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  1. Email adreses send to your pm box.... i use only this accounts. I was read a lot of my problem and I think my steam account is suspicous becouse I was bought only few games. First game was bought 2 years ago second year ago and now I was bought dayz. Also I have only 2 friends on my friends list and this system made my account as suspicous Believe me my friend, I am realy nice guy who was never cheat. I dont play a lot games and for now your system makes wrong about me. On this first steam account i was never order any game. I hope we will finish this case becouse i realny want to start playing next week coz I Will have some free for work days. Feel free to check my steam profile, as you can See I am still using this profile and still playing games. You can check my csgo equipmend I have one expensive item about 100dolars You can check weekly game Time. Even steam account are blocking my premision to Trade AN items becouse i was get first and second game via gift code. Almost month ago i was buy something via steam wallet and i Will be Able to Trade items in steam on days. This is the reason why my account is suspicous and I am sure about this. Im going to post all steam wallet transaction in my whole life. Please check out this thread https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3330-IAGK-7663 Anyway i was search forum for find people who have same problem as me and I was found this thread. ITs look almost like mine problem. Your Chris.
  2. To be honest i was use only this account since few years. Long Time ago about 2005 meybe 2006 i was have diffrent steam account but i dont remember the login or diffrent informaton about it. It get lost, aby anyway i didnt have any games on it. Edit. I was borrow my games libary to two of my real friends, becouse they wanted to play Witcher 3 meybe this is a reason?
  3. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): I dont have any source link I Will post my steam web page meybe it will be helpfull http://steamcommunity.com/id/evilmephistooo Why the verdict is not fair: I didnt do anything wrong. The reason for my ban is Suspicious steam account and i really dont know why. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I ve got steam account since few years and i was play before only one game cs:go. My steam account for this game are still working. I am able to play ranked matches. I was never use any unofficial software to play and dont have any vac ban. Yesterdey i was bought dayz game via steam wallet. I was test the game on two diffrent random servers and play something about six hours. Then i was start to search RP server and i was found this one. I was registered my account on web page and made today whitelist apply. I was did it on second Time becuse at first i was make mistake on two questions. Before i was go to my job today i was check whitelist on informaton section. There was wrote that my aplication is pending and i have to wait. I was checked this few Time durning job Then i was seen this informaton about ban. I dont really know why I get this ban, I dont know the reason... coz i dont even played dayz Before and everything i do on others servers was a exploring game mechanic. Meybe there is a reason my steamguard was off few weeks ago, but When i buty game i was turn it on. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I want to get unbaned and start my first steps on dayz in your server. And also please tell me the reason why I get this ban, is that was mistake or same kind of error? What could you have done better?: To be honest, I can do everything what I have to but first please tell me what should i do. Bless you.