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  1. Feeling Like Anakin with this Council tag 

  2. o7 Dingo ❤️

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      I’m not getting fucking permed again am i?

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      o7 Yiffin. T'was a pleasure


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      Colter Wall is my boy, He doesn't know it yet but he do be.

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      Colter wall be bussin. I have him on vynl and his song is on my character page for Levi.

  4. Kolya Brezina, born unto a meak and mild family of farmers located near Kirovograd, The Brezina's relied on the Burnaya River for clean water. Kolya's fondest memories anchored on the Burnaya river when his chores were done and his hard days work came to an end he would swim in the river with the other children of his village. Kolya grew up in the wake of the of the Chernarussian Civil war, being only four years old at the time the war left a lasting scar on his memory. Kolya's father was conscripted to fight in the war.. for the safety and freedom of his family and country. His father died a
  5. I feel terrible today, thanks to everyone who put up with my BS in character. My RP was poor and I apologize if it ruined what could have been a good time for anyone.

    1. Duplessis


      Sometimes you have a bad day, that's okay. I hope you feel better, Griffin

  6. Hello, does it get any better when you start moving?, if not you could try taking a wheel off and putting it back on. Other than that I'm not sure if there is a fix, DayZ is just a buggy mess when it comes to vehicles.
  7. Never in a million years would I have thought that any of my characters would ever be mentioned anywhere in the server's lore. ❤️ @Pepsi

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      time to edit it out

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  8. Hyped, Still managed to hide from you guys so far Can't wait to meet the new crew.
  9. @ContheTank Thanks for helping me set up my new character's story in Chernarus and sending him in the right direction.
  10. Kurt Whitaker grew up in Ohio, he was an outgoing friendly kid who always tried his best to be accepting of people different than him. Kurt had a soft spot for people who had less than he did, He grew up in a well off family that never struggled with their finances, It was his time in school that he noticed some of the other children were less well off than he was. Kurt loved music especially Grunge bands like Nirvana and bands of the like. Kurt would sneak into his father's study to listen to "contraband" vinyl records he would acquire himself with his monthly allowance. Kurt's p
  11. winona ryder omg GIF

    Congratulations Koh Duh

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      walt disney animation studios bear GIF by Disney

  12. Yep he's on a hiatus at the moment, updated
  13. Inspiration? nah but it was fun, glad Dima got a good end to his story. This scenario was a long time coming and I'm glad it ended the way it did and I am thoroughly satisfied with the Rp you guys provided and a bit disappointed mine was lacking
  14. Rip Dima, Now gimme beans!

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      wait... but why? Dx

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      Because I want beans Kaly! nah got executed by Communists 🙂

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      Were you the doctor lady with @Franny?

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      Hope my rp was enjoyable, I felt like it was lacking personally. 🙂 

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      always enjoyable homie

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      groovy ducky

      Take your beans you wonderful person, thank you for the amazing roleplay, you are an inspiration to many Griffin.

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