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  1. Found a great website for generating character faces without commit Identity theft

  2. Thank you! Me and @Nep had some good medical roleplay with that knife stuck in my leg! xd
  3. 1321220886_Medical1.png.b873741f5ddd8746f329b1fcc156a88d.png

    Making a new and improved MedicalRP page, opinions?

    1. VodkaWolf


      Fixed the spelling mistake

    2. DrMax


      Looks good, these threads don’t get enough appreciation! 

  4. I think that if say Col. Ripley would come back, he would probably still be considered a Colonel. Since the UN is a lore faction then anyone who has once been a part of it should maintain that rank. So to answer your question: Yeah, I'm pretty sure "old" UN members will keep their ranks, would also provide some interesting bureaucratic RP into the group.
  5. Graphic are looking great!? Glad to serve o7
  6. Considering I can't put music on my profile, I'll just put it here instead.


  7. Big sad rn, send me some uplifting stuff.

  8. +1 From me, honestly has kept me away from playing DayZ.
  9. +1, When you initiate, you actively decided to initiate a hostile situation. People know that reports are usually about initiations, therefore, you have the burden of proof to prove that your initiation was fair. Like @Roland said, Even if you die immediately after the initiation. At least we have something. Even just an initiation can prove a lot of things: Did the victim have enough time to respond? Was the initiation made clear? Did the victim act aggressively, thus ending in their death? etc...
  10. VodkaWolf

    Held Captive [Event]

    Would be fun doing a little El Chapo prison escape, sign me up! Edit: Inmate

    1. VodkaWolf


      @all the swedish people in here

  12. Haven't had much experience with you guys in game but if this is your level of RP then you definately deserve GOTY. Good Job! ?
  13. 20181216012235_1.jpg.188e15138b5682a0be201e0fcb6835ed.jpg

    Needless to say, I had a pretty good day.

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