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  1. As much as i love yall, i aint slaving hours of my free time on something tedious as DayZ Modding.. I do my textures until i feel they are perfect and the client feel they are perfect, just as i have done in other graphical work i have done.. that can take a lot of time and a lot of tedious redo and undos. It takes time to learn these things and acquire the skill to actually make texture that are in high quality with details and learning the in's and out of working with DayZ Modding.. which is essentially what you are paying for.. someone that know what they are doing.. which is why you pay professionals to make a house and don't build it yourself because it will leak and crumble.. simple as.. Use my services or don't... if you can do it yourself all the power to ya.. just make sure its up to standards and don't ask for help. thanks. o7
  2. copy right tbh and thanks @neom.. if anyone has suggestions for canned goods or anything possible by re-texturing fell free to suggest such things

  3. Snapchat-862699561.thumb.jpg.537aca42865b860fed5b4e0aed1e479c.jpgSnapchat-354222738.jpg.1033967e91382c0cbae3356f21c3712b.jpg20181126_150722.jpg.08201ae8327e63d442ac53912985544a.jpg


    pics are mine from US


    1. Inferno


      I'm right here my love 

      hug gif come to me GIF

    2. Kordruga


      Step aside inferno, this man is spoken for 

    3. Wulf



  5. cool vid

    1. Eddie


      Damn, that's all I can say. This was a great video!

  6. Dont @me on external mods, i don't know shit about them as I didn't make them. @Voodoo
  7. Heres your daily song that most people dont listen to .. but a few do .. this ones for yall.


    1. Highlander


      we 💖 you too Watch

  8. One to love, loved her, we were young and drunk and dumb

  9. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I oogle reports as much as the next person and look at the outcomes and how staff handles them.. ive paid notice to Para and his decisions and i think he's a great addition to the staff team.. hopefully he'll stick around for a while and keep up the good work o7 Suggestions for improvement: N/A
  10. Scope got fucked on it.. the glass on it, example can be seen on the glass on binos
  11. asdass.png.fd7f80aae3a4168ce32eb748cc299f09.png


    1. Hammond


      Not bad man, not bad.

    2. Brayces


      **EATS BOTH**

    3. Eddie


      Loving the screenshot 😃 !

    4. Watchman


      Heres the original.. only slightly edited



  12. Watchman

    Watchman's Edited Screenshots

    I love feedback, good and bad! ____________________________________ Original Post Below! Check it out!
  13. Wings wouldn't help you

    1. TheBar0n


      My guy, you got some good taste in music.


  14. In get that this would be nice.. but its technically a DayZ problem not a DayZRP problem.. cleaning up shitty development on a million dollar earning game is a big slap to the face.. Maybe we'll do it since its easy enough, but it pains me deeply to have to do because of Bohemias Incompetence.
  15. They spawn a lot of places.. primarily seen at markets for some reason and ofc castles
  16. I get stuck in my head
    Where have I been
    People tell me let it out
    But I can't just let them in
    To my mind, oh my
    Too many thoughts at a time
    Always running around in circles

    1. Eddie


      Good song, I like the beat!

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