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  1. Vincent Datello

    Development Blog #1

    Shane honestly should be made head dev
  2. Me and sassy were looting airfield. We went to bash to get more loot and investigate the shots. We found a guy and sassy said hello and he opened up on us and killed us both.
  3. I was running with Sassy, and as he said we looted NWAF and were running up toward the bash to loot more and investigate the gun shots. We ran around admin building and Jamie just gunned us down without saying a word
  4. Vinny Sullivan was born on October 10, 1992 in Lakeside. He was the son of a well known gang member and followed in his fathers footsteps. Vinny started off with petty crimes in his young age and would work his way up in the gang chain to do even more rewarding but more serious crimes. Vinny performed the biggest heist of his life when he robbed the national bank of lakeside, which lead to him escaping to Chernarus to lay low with his gang. Except the outbreak occurred leaving Vinny and his fellow gang members in a constant battle with the infected.