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  1. Victor here was born in Glasgow, Scotland. That's as much as he's told anyone. His passport says "Victor Van Weronika" which is extremely unusual and almost laughable name for a Scottish man. His skins is wrinkled almost as if he was in his early 40's yet he claims to be in his 20's. With the bottle and a few lucky moments Victor has been moving across the Chernarussian borders meeting settlements always bringing food and good conversation but people say when he leaves someone leaves with him.
  2. ABADDON An Abaddon –“Meaning destruction, seen in the Hebrew bible as a creature that could be seen as a demon or Lucifer.” The cold air on my fingers is a vice keeping them locked firmly to the grip of my rifle. The numbness of my ears further amplifies the noise of my heart beating away as fast as I try to control my breath. My eyes haven’t blinked in so long they feel frozen. They’re locked to a still image. My lip tremors and my mouth tries to project something I can only imagine is the English language. “P-p-please” A young man about early twenties staring right back at me. He’s calmer standing loosely: one arm to his side with his hand playing with the fabric on his ripped jeans and one arm raised – pointing an old revolver at me. His face caked with mud and badly grown facial hair hides his eerie grin. “Don’t you know what you d-done?” He chuckles I’ve never seen another person before I had no clue what he was on about. I just looked back at him as his grin grew larger. “I don’t know what you –“ “Don’t lie to me!” he interrupts His smile was deceived by the tears rolling down his eyes. I wish I could tell what he was feeling at this point so I had a clue whether I had actually done something or I was just caught in an act of god where I would inevitably not make it out of this. Looking down the barrel of my gun I had to calm myself. But I couldn’t. Was my gun loaded? Is the safety on? Where the fuck is the safety button? I thought about running. there was a building to my left it was about ten meters away but that is plenty of time for him to shoot me. He sees me glancing - “Don’t run, only the guilty run” he pauses “I see many of you pass through, always fearless, you all say that you will survive until you leave this horror” I raise my rifle slightly – “S-S-So what are you trying to do?” He drops his guard and looks me calmly in the eyes, his grin now a pleasant smile. “I’ve just accepted what we are” he looks down at his gun “And what we have done…” “Let me walk” I plead with my gun still pointed at him. His glances back at me filled with sorrow. I don’t know why I was asking at this point I was in control but for some reason it didn’t feel like it. “You can walk, like every other man – clueless of the truth clueless to their own existence” And with that sentence I determined he was just another man that lost their mind in this unforgiving wasteland. In a moment of silence his hand tremors - A hole in his jacket reveals a tattoo. It definitely looks religious but I’ve never seen it before. I tried to calm him down by asking: “You believe in god?” I lower my guard as to not make him feel interrogated. “Do you?” he mumbles “Yes” “No you don’t!” he snaps. “If you believed you wouldn’t be here…” “I’m in Chernarus because I lived here, not because of god” He smirks. The noise of undead starts to play on the atmosphere. A cold wind blows against the side of my face and a black crow that lands on the fence stood next to us snaps me back to what’s really happening. The young man looks at the crow. Everything for a moment stops and the wind dies in a heartbeat the trees stop rustling and the noise of the undead drones out. All in just a second. He wets his lips looking at my gun. “I don’t believe, I know” He slowly raises his gun I look at his face change to fear “please, you can’t do this” He looks up “there is nothing a man can’t do if he doesn’t believe in god” The wind blows back again and in a snap moment everything goes dark. My body tenses and my hearing is now just a long ring. I can’t see, there is blood in my eyes, my rifle drops. The lack of my senses has left me confused, all I have in this one moment is the taste of metal on my lips and the warm blood on my face. I feel his hand reach out and grab my cheek. I reach out and hold the arm of the young man now fallen to his knees. I’ve realised what I’ve done. In the darkness I can hear his voice so calm. “Welcome Abaddon, you know what you have done” I can feel him patting me on the back as I lower him on the ground with his other hand still up against my cheek - I let go of him. Grabbing the bottom of my shirt to clear the blood off my eyes. I look down at him. His body motionless on the floor one hand over the hole in his chest and the other hand still holding his gun. His mouth flooded with blood. The undead no longer a lingering noise now a roar as they investigate the gun shot. I grab my rifle and turn round to escape. But something stops me I can’t run because in my way is him - the young man stripped to nothing more than his skin. “You shouldn’t fear life when you are already dead” he chuckles. The undead approach but I can’t move, I can’t believe what I am seeing. The claws and teeth of the undead I feared since the outbreak just seem like pins and needles on my body the young man walks off. “It’s easier if you know where you are” he stops and turns to look at me “you lived blind - die and see everything…” The noise of the crow is the ringing bell signalling my time has come. Everything is blurry I can only think of the family that I am about to see again. I wake up on the beach just outside Chernogorsk…
  3. yeah man my friend moved kinda just out of curiosity i mean if i was in his situation where you were waiting for the right time to push then you where told the game crashed id be like "oh you are not there lol lets see"
  4. what no jesus if he crashed and he wasn't in we would have just left it there. we thought he was still logged of so we would have just said that the situation was null and void. My friend is possibly the most reasonable Rp player I've met please don't jump to conclusions. EDIT like the video says its no ones fault. just wanted so share this moment gawd
  5. So me and my friend where RPing crazy folk in Stary we came across a guy that we where going to experiment on. me being super smart didn't realise he broke free then we a had a cheeky stand off. Then this happened. I was so tilted after wards because I thought he never crashed and thought he pulled a fast one on us and killed my friend. However he had already logged back in. Because we thought he was gone my friend ran up the stairs in curiosity I'd imagine and got blasted. NO ONE IS TOO BLAME IT WAS SIMPLE LUCK thanks for watching Victor.
  6. Shiiiiit boys its happening! Red team moves in from the west fast. No sign of purple or Yellow they may be intimated.
  7. Yes I have seen that but unfortunately I haven't in my time playing seen a faction controlling a single area! not one place where people talk and just role play. just passing hellos and good byes. now I understand my idea wont work that's why I said I'm just having fun with the idea. enforcing a larger controlled area that makes groups weary and scared to go from A - B adds a whole new aspect to survival. the red army will not tolerate this we will attack any provokers
  8. I may have miss used the word "safe" zone its run areas and people can rob as they please but if you are in green group robbing a red in red zone then thats a attempt at controlling ground. if you think we are years after the Apocalypse there is bound to be some sort of faction controlling areas. like I said its just me having fun with a idea on the forums please don't take this as an actual suggestion. its all fun fella
  9. Oh shit DMZ is the limbo control point anyone that owns it has easy passage to all areas thats if purple take on red the largest power with the most loot.
  10. Everyone pick your colour see you in the game shits getting real cuz y'all about to get murked
  11. in all these areas you can still be robbed. its more of a meeting area the word safe isn't to be used seriously
  12. actually that area is only for non group members survivors that are just trying to move somewhere safe. its in the Yellow area because its the place holder for the Idea as soon as you go in this area its a seize fire between groups.
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