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  1. Exact, I am not asking the name of characters, but the name of owners in order to start having some OOC contacts in the community. And even if I learn the name of the Character OOC I would never use the information in game. I learnt one of the two character's name by RP'ing, the other one just told me to get out of town and I did as he asked to avoid violent situations. Anyway, let's just forget it...don't want to break any rules by making stupid questions! Sorry
  2. Hi Just out of curiosity...nothing wrong and I am not asking in order to mount a big revenge, but can I know who is the owner of the character who threatened me at about server time 10-05-2017, 10:50 in the middle of Severograd asking my characted Gius "nicely" to get the f... out of the town? Also would like to know the "owner" of Alex, the other guy I was talking with there before my eviction from town?!? Again, I am asking just to start to put some names behind the characters. I tried to connect on TS, but everybody was muted there so I couldn't guess who is who. Thanks
  3. Hi, So, after some days, I finally had my very first RP experience on the server...and even though was not very positive for my character who ended up scarred and robbed, I quite enjoyed it as it was a good example how I am supposed to do things out there when interacting with other characters! Double thumbs up to this community!
  4. It did...I am safe and sound on the server! Thanks
  5. Chernarus, Novy Sobor - Year 2017 - Day 6 I finally reached the coast, but was not as I expected...I went into the city of Solnechni, on what seems to be the East Cost of Chernarus. There I met Jack, an Australian guy. We chatted a bit, he offered to tag along, but I refused. Not because I didn't trust him, but simply because I wanted to be following my path along the coast to the west by myself. When you're alone you're more difficult to spot and attract much less attention of the infected. But before leaving he was very kind to explain me something more about the rifle I was carrying and how to use it. Pretty bad though that I did something wrong while trying to use it and I managed to broke it. What an idiot I am...I even lost my Magnum, It must've fallen from my pants while I running away from the town of Shakeva yesterday...when I hear fair too much gunshots to believe was a simple hunting. Luckily I found another weapon, seems to be American Brand, it's written "Winchester" on it, not I name I hear or read the first time. Found some ammo as well, and I think I understood how to load it. Pull back this big lever on the side until it locks, push the ammo in and push back the lever back in to chamber the first round. I don't want to try it yet...wish I could meet Jack again hoping he could me show if I did it correctly. Anyway, as I wrote before, the coast was not as I expected...much less provisions in the houses and a lot more of infected. This could mean only that there are more people wandering along the shore line rather than inland, where I finally chose to go back to. I started travelling West from Solnechni, crossed the towns of Staroe, Shakevka, Guglovo and ended up in Stary Sobor. Another empty medium town...there was also an abandoned military outpost...nobody there and no weapons of course, must've been all taken away from other survivors, but I found a lot of Military clothing. In the end I decided not to take any of those...I am not sure even how if I could trust somebody with wearing a mimetic so to avoid other people not trusting me I won't wear it. From Stary Sobor I moved a bit East following some road signs, to reach the town of Novy Sobor...where I will pass the day looking for supplies before heading again West to the border. I need to rest a couple of hours before moving on, I've been walking a lot lately. In my heart I am starting to get used to this place...is not Italy, but seems to be much more calm than Center Europe
  6. Many thanks for your answers and suggestions...and of course I agree that if I don't have it in my pockets I will not even mention the word "map" while in game!
