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"Neither good nor bad, just a kid like you."

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  1. Griffin


    My play sessions right now consist  of wishing I would run into @CamoRP and weird hillbilly accents.

    1. Cherryfeather


      Basically same


    2. Griffin


      Boy i'll tell you H'wat

    3. Camo


      I've been slacking on my accent and my improv the last couple weeks. Just grown bored of RP in general. Lost my enthusiasm.

  2. Griffin


    Big Oof

  3. Griffin

    HUD Meta + more

    If possible +1 but DayZ is wack so not getting my hopes up
  4. Griffin



  5. Griffin

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @CamoRP @HothniQ @Cherryfeather Had fun in New paris a minute ago lol, hope you got a kick out of our redneck shananigans
  6. Griffin

    Raven Shield Mercenaries Corporation [Recruiting]

    Glad to see you making a return! it's been a while.
  7. Griffin


  8. Griffin


  9. Griffin

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    I'm sure it was fun, we thought we had a shot and decided to take it Lol
  10. "Bucky" Spent his childhood wandering through Alabama hunting, fishing and foraging for a livin', his parents worked forty hours a week in a automotive plant in Lincoln Alabama, Buck would grow up independently as his parents had to spend much of their time working to support their family. Spending most of his time outdoors he taught himself to hunt squirrels as a child and fish channel catfish from the "crick" nestled on his families property. Bucky is a very handy mechanic and would sell firewood, mushrooms and hides he would get from his adventures in the outdoors. Buckwheat had a great distaste for civilized life and could not stand condescending or "proper" people, he grew up to rely on himself and would always back his word up with his actions because actions speak louder than words and the two together may as well have been the gospel itself. Bucky met some good people in his adventures, two of his best friends he met were John, and Colby who would invite Bucky on hunting expeditions to various countries; the two shared Bucky's love for the outdoors and big game. They traveled to Chernarus to hunt some of the larger deer and had a gentlemens wager to see who could bag the biggest Buck from the country. The boys were in the country for a month before the first sign of infection started becoming evident in humans and were dug in deep in the woods West of Pustoshka during the mayhem of the collapsing country caused by the ravenous plague. Dislikes Modern Civilization Arrogance Likes Cannabis Liquor People who are like him Hunting Fishing Cooking Foraging Flaws Heavy drug and alcohol use Non-personable Loner Friends Colby Artrane John Black
  11. Griffin

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    It was great meeting you guys, Wish it would have ended better but we took the risk and lost ?
  12. Griffin

    Fix the beards

    Out of beans today but +1
  13. Griffin

    Barron Burning the midnight oils

  14. Griffin

    Crackin' open a cold one

  15. Griffin



  16. Griffin

    Permanent Settlements

    In the mod people could build their own settlements in the editor, but i'm sure DayZ doesn't support an easy way of sharing them across different servers.
  17. Griffin

    A guide to Roleplayers and Permadeath, and how to make it a little more reasonable.

    Great guide! I've been toying with the idea of a permadeath character, I may try this approach.
  18. Griffin

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

  19. Griffin

    Map Extension

  20. Griffin

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

    I will be happy to chat on discord so we don't clutter this page, as long as CaliforniaRP or Otto are there as well as a staff member
  21. Griffin

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

    I'm sure we were just out of range, still need to make sure people get a chance to react and comply.
  22. Griffin

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

  23. Griffin

    S1. BadRP/RDM/KOS Kab (Server time 02:20)

    I believe he said he was in a building in Kabinino during the firefight so that is why he stayed so long, My video does not have audio but there is another one from a person 5 feet away that shows the same outcome.
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