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  1. So I had crashed in that big GM base. I eventually was able to reconnect after a while of it crashing multiple times but anyway. I load in and try to get out but the gate it locked so I wait around and some random shows up and they open the gate for him and I walk out with him. Someone who I'm guessing is MrBowTie follows behind me asking to talk to his boss, I say "No, I'll be on my way" and he asks again and I repeat and I see that I'm still behind chased so I started to sprint away. After a few seconds of sprinting I realize I'm being followed and pull out my AKM and keep running. Then I start to get shot at and I see that there is 2 people shooting so I stop. They tell me to put my hands up so I do and I see that the other person disappeared or ran off. Then he tells me to put my hands down and start walking normal so we walk for a bit and he frisks for a radio. I drop the radio on the ground and he picks up the radio, types in chat that he picks up the radio and a few seconds after he still has his back towards me so I pull out my gun and shoot him, and then I fall into unconsciousness and re-spawn after.
  2. You had already picked up the radio and you had your whole back towards me.