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  1. Who knew Chris Ray Gun could be this deep?

  2. "May god show mercy on our enemies, because Heaven knows we won't" - Unoffical motto of the Viking Squad Markus slowly let the smoke from the cigar escape his lips. He looked up towards the ceiling, the light flickered slightly. He began to recall old memories of his unit. He remembered his first day in training, and how scared he'd been. He remembers when he finally became the Squad lead, and he remembers Joel. Joel was like a brother to him, Markus was the one who had convinced General Gudjon Ivarsson to let Joel on the team. Markus had been appointed squad leader for Delta squadron not long before and insisted Joel should join his team. A few months back Joel and Markus were sent to South Zagoria to find and question a suspected terrorist that had been acting on Icelandic soil. Joel was sent to South Zagoria to scout out the terrorist while Marcus stayed in the temporary Miroslavl HQ and waited for further intel from Joel. The intel never arrived as the infection started, Markus was caught up in the chaos around Miroslavl and Joel was stuck in South Zagoria. Ragnarsson tried to help civilians and UN forces to the best of his ability, as he was not able to find any transport into South Zagoria to find Joel. After a few months passed Markus had lost contact with Reykjavik and Joel was still missing. When he sat there in his chair, looking up at the flickering light. He realized, Joel was still out there and he had to find him.
  3. Do you ever just lay in bed, look up at the stars and go. “Damn, where did my roof go” 

    - Some dude on vine like 2 years ago

  4. VodkaWolf

    Can I buy the server? <3

  5. "I'm going to be a man about this and say that I'm sorry." He sighs "I'm sorry that I couldn't help you, and I'm sorry for the things that I've said and done to you."
  6. When @Scarlett and the others convinced Casey to enter his beloved Han Solo bar again: Enjoyed your RP as always!
  7. "I am begging you Rose." A sigh echoes on the frequency. "I just want to live with my friends, I have nowhere to go, nothing to eat and nowhere safe to sleep. I don't know anyone aside from a few people in town. I'm begging you to not do this to me, like i said, I just want a normal life."
  8. Kai let out a sigh before pressing the PTT to deliver his message. "I am officialy closing my bar. If you don't want me to have a bar then fine." There was a pause "Just please let me live a normal life around people I know. I'm tired of running." He released the PTT, slumping down on the ground.
  9. I don't understand a word of this but fuck... This is really groovy

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      @groovy tonyRP is the only groovy I need in my life

  10. @Scarlett and @EdgyNova To the Hansatic Inn! Really glad i got to RP with both of you today!
  11. "People of Chernarus!" Thats how the message started. Casey cleared his throat and continued, "I am pleased to tell you that the Hansatic Inn. Has now opened! By the town square in Svetlojarsk you will find a warm and welcoming bar." Some static overcame the frequency "There you will get free drinks, you can order food and rooms are also up for renting!" "I hope to see you there tonight!"
  12. I have to say, I like this idea. The group seems to have interesting goals that really can bring interesting RP to the server. That being said, I have RPed with you and have come to a conclusion. You guys leave everyone with a single basic ultimatium when you take stuff from them. Either you accept the fact that your shit got stolen, or get shot. This doesn't help the current state of RP in my opinion, it only adds to the low level of RP that is running rampant in our community. This is in no way a message to put your group down, in fact. I hope you all can take this IG feedback and work on improving your RP! (in the end, this is all just my opinion.) Good luck with this!
  13. @EdgyNova I really didn't mean anything with the gay comments, sorry if it offended you! I enjoyed RPing with you today nevertheless
  14. I guess that's what it is now... See you there!
  15. -Across Svetlojarsk there are poster hung up on the notice boards and such- They read: The Hansatic Inn. Welcome Travelers, to our fine establishment! We offer: - Comfortable rooms (Including Duvet covers and mattresses) - Beer and Liqour - Food both warm and cold Opening night starts the evening of tuesday, this week! On the day of the opening, all drinks are free! Come visit us by the town square in Svetlojarsk! (Drinks will be free, though available rooms are still at a starting price of 2 Bullets, Bandages/Morphine or a Good Joke!) ------------------------------------------- Event starts Tuesday the 7th at 20:00 GMT+1 and will be open until around 00:00 to 01:00 In this event I hope to bring interesting peaceful RP to the current hotspot and also establish a new bar to the map. I hope people are willing to keep PVP to a minimum, though that does not mean it is banned.