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"The Fella ya love to hate."

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  1. Watchman

    Re-Skin the Canteen and Knife sheath.

    Unless someone makes a new proxy then impossible, i dont know how to so /shrug
  2. Watchman

    Re-Skin the Canteen and Knife sheath.

    o7 Might be impossible to retexture the sheath because DayZ Devs are the big gay, but we'll see
  3. Watchman

    Re-Skin the Canteen and Knife sheath.

    Already am
  4. Watchman

    Re-Skin the Canteen and Knife sheath.

    I already have the texture for the knife sheath, i was trying to do it.. but DayZ was being DayZ that day.. ill try again.. as for the canteen might have same issue but ill try ofc
  5. Watchman


    Oof, i like
  6. Watchman

    Twitch TOS

    I've been streaming DayZRP quite a lot, and ive heard people say the N word and a large variety of racial and homophobic slurs.. ive never been offended nor did i think i would be banned.. since its not against TOS
  7. Watchman


    Trying to make a theme park in DayZ for the server, come chill and perhaps help?



    1. APositivePara


      You guys continue to impress i swear.

    2. Lyca


      That's pretty impressive


    3. Watchman


    4. Lyca


      I love it! ❤️

    5. APositivePara


      Where is that 😮 

    6. Watchman




  8. Watchman

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    thanks man!, shame tho lmao
  9. Watchman


    More avatars added!

    Enjoy ya'll

    1. Xehara


      You're going to put me out of business. How do I give negative beans?

    2. Watchman


      @Xehara used to make your avatars lol 😛

    3. Xehara


      Fuck, you're right. Damnit. Take the beans.

  10. Watchman

    Watchman's Avatar Libary [Free Avatars]

    Added more Avatars finally! Enjoy o7
  11. Watchman


    Walking away from your hostage after taking his grandfathers M4 like


    1. Malet


      You monster! He saved it from the airplane before it crashed into the international hotel in chernogorsk 😞

  12. Watchman

    The Game

  13. Watchman


    Streaming some DayZRP - Come chill


  14. Watchman


    its not robbing its liberating people of their oppressive possessions

    1. Rover


      My favorite thing to say after getting robbed.: "Thank you, that was awful heavy on my back!"

  15. Watchman

    S1 attempted KOS Stary

    POV : Me @BrianM and @CocoMii walk up to the church in Novy and we hear talking we open the door and are immediately met with fixed barrels at the door and getting told to go away, at times you can tell they are borderline telling us we are gonna die if we don't, and they are making demands with fixed guns at us... theres some back and fourth with them still aiming guns at the door and telling us what to do, i eventually decide their threats are enough and my character decide its a good idea to plant a land mine by the church entrance as these men had threatened, i don't remember if this was said before or after i planted it but someone said if i specifically come inside he would eat me... aka more threats, the mine is down and i told them that ill kill them if they come out the church, i decide to stick around outside and watch the mine area incase someone who is not apart of the situation would be coming up to the church so i can tell them not to step on it (Or if they wish to negotiate or talk) .. nobody does and eventually someone from the inside the church steps on it and blows up, now considering the amount of guys i knew were in there, i decided to skiddadle outta there.. i went back to the place where i knew some friends were, and eventually i suppose someone mistake ID @RavenousRP for being a apart of me and the 2 others and he gets shot but survives.
  16. Watchman

    • Watchman
    • Aisling

    Sick avatar ❤️

    1. Aisling


      thanks i found it on some scrub graphic page thread thing

  17. Watchman


    first dude dead for sure irl

  18. Watchman

    Highway 61 (IC-Recruitment)

    id like a Request to //Archive this o7 its been wild everyone, thanks
  19. Watchman


    not gonna win but heres a pic
  20. Watchman


    Time to play this boy for a bit



  21. Watchman



    1. Watchman


      Gold ^

    2. Watchman



  22. Watchman

    Operatsiya Avrora (PAMYATI)

    Big boys doing big time RP, always good to see, keep it up!! Much love
  23. Watchman

    Cassete Players' Function

    Yes. I gave it Megaphone properties.. it should be less range and audio boost.. might need tweaking.. but intentional yes .. i wanted to get rid of the hearing ur own voice.. still working on that.. but its whole purpose is so when you "play" music with it.. by putting music down your mic.. it has an effect Ps. Made new reply somehow instead of edit.. on phone rip
  24. Watchman

    DayZRP 19.7.1

    Thats a Mod Item, cant really do that myself
  25. Watchman

    DayZRP 19.7.1

    Hell yea! May i please have my rationed BeanZ
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