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  1. GriffinL85

    DayZRP Seasons / Chapters / Episodes

    Personally, I really can't roleplay being afraid of the infected. Not sure why but every time I've tried I just feel rediculous. As someone who's played DayZ and DayZRP for over 5 years it's more of how the community interacts with eachother that makes the experience worthwhile. Things like CR-ing a settlement like the Desalination plant where things like day to day banter of who could through empty food cans farther over the walls or making runs to fill everyone's water bottles from black lake; or needing to load everyone in a bus to visit Free medics at pobeda dam for public relations. Interacting with GM characters who were creating events, spawning hordes of zombies. These are all things that made the mod feel inspiring and new when I started. Now in standalone with the limited tools and knowledge we have of the modding systems I think what we could really use are more settlements and groups who are centered around a cohesive community experience, inviting newbies and recruiting people; or even just building and maintaining a place for people to visit and stay for a while. I would also like to see important moments that happen in game added to the lore as if someone's character is creating archives in game and documenting the trials and tribulations peopel were facing. I.E a giant battle between two groups, who has control over certain areas; obituarie columns which areas seem safe etc. In my head I keep thinking that a permadeath system would be more ideal than seasons if it could be enforced and fair, We wouldn't want people losing their character over a report or RDM or anything like that but Personally seeing and interacting with someone you know you killed in the past can get pretty unnatural and fourth wall breaking sometimes. I also think it may help people be afraid to die, but as permadeath may be useful it also may introduce more issues than it may solve. That's just my personal feelings of playing this game for so long and I don't think even after going through the lore wipes we've had already I would want to do it every year.
  2. GriffinL85

    Profile/Character [MUSIC] [No Downloads]

    Does this still work? I can't upload anything to Kiwi
  3. GriffinL85

    New Features/changes you'd like to see in the mod

    Brighter / color variations of flashlights, weapon flashlights etc. Weapon flashlights are very feint and so are construction lamps for basebuilding. A red variation of the weapon flashlight kinda like what we could find in the mod would be neat imo.
  4. Griffin was raised in a home where God and the American flag meant the world, this family was well off but could sometimes struggle to pay their bills. His mother and Grandfather worked hard every day to take care of Griffin and his twin brother and older sister; The family property was host to many different animals including; horses, chickens, ducks, turkeys, dogs, hell there was even a couple of peacocks at one point. It was here where he learned how to hunt and fish and field dress the wildgame he would hunt.
  5. GriffinL85

    S3:NVFL/BADRP/BAITING/INVALID INITIATION - North of Rogovo - 6/26/2016 Around 09:19

    Max Dunne- "Hey put your hands up now." and there was silence. I peaked around the corner and realised the guys were far further then I thought, So I was about to run from my tree screaming it over and over when I heard one of them say, "No thank you." or "I don't think I will." I was stunned for a moment as I wasn't sure what to do. I looked down in to the field where the guys were zigzaging like crazy and I said over radio "They heard me shoot to kill." We killed one and knocked out the other. I was going over to bandage and heal the unconscious one and take him for torture, but he either respawned or bled out. Codi Hughes- we then felt it safe to initiate and made sure we gave them time to make their decision to either: A: Put their hands up B: Run. C: Stand and fight You said "Buddy with the shotgun mind putting your hands up for me?" And He responded with a no. Your initiation was shoddy at best and you knew that, you supplied no real consequence for any of us and you would only have KoS on the person you initiated on if you had given him repercussions. So in my opinion with him replying with a no it is the same as saying or what? which you had not given an "or what" scenario. As soon as you had hardly initiated you relayed the order to kill everyone downhill without ensuring who you could fire at; hardly any time was given for the rest of our group to react before taking fire. The only time our group had returned fire is when I was already dead due to false KoS rights. Max Dunne- BadRP - As for BadRP it was hard for me to think of other things to say to keep you interested and staying close so my friends could find us if I initiated. I was asking for donations (As you had done outside VMC earlier in a mocking tone.) and continued to follow you because you kept stopping and talking more. At the end of the day you still initiated on us for a hat, you would not leave us alone because you wanted us to respond with hostile action. Your only reason to follow us was to bait a firefight because once we had finished our interaction at Veresnik Military Base you continued to follow us for the same kind of hat that you had already taken claiming your life depended on it, and even once we made it perfectly clear you would not get anything from us you kept following so your friends could get an advantageous position to take all of us out once you had initiated all because of an ingame loot item. Max Dunne- All in all I had a lot of fun prior to the initiation and our intention was not to kill you guys ever but to gain a reasonable point of view in which we could initiate and you guys might have to submit. I apologise for the way it turned out and I will make sure that any further initiations are far more clear and timely. The beginning Rp at Veresnik was fun seeing you on the forums being so polite shows that you are good at Rping a douchy character and your friends mosin headshot on me was pretty great to be honest, However you guys knew all that would come from this was bloodshed you weren't outnumbering us, you had no reason to make us submit; it comes down to you guys wanting a firefight because you waited for the advantage that would cause the most damage for us. Claiming you would have held us up is like a kick to the teeth because we know you couldn't have and so did you. You rushed the entire interaction just so you could get a few kills, you didn't want gear you didn't want to instill fear in us or you would have tried to scar us; make your name known, a great Rp opportunity was squandered because you didn't have the man power or the Rp to make us submit so you took the easy route of opening fire after a shoddy initiation.
  6. GriffinL85

    So... many... Reports...