  7. Hi, Since I found a map in game, I cannot open it either by "M" key or by assigning the map to one of the hotkeys. I thought because the one I found was "damaged", but even by trying a "Pristine" one I could not get it working. I couldn't find any other topics on the forum, so I am doubting now if is some wrong with my installation or is just a setting of the server. Any suggestions will be very welcome! Thanks
  8. Chernarus, Year 2017 - Day 4 Another day is passed in my journey through Chernarus. I feel already much better today...even in this desolation I can keep myself well fed and hydrated. Food cans can be found inside small towns and is not difficult to spot some animals to get some fresh meat. I found some good clothes, even a new raincoat and on top a new huge backpack! I started to move South when was still dark, aided by the light of a torch...which almost costed my life. Somebody saw it and started to shoot in my direction...I could hear bullets buzzing around me and hitting the building behind me. My heart started pounding like a war drum, I dropped the torch on the ground and ran inside the building barring myself in one of the rooms, locking the door with a chair, with my axe in the hands ready to defend myself, or die trying. Luckily whoever shot me, probably thought that was not safe for him (or her) to assault my "temporary castle" as I could've been hiding anywere with a gun ready to shoot... I waited for the first light to come out before moving out, moving slowly and jumping at any sound...my killer could be still out there! I crossed the city of Novodmitrovsk and the small town of Chernaya Polyana where I could finally find a Magnum, and a box of ammo for it; also found some bullets which seems I managed to chamber in the rifle I have. Looks like is working like the shotguns we always seen in the American Action movies...like a pump...rifle. I shot one round and seemed to be working. I was aiming at an empty can of peaches, but I think bullet passed 1 meter away from it and stuck into a tree behind...I need to improve my aim, there could be biggers animals than rabbits and chicken out there. About 1 km south from Chernaya Polyana I found an abandoned airstrip...and there I met two other people. A guy was talking in english, I may say balcan accent, but didn't say his name. Actually just told me that was as much lost as I am, wished me to be safe, and went up his way. Then while entering in the big Aereoclub building I met another guy...who looked shit scared when saw me. I immediately put my hands up and shout him that I meant no arm...he barely put his weapon up, and then ran away. I couldn't find him inside the buildings, he must have found a nice hiding spot in the Airstrip premises. This makes me think that there are mean people out there and I have to be more careful when I see somebody. After left the Airstrip I ended up in the town of Helm, where I made an huge mistake...happy to have finally managed to have my rifle working I tried to shoot one infected and eventually I also hit and drop him dead. But in 10 seconds all other infected in the town came seeking for their daily meal. Luckily I managed to reach my axe and kill them all, even though they hit me a couple of times...some bruises and a small cut on my left arm...nothing serious though. Well, that's it for today...I had the proof that I am not alone, apart of my encounters I heard many gunshots during the day. People are out there, hopefully shooting for food or shooting the infected and not shooting each other. Well, time to eat and go to sleep...tonight we have some maghificent chicken soup on the menu, done from the bones of the chicken I caught yesterday...
  9. "Diario di Bordo" - Gius Moresco It's already been three days since the night we were attacked and I woke up "free" in this place. Finally, in one what seems to have been an office once in this city of "Turovo", I finally find a book and a pen, so I can help my humanity live and write down some notes during my new journey. After I buried my love under a tree near the place we were attacked, using my sole bare hands I gave her my last salute and I left the place. I don't know if those bastards were still close or if they would've come back to recover something from the truck...in these days, even a piece of metal may be worth a fortune. I started to move south, toward where I think I may find the sea...maybe from there I can start travel west to center Europe, to Italy or most important, I can find somebody to tell me where I am. The only thing I understood is that I am in Chernarus but my geography studies were never too deep to learn the topography of this place. In these three days I passed through the small towns of Karmanovka...or at least that's how I think I would translate it in our letters and now I am in Turovo. Nothing but death and desolation in this place, everything is falling apart...vehicles are rusty wrecks, houses are falling to pieces, I think in these three days I didn't find yet an house without broken windows. Then always present..them, the infected always hungry, always ready to tear the flesh away from your body to ease their need for survival. I encounter the first close to the first building I found on my way, I thought was a normal person, but when I called him, he slowly turned back facing me and then after a loud roar attacked me. I had nothing in my hands so I had to run away and trap him in a building... Luckily once I reached the second town, I managed to gather some gear...I found an axe, a knife, a big backpack and some more useful stuff which for sure it will come in handy one day. I even found a gun and some ammo, but I have no idea how to load a rifle, and also looks like these bullets are not fit for it. Hope one day somebody will teach me. I can load an handgun but I never had a rifle in my hands. I found also a full box of 9 mm ammo (I know they're 9 mm just because is written on the box) know these are very common calibers. Maybe out there I can also find a pistol...it can surely help me on my journey. The only thing which is still alive and healthy here...well not too healthy anymore by now are the chickens! I found already three of them, and I missed handguns...! I am still not sure if the energy spent to chase them is worth the meal you get once you kill them, but sure I was missing a good roasted chicken breast! Light is going out here, it's time to close the lid of the iron stove I found in this comfy little house...the infected are attracted by light and I don't know yet if there are bandits in the area, even though I don't have much to "offer" to them by now. Is time to go to sleep...hope tomorrow will be a better day
  10. *singing...♪♫♪my heart will go on♪♫♪...*
  11. Hi I wanna share with you this fun thing happened to me yesterday! I joined and applied to DayZ RP yesterday, and as a background by character har arrived in Chernarus as prisoner inside a truck which was partially destroyed during a fight between two armed bandits gangs...character got unconcius and woke the morning after still inside the wrecked vehicle, left behind because believed dead. Guess what, once I got Whitelisted and joined the server for the very first time there was an half capsized truck (the one characters can drive) just few hundred meters away from the position I spawned... Can you believe of such incredible coincidence!
  12. Hello Everybody! I am Ironbostik, just completed the request form for the White-List on the DAYZRP server. While waiting for the outcome of my request I would like just to say hello...hoping I will be able to meet some of you "on the field"! Have a nice day ahead