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  1. Antekungen

    S1-Bad RP and NVFL- Severograd 19-20 PM 19/09/17

    Yes, I can join the teamspeak and talk to somebody tomorrow. Just let me know what time, and I'll see if it fits in because I have classes that I have to be on so after that any time is good for me.
  2. Antekungen

    S1-Bad RP and NVFL- Severograd 19-20 PM 19/09/17

    Hello, my name is Andreas Lindström and this is me in the video. This is my first time ever playing on this server and on overall RP server. I was running with my friends past the city and I lost them and came across these guys so I crouched next to them and by mistake I had a knife out which I think was what upset them, they took me side and started asking me questions. Sometime later one of the guys started shouting at me and calling me names. I got abit nervous and didn't really know what to do and I did some clumsy stuff with that ''spawned'' thing and I realized that abit after I said it. So I just got quiet because I knew I did goof up and things just kinda went downhill from that. I didn't know what to say because I was so scared to screw up again. Also I didn't notice the radio check with the * & *, I screwed up pretty badly and I wanna apologize to the people that had to be put up with me at that very moment. Pulling out the Longhorn was also a huge mistake, never intended that to happen. I am simply just new to this and I will try to keep calm so I won't mess up again the next time I'm playing. Thanks for reading. I do not have any video evidence nor screenshots.
  3. Andreas Lind was born in a small town on the coast of Sweden called Hudiksvall. He didn't have the best childhood due to his father being an alcoholic and his mother abusing medication she had recieved due to her back problems. On Andreas freetime he usually hanged around with his friends, who weren't the best of company. At age 12 he started to drink alcohol and doing minor drugs. He didn't really think about his future and more in the "now" so to say. At age 14 he was forced to move to a christian foster family due to him still drinking and also skipping school. This wasn't the easiest for Andreas since he was an Aethist. Still continously trying to run away but never getting anywhere he simply gave up, finished school with decent grades. He had turned 18 and decided to try to find a job, he searched for weeks and weeks. Where he then found a job at a "cleaning company" until he was 23. He got kicked for simply doing a bad job, waking up late, going home early. He stayed with his foster family during this time. He still had to try to make a living, so he went for not the best occupation, being a pimp. He was a pimp for about two years until taking the first and fastest flight to Chernarus since he had gotten a Swedish Mafia on him. There he was homeless, barely had any money left, basically left on the street to die. Then it all happened.