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  1. Going to DreamHack Summer 2018 over the weekend. Fuckin hyped

  2. No, but might be worth taking a look at, thanks!
  3. I’m so dedicated to this server that I spent $30 for a reference no one but my 10+ followers will get 👍🏻

    Clever moves Vodka!

  4. image.thumb.jpg.2f254b940f670a0c95682a5a58e7a840.jpg

    Some random shit I’ve been working on for a little while when I was bored... 

    inspired by the old UN days in Berezino, opinions? 

    1. Malet


      Highly unrealistic - I dont see anyone falling from the roof on that picture 😉

      Calling in @Dino for his expertise.

    2. lukaszxe


      hahaha, that made me laugh. Great picture Vodka!

    3. Dino


      Where is all of the high command falling off the hospital? Need at least a couple of them falling off 😄 

      Nice sketch 👍

    4. VodkaWolf


      @Dino @Malet The high command is already on the ground, just out of frame 😉 

    1. dimitri



  5. I’m in a really shitty mood. I had this girl I could swear was the one. We could talk for hours, wed virtually fall asleep on the phone. Of course. Just as this happens. My depression relapses and slaps me down into a pit. She notices that my quirky personality is gone and she lost interest. Im so done with life, I just wanna be happy.
  6. No offense taken man, I understand that, there's only so much I can do from over here in Sweden. Just remember that nothing in life will ever make you permanantly happy. I think Bob Ross put it in a good way... "Gotta have opposites, dark and light, light and dark. Just like in life. Gotta have a little sadness once in a while so you know when the good times come" I dont wanna sound like a broken record, but like i said, I'm here if you need me
  7. Dude that's rough, I totally get how you feel. You've probably heard it a million times over, but there are plenty of other fish in the sea. All in all, just remember that this is a short bad time of your life that will pass on. You've got my support and I'm sure you'll make the right decision moving forward. Feel free to PM me or talk in TS if you need a virtual hug. I'm here if you need me!
  8. Leaked 0.63 screenshot:


    1. Crim


      U mean Black Ops 4

  9. Am I the only one who thinks there should be a separate thread for “Archived groups” and “Upcoming groups” (or something)?

    1. Harvey


      Wouldn't upcoming group's be the same as Group Ideas?

    2. VodkaWolf


      @Harvey the thing is that the group ideas thread aren’t open for WIP groups.

  10. Thank you so much for this, I needed someone to come in and tell me how some things actually are supposed to be done according to the eddas, so I truly appreciate you taking time to write this. I will definitely read through this more thoroughly and fix what I can when I have time, as I’m rather busy right now. But thanks dude, I’ll take a look at this tonight.
  11. We’re going to kill infected and burn their bodies in mass graves
  12. Our very first blot feat. @Zeeorc