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"The dusky swallows will return."

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    Opinions are appreciated! <3

  2. Thanks a lot! , i didn't draw a majority of these tho.. my friend drew some of it and the rest are google images really. but thanks a lot haha Draw and Wind Surf doing Hurricane Irma
  3. Oldest Drawing Less old Worn yet not old Almost new yet worn Clean with minimal wear. Characters Featured in order : Nikolai Trenkov @Jamie Phoebe Nesterov @Sleepyhead Rory Taylor @Rory Scarlet Black @Keira Ulin Petravoshka @Mischief Lirk Norman @Strawberry _________________________ Thoughts?
  4. didnt post a spotify playlist on the forums to get his spotify logo 100/10
  5. id kill myself, i think he'd like that maybe even rescue him
  6. i love you avatar as much as i love you.. so a lot 10/10
  7. torture with the sex on another unrelated note, Elmo is my favorite Sesame street character
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    1. Voodoo


      One day ill be on that list. Then again do i want to be main stream?

    2. Watchman


      good question, i had no intention to be on there, but hey pleasant surprise i guess

    3. Aisling


      I dont know how Im still on it tbh, all I do is shit post on Mexi's profile

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