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  1. Mikewas born in 1991 in the capital of Portugal. In the primary school, he was the average kid, except for one thing. Since an early age, Mike always had a passion for exploring and understanding how stuff worked. His adolescence life was one of the most important stages of his life. It shaped who Michael would become and what would he do with his life. Instead of finishing the mandatory education through the normal system, Michael decided that he wanted to exceed his life objectives earlier than an average person, and that's why he choose to study for a 'degree' in Automotive Mechatronics, instead of going to High School. However, in 2010, after finishing the 'degree' he quickly found out that even though he liked what he was doing, he knew that his real passion was exploring and 'living with adrenaline', and therefore he went on to do tryouts for the Portuguese Army where he hoped to get deployed into other countries in order to be able to explore more and expand what he called 'passport resume'. However, since he was fairly new in the military life, he did not meet the requirements to be deployed in foreign missions. Mike was sad to discover this, but that wasn't enough to bring him down. He thought that if he's gonna have to stay in Portugal for more time, at least he would take the maximum of that time. Since he was an Army soldier, he could go to University at the Country's expense and therefore, he decided to continue his studies in Automotive Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering. It was 2015, and Mike was not expecting this year to be so 'active'. In a time span of just 5 months, he had finished University, completed his 23rd anniversary and just one and half months later, he received a letter that would make his happiness and morale skyrocketing. The letter said that he had 1 week to prepare his stuff and to report to his designated headquarters... He had been assigned to one of the Portuguese Squads that his replacing the current ones over at Kosovo in the KFOR mission. He was extremely excited for this opportunity to visit Kosovo and be able to help the population down there. At arrival, Mike's main job was to keep NATO's Convoy up and running without flaws. This kind of made Mike's morale a little low since what he really wanted was to go out on patrols in order to see the unknown. After a couple of months, he was assigned to the mechanized patrols and was finally able to explore the country of Kosovo. However, good things end fast and after just 4 months, he and the rest of his squad we're going to be dismissed of KFOR and returned to Portugal in early 2016. A couple of weeks after returning to Portugal, Mike knew it was time to go out on himself and therefore, he resigned from the military and started to research on controversial subjects that he found interesting. In a time span of 8 months, he had already conducted various researches on conspirations like The Bermuda Triangle, 9/11, and most recently the possible interference of Vladimir Putin in the U.S. Presidential Elections. The latest research that Mike had planned was to go on Chernobyl, Ukraine and investigate the real cause of the nuclear accident that happened in 1986. He departed in early 2017 and stayed there for about 2 months when suddenly he received a call from a friend saying that he heard rumors about a possible virus developing in South Zagoria. A deadly virus that could take over a people's body and turn it into a cannibal machine. Mike quickly understood that this could be a research of a lifetime and therefore, immediately rushed to Chernarus to start investigating the rumors. Upon arrival, he faced with an amazing country with extremely kind people and history. Little did he knew that he would spend the rest of his days in that country fighting for survival. A couple of months went by, and the outbreak happened. Mike thought that he was doomed, however, a couple of days went by and he was found by a group of researchers which went by the name 'The Corporation'. Mike knew he could bring something to the group and therefore embraced the opportunity and is now fighting alongside them.
  2. It was great meeting Toby today Great RP m8 Hope you survive out there
  3. IGN: Pedro Ramos Country: Portugal English skills: Pretty Decent DayZ Mod Experience: Just a little bit DayZ Standalone Experience: Around 2 Years with a few come and goes. Roleplaying Experience: I've roleplayed in numerous other games but for some reason I think in DayZ it will be way different... What kind of In Game role best describes you: Wild Survivor, Scavanger, Scout Have you been in any clan/group previously: No, I haven't Additional notes: I'm a pretty fun, friendly guy and I can either be laughing and change to a more serious posture in a very little time Best way to contact you: PM on the Forums or through Steam (/id/mikofficial2k16/) Backstory: It was morning of 30th of September of 1993. In Lisbon, Portugal, Pedro Ramos was born. He had a 3 year older brother who was very protective. He never let anything bad happen to Pedro. As a young boy he was a bit shy sometimes at school and would only hang around with a small group of friends that we would trust. For surprise of his parents and family, he has diagnosed with a lymphoma at the early age of 8. However, he was very young and didn't knew how to react to a possible deadly disease. His parent's and brother we're devasted, and quickly realised that he could pass away. Fortunetly, due to a doctor which her husband had died 1 year ago from the same disease, she did everything at her hands to keep Pedro alive. 4 Months into chemotherapy, Pedro and his family got the wonderfull news that he would make it. Some years have passed and Pedro decided to presue his career at Automotive Mechatronics. After the completing the studies, Pedro went to Military Recruit. 1 Year later, Pedro left Military and got a job at Audi in Portugal. In 2012, Pedro got a Job offer in South Zagoria as veichle tester of a car manufacturer. 2 Years later, the Outbreak happened, and with just a bit of Survival Knowledge, he travels around South Zagoria in hopes of finding fellow Survivors and Survive. He hopes to someday go back to Portugal and find his Parent's and Brother alive.
  4. Even though I'm a new member, I really think this is a very good idea and it would be much more realistic. Probably some of the players that do that, don't even have Military Knowledge. +1 Cheers,
  5. Hello! I'm here to introduce myself to this community. My name's Pedro, I'm 16 Years Old and I'm from Portugal I love Survival and Open World games such as DayZ I Found this community through YouTube videos and I wanted to try a different aproach to DayZ, which in this case is RPing, because everyone knows KoS isn't fun at all. That's pretty much it, I hope we see each other on the server, and if there's any portuguese around here, please tell me Cheers, MiK