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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Because the time limit of the robbery shouldn't matter only that you role play which i did. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The other people did not answer when I asked weren't they outside the 500m radius so they cant interfere. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: my points to be taken away and getting another try at the white list What could you have done better?: I could have spent more time to the robbery.
  2. I believe the verdict is unfair because the time of the robbery should not matter atleast as you roleplayed which we did. No additional statements i think its out there accept they never answered how they attacked us out of a 500m radius. I would like to rejoin the server and so this wont happen to others with short robberies. And next time i can do better by respecting the time that needs to be taken.
  3. Im not doing this for a friend this is my incident.
  4. I understand the reasoning behind why I was banned, I did not meet the required time length of a robbery and understand why and wish to come back and continue playing the fame the correct way.
  5. I just want to ask them because they said that the other two people already left NWAF so wouldnt that be out of the 500m radius for assisting them?
  6. @Elmo I would say the robbery was fairly quick it took about 5 minutes from initiation to departure longer if you combine the fire fight due to they were very close to when we started leaving
  7. Me and my friend were making our way to NWAF and we saw 3 guys running across the field they were split in to 2 guys ahead and 1 guy behind I approached the alone guy and started to role play then his friend came out (different then the ones running) and the both insulted what I was wearing so after some more role play they started to walk away so I decided since those other 2 guys are no where to be seen their probably 2 different groups we held them up but we made it fast just in case the other guys came back and stepped in as we were leaving them shots came from the direction the other guys left from and my friend died while I got out of their as fast as I could.
  8. I would like to disagree with kevin because I did roleplay with the 2 guys i saw the once they started to leave we made our move is there anything wrong with that?
  9. From the start of the robbery i was in Pd after server restart and I hear footsteps so I stay In the room and see how this plays out. He comes in and we roleplay for a little then my friend came in and we robbed him we roleplayed a little longer then he mention he had friends and we asked is that a threat and he said depends how you take it and we said we take it as a threat then he said its a threat so we killed him later on because of the threat.
  10. I am sorry that i had to log out 5 minutes after the robbery a family emergency popped up last minute and had to leave the house to deal with the emergency I am sorry again and hope this wont happen again.