    This ain't nothin' Mod used to have like 5 pages consistently, just comes with the territory.
  7. GriffinL85

    S3:NVFL/BADRP/BAITING/INVALID INITIATION - North of Rogovo - 6/26/2016 Around 09:19

    Server and location: Server 3, North of Rogovo Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 6/26/2016 Around 09:19 Your in game name: Griffin Long Names of allies involved: Zack Price, Henry King, John Spartan Name of suspect/s: Max Dunne and group Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Will be uploaded in separate videos to each rule break that we feel is relevant (Pardon Shadowplay as the recording is very dark and my audio because my dogs were barking) Detailed description of the events: As we were meeting up with John he said a few men approached him and wanted his hat and aviators as a donation, John Said no but they insisted it wasn't a choice and without wanting to start a fight without backup or ruining our current RP he let them have his belongings. We switched servers later because Henry's computer couldn't handle the rain So on server 3 after about two hours of roleplay we went to Veresnik military compound the group of four men came through the field meeting our group of four, the rp there was enjoyable the hostile group really knew how to make us feel angry at them and we replied with a few 'witty' remarks, But this is where their rp hits borderline trolling they kept asking for donations and trying to get John's new hat. After we made it clear they wouldn't get anything from us they left towards Kabanino and left a few men watching us. We noticed a few situations that felt off like traps to get us to move somewhere I.E. someone had lit a flare at the base of Veresnik and another man we were talking (not sure if affiliated) had said we should go check it out but we left and were moving towards Rogovo. Once we were out in the fields Max Dunne had followed us and kept asking for donations John's hat specifically. After a few minutes we were fed up and told him he wouldn't get the hat and moved over the hill and once down the hill Max Dunne said : "Can you put your hands up for me? buddy with the Shotgun (Henry) can you put your hands up for me?" Which threw us off because we didn't know if we should shoot because no consequences were given or if he wanted something from Henry we then took fire and I was hit and killed. NVFL - We personally felt that Max's actions of approaching the group as hostile as he could in an open field with no cover on his side when four men were there with weapons drawn trying to get a hat felt trolly and would only end in his life being ended even if his buddies would have killed some of us. BadRP - We believe that Max's actions of trying relentlessly to get a hat was not grounds for initiation or the death of anyone involved. when the aforementioned group was fully geared with fully decked and ghillied weapons. Baiting - We felt that Max kept trying to anger us for us to spark an initiation so his buddies could kill us. [video=youtube] Invalid Initiation - We were unsure whether or not to fire because Max had only asked Henry to put his hands up without given a consequence. And they had fired on all of us instead of just Henry. [video=youtube] *This is just our personal opinions on the matter*
  8. GriffinL85

    PsiSyndicate's new DAYZRP series

    Psi-sends-us-skids Jk I found out about RP because of him and honestly can't thank him enough because of that
  9. GriffinL85

    I just kicked the bucket?

    User was warned for this post
  10. GriffinL85

    Life is Feudal (Medieval MMO with castle/town building)

  11. GriffinL85

    DayZ vs Exile

    I really like Exile but the Ryan Zombies are so annoying, I would rather have a mod like the dayzrp arma2 mod but in arma3. Exile is alot like epoch.
  12. GriffinL85

    0.58 changes - restarts, crosshair

    No cross hair, mod didn't have it enabled and I have been waiting for it to be disabled in Standalone
  13. GriffinL85

    S2 - Avoiding RP

    I have no recording.
  14. GriffinL85

    S2 - Avoiding RP

    I left because there was no one at Green mountain anymore and I had school the next day, Seemed pointless to stay at GM and RP when your group and the other group weren't there. Me and John were the only ones at GM. The other group was leaving right as I got there and after checking the Jail building we went looking for op and his group and they had left the area as well. The points I would like to make before a verdict is reached are: Op could have follow me the 50 meters to green mountain if he really wanted RP. Op did not follow me to green mountain because he didn't want to get involved with the group there (Which seems like avoiding rp to me but not a big deal) I was only 50-100 meters away at GM Op did not even try to follow me past the deer stand they just stood there staring at me.(bear in mind I was jogging to the road that was only about 10 meters and they would not leave the deer stand and by the time they typed to me I was out of range.) They could have rped with me while I was in the deer stand instead of waiting for me to come down. Treann1 has lied in this report saying " I was in the deer stand collecting a pair of binos and I see which I thought at first was Tate but it was Griffin Long he talks to me in voip with a whisper and tells me to climb down the ladder I then do so and he runs off to GM after as soon as he sees Roland and Tate when they emerge from the bush." ( This is completely false the only thing I said was "Hello?" through typing and I waited a around 10 seconds for no reply. I had no clue what op wanted but if it was just rp a simple chat while I was in the Deer stand it would have been easy for them to talk to me in the deer stand or sprint to me while I was jogging away. IF they wanted gear (not saying they did) but if they wanted my gear all I had was a crossbow. In my opinion this report is just taking away staff time for more important things and Op is at fault just as much as me if not more for not continuing rp in game and coming straight to a report.
  15. GriffinL85

    S2 - Avoiding RP

    This is completely false, I hardly ever talk over Voip Okay, same question to both you and the OP's side, were any of you in a V3S prior of this incident? No I had just spawned in.