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  1. Marcello was a quite normal person, he really enjoyed the little things in life such as a good beer or a good meal. Through out his twenies he was struggling with money, so he decided to do some armed robbery. His first ever job was a small shop in the town he used to live, it was quick and it was easy. Marcello got a bit more confident and went on and on with little shops. At one point he got noticed by a bigger crew, they offered Marcello good money, and a good job. He worked with this crew for quite a while, they been robbing banks, shops and basically anything that had a cashier. In 2010 he planned to retire from this whole robbing shit, however his crew didn't like his decision. They decided to grass him up. Marcello did 3 years inside when he had an offer from the goverment. The offer was simple, he joins the military and do 3 years there, then they drop the exrta 7 years. He accepted the offer without any hesitation. 2015 is the year where everything changed, Marcello quite liked what he was doing so he stayed in the military. At once Chernarus goverment asked the neighbour nations for help, of course Hungary sent loads of militan and humanitarian help, like the others. And a few months later shit kicked in, Marcello and his team where unable to contact with the nato operators and left on their own to "die"..
  2. Marci

    YouTube series. [Looking for people]

    We'll see if i can be your actor! Im not working for cheap! (jks)
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    The Heathens Media Thread

  4. Marci

    The Heathens Media Thread

  5. Well this didn't happen to me (luckly). So one of my good friends went into this small shed and for some strange reason his game crashed (also he had a full and good gear). When he came back he respawned in Elektro and lost all his sh*t. Later he found his body but couldn't loot it. Life sucks!
  6. Hello good people! My name is Marci I'm new around here and I'm excited to get started. See you guys at the wasteland!