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  1. Glad to see people finally taking the thread seriously! Let's hope it stays that way :) 

    happy Monday y'all! 

  2. Thinking of taking down the vent thread...

    1. DustyRP


      nah leave it fam

  3. Unjustified Warning Points. @Method

    I was not trying to replicate @Brayces I just relayed what she said and I feel like relaying a staff members message should not be against the rules or a cause for Warning Points. I will admit I should've clarified that in the post though...
  4. @Method Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Can't link a warning really so: Note for member Hello VodkaWolf, Due to your post seen below, you will receive 3 points The reason is that you issued a warning to a thread which you are not allowed to do since you are not a staff member 1.9 User titles, avatars, signatures and post contents may not imitate or try to replicate official staff warnings/statements, awards, badges or Premium perks. Please refrain from doing this again. If you don't you may receive more points. We would advise you that in future, if you feel a thread needs to be warned that you ask a member of staff or report any posts you deem unnecessary. If you feel these points are unwarranted you can feel free to appeal them. Why the verdict is not fair: I spoke to @Brayces which stated earlier in the thread that: I simply relayed what she said in the previous page. I saw that people did not listen to @Brayces Demand and continued cracking jokes and not being serious. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was misunderstood. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Remove the warning point, as they are unjustified. What could you have done better?: I could've stated in my post that I was simply relaying what @Brayces Said, I'll admit.
  5. I put some clarification as to how to comment and work this thread as to avoid cluttering the comment section with a thousand different conversations. (I'm new to this please dont kill me)
  6. As to not clutter the comment section, please keep this in PMs, Thanks!
    • Beni
    • VodkaWolf

    So do you think the price of ammunition is okay?

    1. VodkaWolf


      I personally don't buy any... So i don't really know, plus i live in Sweden so prices will vary :) 

  7. @Hebee As to not clutter the comment section of this thread, please read the updated first post of the thread.
  8. Okay, can we now end the discussion about ammunition and tobaccoo prices @Beni and @Hebee? It's not the topic of the thread and you don't seem to be venting about it, please take this into a private chat or on TS. -the user was warned for this post-
  9. Please... Keep jokes in the PMs and on people's profile, this thread wasn't made so people can crack jokes...
  10. It's alright @Brayces we all appreciate what you do! So on behalf of all DayZRP players: Thank You!
    • Dom
    • VodkaWolf

    Not going to argue on there but I have situational awareness I think you’re just overreacting.

    1. VodkaWolf


      I don't want to argue about this, I understand that it was just a joke, but i personally feel like it was disrespectful and by making fun of your friend like that, you are discouraging people from wanting to open up in the thread,

      which is the point of the thread.

      In conclusion, I feel like you could've made that joke on his profile or maybe even just say it so him on TS, instead of making the thread look less safe by making fun of someone who is just trying to "Vent".

    2. Dom


      No if anything I’d rather he opens up and stops drinking every night tbh but we can’t all have what we want

    3. VodkaWolf


      It doesn't help to make fun of him though.

    4. Dom



    5. Santa


      alcohol is a sign of the devil anyway

  11. Well, it's not providing anything to the conversation, but if you wanna keep it there, fine... I just feel like it's a bit rude, as this isn't a place for jokes. Situational Awareness my dude...