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  1. A 2013 person as support, nani

  2. As the man in charge of map changes. next to the big man ofc Not gonna happen.. ever.. sorry. It's simply not something that would be there, nor would it look good. so from Lore and my perfectionist look on what makes it on the map.. it won't happen .. ever.
  3. Hell yeah, already had great RP from y'all! Looking good my motherducker
  4. *wipes brow*

    I need a break or summin damn


    tired jet lag GIF

    1. ImAtrix


      Watchman is a dev god tbh

    2. Tewudin


      I think you deserve one at this point!

    3. DrMax


      We all appreciate your hard work! 

  5. Hi hope y'all like BeanZ pls im huungry
  6. Thanks i hate it. Jk looks good child
  7. play this when you get passed the AUX cord to confuse people

    1. Craig


      Next time I roll through Olsha.

  8. Bryce was born on the Faroe Islands to his Faroese mother and father, when 8 his family moved to the United States there he had a relatively regular childhood, eventually studying Pedagogy after having a troublesome youth himself. Once he finished his masters he decided to travel through Europe from England to Russian Territory some places he drove some places he flew to. Eventually on a connecting flight to Russia he finally managed to get he landed in Lopotevgrad and his next flight was cancelled leaving him stuck in the republic, he decided to hit up an old friend living in Chernogorsk and managed to be able to crash with some of his friends in the city.
  9. Order of appearance o7 @Franny always fun and interesting RP, glad to have you around o7 @groovy lamb thanks for the outstanding medical RP and excellent RP as always. @Cormac thanks for being Kola's corner man, being there to back him up.. love the dynamic we have @Miamomoh my dear, i try and tell you after each sesh but thank you so much for RP we have, I'm so happy we ended up in this dynamic ♡ @everyone in Olsha - Thanks for the RP the last couple of Days.. always a blast and cant wait to see what happens @Lyaria thanks for the great RP again! Always great to see you around I would tag Grim but he's got a weeb name now, either way always good rp from ya bud @Craig enjoy em cucumbers and thanks for the interesting RP you bring @FireDude thanks a shit ton for the RP recently, always love it @Conrad - Jett my boy.. nuff said Special shoutouts - @Ducky , @Ratatosk and @Combine as Police - loved what y'all got going @Conor, @Jackfish, @Kordruga and ofc @Brayces and company - y'all know what ya doing and its loved
  10. was bored

    made with IG sounds

    1. Tewudin


      That's looks cool!

    2. Miamomoh


      Get the lasso ready! We goan huntin’ 

    3. groovy blisna

      groovy blisna

      Wouldn’t be able to see the logo because the game would crashed after the shotgun 

  11. please stop 618353976508678144.png

    1. Brayces



  12. oof throwback

    1. Brayces


      Man such a underrated movie I love it 

    2. Brayces


  13. here's a song for y'all, good for char pages even

  14. looks good bro, the avatar lord approves
  15. nice avatar loser

    1. Welshy


      Thanks its my most favourite painter Leonardo Da Vinci 

      Found it on some guys Grindr profile 😉


    1. Miamomoh


      Time to pull up em socks

  17. Come play

    1. Revie



  18. West side... hustle is real out there
  19. Nope that's what prefabs are for. also maybe don't hoard gear ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  20. > Gets traded fish
    >Shoves its ass on my gun
    > Game :


    1. Kattsura


      ohhhh WOW is awsome!!!

  21. My welcome gift to admin, a avatar..

    well deserved bud

    1. Para


      Thank you @Watchman it is appreciated ❤️ 

    2. ImAtrix


      @Para Congrats on admin! Well deserved tbh. Good luck.

    3. Para


      Thank you @ImAtrix ❤️

    4. ImAtrix



      Already wasted 😞

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