response. -snip-