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  1. I had a great day of walking and talking with a Ross today, he was from Maine and I sadly didn't catch his name on the forum. Thanks for a great day Ross, you know who you are.

    - Casey

  2. VodkaWolf

    Moving and Open Inventory

    I agree with @Banshee. Using your vest, pants and jacket should be fine, but using your backpack is a little too far.
  3. I'm always glad to see new faces, Welcome!
  4. Found a great website for generating character faces without commit Identity theft

  5. Thank you! Me and @Nep had some good medical roleplay with that knife stuck in my leg! xd
  6. 1321220886_Medical1.png.b873741f5ddd8746f329b1fcc156a88d.png

    Making a new and improved MedicalRP page, opinions?

    1. VodkaWolf


      Fixed the spelling mistake

    2. DrMax


      Looks good, these threads don’t get enough appreciation! 

  7. VodkaWolf

    The United Nations - MilSim (Open Recruitment)

    I think that if say Col. Ripley would come back, he would probably still be considered a Colonel. Since the UN is a lore faction then anyone who has once been a part of it should maintain that rank. So to answer your question: Yeah, I'm pretty sure "old" UN members will keep their ranks, would also provide some interesting bureaucratic RP into the group.
  8. VodkaWolf

    The United Nations - MilSim (Open Recruitment)

    Graphic are looking great!? Glad to serve o7
  9. Considering I can't put music on my profile, I'll just put it here instead.


  10. Big sad rn, send me some uplifting stuff.

    1. Eagle



  11. +1 From me, honestly has kept me away from playing DayZ.
  12. VodkaWolf

    Require recording during hostile situations

    +1, When you initiate, you actively decided to initiate a hostile situation. People know that reports are usually about initiations, therefore, you have the burden of proof to prove that your initiation was fair. Like @Roland said, Even if you die immediately after the initiation. At least we have something. Even just an initiation can prove a lot of things: Did the victim have enough time to respond? Was the initiation made clear? Did the victim act aggressively, thus ending in their death? etc...
  13. VodkaWolf

    Held Captive [Event]

    Would be fun doing a little El Chapo prison escape, sign me up! Edit: Inmate
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