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  1. 20181216012235_1.jpg.188e15138b5682a0be201e0fcb6835ed.jpg

    Needless to say, I had a pretty good day.

  2. Had some enjoyable hostage RP today including some character development! Nice bit of fresh air for me!

    1. Lyca


      I felt bad... I just said... you guys are nice 😞 

  3. 16c70d1.jpg

    1. Ron


      this is a gaming community 🤔

    2. VodkaWolf


      @Ron Doesn't mean we can't be a supportive community.

  4. A rundown on everything wrong with Swedish politics (There are English subtitles)

    1. Max


      arga blatten ❤️

  5. VodkaWolf

    Lawkeepers [Active Recruitment]

    @The Traveler Glad to finally be in a group with you again!
  6. I feel really sorry for you man, I’m in a similar situation where I’m not sure if she is pregnant or not yet. I feel your pain, hope everything goes well!
  7. VodkaWolf

    Need graphic designer help

  8. VodkaWolf

    Need graphic designer help

    Where do I submit this?
  9. VodkaWolf

    [FM] Free Medics

    Dr. O'casey, reporting.
  10. I like the idea, but I'm worried this is gonna be over in one volley. The guns are a tad bit too accurate to simulate muskets. Nevertheless I hope it goes well.
  11. If I could pin this to the thread I would, thanks for this!
  12. VodkaWolf

    [OUTDATED] {0.63} How to join the current DayZRP server

    If anyone has an issue with getting a white screen and restarting isn't working, try to log into steam and then starting the game through the browser. Worked for me, idk.
  13. We live in a society, jk. Love the idea, happy to be a part of it!