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  1. After taking a break for a while, I gotta thank everyone at the hospital who made my first day back amazing.
  2. There, all fresh and clean.

  3. *a low static buzz transforms into a somewhat comprehensible broadcast* "Fucking---... To anyone near Altar Radio--..." *the static gets worse for a bit* "Someone changed the locks to the Medic's building near the Radio tower while I was asleep." "I urge--... come quickly... not much..." "... Dr. Casey--..." *The constant empty static fades back and takes priority. -End of Broadcast-
  4. Might fuck around and start doing RP again.

  5. I completely forgot about this thread... shit. I just go through waves constantly, I'm never happy for an extended amount of time, life is just fucking shit rn. I feel so incredibly lonely like all the time and I wish I could find a gf I wish I could hang out with friends or go to parties but my friend circle is non-existant and I live in the middle of nowhere with no way to get away. I wish I could just move to a different country and start over. This shit sucks.
  6. I have these weird shakes or shivers every other hour that makes me feel cold all over and I lose control of my body for a split second, scary shit.

    1. Eagle


      Go to a doctor?

    2. VodkaWolf


      @EagleI probably should.

  7. Called the cops on a friend who was suicidal like 30 minutes ago, just got word from the cops that he's okay and that he's going to a psychiatrist like I did a couple months back.

    Thank fuck I reached him on time, don't do it Anons.

  8. I had a great day of walking and talking with a Ross today, he was from Maine and I sadly didn't catch his name on the forum. Thanks for a great day Ross, you know who you are.

    - Casey

  9. I agree with @Banshee. Using your vest, pants and jacket should be fine, but using your backpack is a little too far.
  10. I'm always glad to see new faces, Welcome!
  11. Found a great website for generating character faces without commit Identity theft

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