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Achim Birnbaum

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  1. Dr. Achim Birnbaum

    Born in Mittenwald, Germany, Achim Birnbaum served 4 years at the "Gebirgsjäger" in german army. After his service, he studied and promoted as PhD. in biolocy molecular genetic. After finishing his studies he worked as an advisor for the German Bundeswehr, the EU, UN and serveral NGOs in preventing and defending chemical and biological weapons and deseases. Sent by the EU to Novorus right in the beginning to investigate the disease outbreak he whitnessed everythinh happening there in Novorus right from the start.
  2. High deathcounter on mainpage

    Hi, i am quite new but since i inscribed here, i noticed the deathcounter on the mainpage is normaly about 10-20. However when i looked right now, there are more deaths then unique players have joined the server. Is this a bug, or was there some kind of pvp event? How can this big number be explained? Regards, A.B.