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  1. Strano

    Some Crazy Guy

    Welcome To The Server, I'm pretty new but through my short time here I've had some great experiences.
  2. Hi Everyone Reading This! I recently completed my application and was whitelisted to the server allowing me to be part of this awesome community. I can't wait to have some great RP experiences with all of you. -Strano
  3. I was a young man, just like everybody else coming out of Highschool. I took a different path though, I joined the military. Went in to become a MP, Spent my years in there, and got out as soon as I could, yet I do miss the brotherhood I had formed with those men that protect the fine country of America. I felt disconnected after my time there and went to pave my own path in a new land, Chernarus. Once I had arrived, I went sight seeing until I came across the northern side of the area. Oh how beautiful it was to see those mountains, I could almost smell the venison cooking over a nice stove. Those days went quick, I was back in my world of the outdoors and enjoying it. About a month into my stay is when the infection hit, I stayed in my cabin I was staying in up north and had begun stock piling food after the news of sickness appearing up north causing people to turn into what seems like monsters.Two weeks into the sickness I ran out of supplies, I grabbed my rifle and my hunting gear and moved up towards my usual stand, That was until I saw a convoy of dead troops sitting there blocking up the road, I turned to see one of those thing and that was the last thing I remember before it tackled me to the floor clawing at me, I had no choice but to kill it. I tried to call my family, the line was dead and I felt just as I had before I came here. That was then though, and this is now. I ran up to the stand, got a deer and came back down pondering on what to do next in order to survive, that was until I decided to head south and look for work or a way to help as I knew that this wasn't just another ordinary sickness going around.
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