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  1. After taking a break for a while, I gotta thank everyone at the hospital who made my first day back amazing.
  2. There, all fresh and clean.

  3. If you ask a thousand children what their dream job would be, a lot of them will say 'Police Officer'. Well, Adam was one of them. Raised in a medium-wage neighborhood near the center of Stockholm. He went to an average school. His parents were average. The only thing that inspired him in life was the steadily worsening streets of Stockholm. Friends involved in robberies, drugs, every bad thing in the book. No, Adam wanted none of that. He applied for the Police high school and passed with average grades. The job of a police officer is not what the tv shows, movies and books show. It's boring, involves tons of paperwork and is not nice to newbies. Adam considered quitting several times, but pushed through. He decided he might be needing a vacation. And what's a war torn country full of history that's as cheap as a Moscow whore to live in? That's right, Chernarus.
  4. *a low static buzz transforms into a somewhat comprehensible broadcast* "Fucking---... To anyone near Altar Radio--..." *the static gets worse for a bit* "Someone changed the locks to the Medic's building near the Radio tower while I was asleep." "I urge--... come quickly... not much..." "... Dr. Casey--..." *The constant empty static fades back and takes priority. -End of Broadcast-
  5. Might fuck around and start doing RP again.

  6. I completely forgot about this thread... shit. I just go through waves constantly, I'm never happy for an extended amount of time, life is just fucking shit rn. I feel so incredibly lonely like all the time and I wish I could find a gf I wish I could hang out with friends or go to parties but my friend circle is non-existant and I live in the middle of nowhere with no way to get away. I wish I could just move to a different country and start over. This shit sucks.
  7. I have these weird shakes or shivers every other hour that makes me feel cold all over and I lose control of my body for a split second, scary shit.

    1. Eagle


      Go to a doctor?

    2. VodkaWolf


      @EagleI probably should.

  8. Called the cops on a friend who was suicidal like 30 minutes ago, just got word from the cops that he's okay and that he's going to a psychiatrist like I did a couple months back.

    Thank fuck I reached him on time, don't do it Anons.

  9. I had a great day of walking and talking with a Ross today, he was from Maine and I sadly didn't catch his name on the forum. Thanks for a great day Ross, you know who you are.

    - Casey

  10. I agree with @Banshee. Using your vest, pants and jacket should be fine, but using your backpack is a little too far.
  11. I'm always glad to see new faces, Welcome!
  12. Found a great website for generating character faces without commit Identity theft

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