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  1. 🐄

    1. Camo



    2. Griffin


      Fair enough

  2. UwU 💔

    1. Peril


      UwU indeed my friend. Go forth and do good things ❤️

  3. LVPU.gif.9a6dcd499a772b20557ac6d33d9d5f34.gif

    1. Griffin


      Look man, you can't call me a creeper when you post  a status update


    2. Camo


      You were creepin' on me before I was creepin' on you!

    3. Griffin


      So? gimme your beans

  4. Griffin


    Saying goodbye to Roland "Rook" Ackerly
  5. Griffin


    "Hey Rook, it's been a while wish I could have been there for you when you needed me... Rest easy brother. I'm glad I got to see you again.. although not how I hoped, I left you some Aviators. Figured you'd need them at the pearly gates. -Dima Dobrovolny
  6. Creepin' on peoples profiles... 👀 Jk some of you just have banger tunes or pretty profiles.

    1. Camo



    2. Griffin


      I'm always creeping on you Camo, there's no stopping it.

    3. Camo



    4. Cherryfeather



  7. welcome jurassic park GIF


    1. Griffin


      Thank You kindly 🙂

  8. Privet druz'ya, Happy to be a part of the staff team. Let me know how I can improve. -Griffin
  9. I, Griffin hereby agree to follow the DayZRP Staff Agreement Version 4 in its current form.
  10. Glad I ran into you last Night Adrik seems like a chill dude lol

    1. Camo


      You ran into me? 🤔

    2. Griffin




    3. Griffin


      And I was thoroughly Geeked

    4. Camo


      Oh. Haha. I was just bored and bantering. I hadn't been to Vortkuta in over a week. Mostly been out exploring southern side of the map, etc.

  11. Looks good, Hope to get a few run ins with you guys.
  12. Had fun with Thomas from the Alakit Settlement, and the men and women from Vorkuta Refugee camp. Can't think of a better group of people to huddle in a house with waiting out the EVR storm.
  13. I made a character after a really long hiatus from the community, to be fair after looking at a few character pages most of them seem rushed (Including my own) I think Namalsk is a great map and should stick around as long as people continue to play on the server, but I do see where you are coming from. I've had three encounters so far the first was very quick as soon as I spawned in Vorkuta I met a man unlocking his base and he gave me a steak. No names exchanged just a quick here's some food good luck. The second was about a minute later in Vorkuta when I saw a man with almost no gear running from a group of about 8 zombies I stopped in debated whether to help him and I did, We killed all of the zombies in the firestation, we exchanged names and talked for a moment said our goodbyes and again we were both on our own. The Third was me meeting a man who was killing zombies at the refugee camp south of Vorkuta where he just asked if I needed anything and we were both off to our own business. I think most of this awkward Rp stems from people not really having a feel for their characters yet including myself.. Most of us seemed to rush into Namalsk with some half baked character pages and we still need to get some hours in with these characters to let them develop and see if we can find out what our characters should actually be doing in the realm of RP.
  14. Wip -Notes(reminders for backstory), Music fan (hence Dimebag nickname), Russian Parents, American upbringing (Very little understanding of russian language). (Student from America came to namalsk to learn about his heritage)(Generic edgy backstory tbd Kappa)
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