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  1. Achim Birnbaum

    An Issue Of Ghosting and World Breaking

    I do wonder how many people build an unraidable, inaccessible base, where they enter by ghosting from the other server into their own base. There is no rule against it,is it? While I love the enforcing of the rules in this community, besides 3pp, softcore-settings, catering to big groups and the ooc toxicity, the single hive keeps me away from gathering more hours
  2. Traders and currency...you want a gun, buy one. You want to hoarde? Hoarde roubles, better than hoarding guns, less space, better to hide. Sold guns are available to respawn. Balance via prices. Problem solved.
  3. A prison island and a bridge do not necessarily exclude each other. Makes imho no sense to swim there in hope for some RP, a bridge would make it def worth. Rikers Island
  4. Have the same problem as mentioned here: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/94932-cant-join-server-shaking-loading-symbol/ Sadly the thread is closed without giving the solution. Other servers, vanilla and modded, are working, files are veryfied. Any idea?
  5. Would love having the third-person system how it is solved in SCUM, where you only can spot someone if you have a direct line of sight. This combines the good aspects of both, 1p and 3p.
  6. I would appreciate the ability to rotate items in my inventory for more efficient space usage.
  7. Achim Birnbaum

    Greifing of tents

    Awww, the heroic white knight Reading only an OP just to give an unnecessary answer is.... And than act like....is even more.... But thanks for reminding me why I am usually not posting in this forum. You don't know me, but I'm reading long enough here to know you guys. Ok, I'm out, see y'all in-game.
  8. Achim Birnbaum

    Greifing of tents

    Maybe you should take this 3 minutes reading everything before posting Could avoid some troubles and misunderstandings.
  9. Achim Birnbaum

    Move to .63 experimental ASAP

    When i started DayZ in 2014 i was playing on a server which had already planes, helis and bicycles. After some weeks BI pushed some lawers on them, and they had to close the server. Imho it was justified because this was a pirated version for which you don't had to buy the game to play on, but it shows how capable a community can be to push things forward. I wonder why they do not ecourage and support modding in general.
  10. Achim Birnbaum

    Move to .63 experimental ASAP

    Hi, since I saw some DayZSA server with basebuilding, missions and NPC-traders I was wondering if there are legal restrictions by BI against offering already modded server at this time.
  11. Born in Mittenwald, Germany, Achim Birnbaum served 4 years at the "Gebirgsjäger" in german army. After his service, he studied and promoted as PhD. in biolocy molecular genetic. After finishing his studies he worked as an advisor for the German Bundeswehr, the EU, UN and serveral NGOs in preventing and defending chemical and biological weapons and deseases. Sent by the EU to Novorus right in the beginning to investigate the disease outbreak he whitnessed everythinh happening there in Novorus right from the start.
  12. Hi, i am quite new but since i inscribed here, i noticed the deathcounter on the mainpage is normaly about 10-20. However when i looked right now, there are more deaths then unique players have joined the server. Is this a bug, or was there some kind of pvp event? How can this big number be explained? Regards, A.B.
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