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  1. Watchman

    [IRB] BrAithreachas Phoblacht na hEireann

    Best of luck boys o7 .. Give em hell
  2. Watchman

    El Gringo

    Do my Ese
  3. Watchman

    New Items in the Item Shop

    It has to be out by the end of the year ____________________ But yea the ability to purchase the new items will come accordingly with the items being added in the February update.
  4. Watchman

    • Watchman
    • DaRsnn

    "Your girl's a hoe and you should know this
    She got her cans out beggin' like she homeless
    You need to pay dues, this a notice
    Mic feelin' like ice I'm the coldest
    You just a bunch of fucking worms on my wood
    Tryna replicate my shit"


    1. DaRsnn


      This one hit too close to home bruh

  5. Watchman

    • Watchman
    • Franny

    Sick Profile song 🙌

  6. Watchman

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

    Colorful 6.5/10
  7. Watchman

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

  8. Watchman

    Photos please

    Previews for the Item Store are still being worked on, but here you go.. i posted this in #Sneak-peek on the Discord.. theres plenty of pics of other stuff i made there.
  9. Watchman

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  10. Watchman

    Winners of the Screenshot of the Month Contest

    o7, thanks to everyone who voted for me
  11. Watchman

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    These are only the things I'm adding to the game, simple as that, tons more that the other developers have been working on will also be getting added
  12. Watchman


    o7, salutations , best of luck bois
  13. Watchman


    Chicken Wangs
  14. Watchman

    DaRsnn's Media Thread

    good shit my guy
  15. Watchman


    we just removed the Populi also you 2 bru
  16. Watchman

    Failed Robberies Thread

    aim not found btw @AlanM @BrianM @Phoenix
  17. Watchman

    • Watchman
    • OhThatGuy27

    ay i have some dope Jason Avatars in my free library if you lookin


    1. Zero


      He's attempting to spread his influence even further. 

    2. OhThatGuy27


      Come into the ts we can talk.

  18. Watchman


    Struggling with your character page?, Look no further!


  19. Watchman

    Budget Character Profile Templates [FREE]

    There is probably several posts like this but here's my take on some free to use templates for your character profiles to spice them up a little bit! Any and all of these on this post are free to use! any questions or requests is okay however i cant promise i will answer/fulfill ? Donator Template Requires Donator Rank on the website i believe. Basic Templates require nothing and are entirely text based! Donator Template Basic Template Basic Template 2 Might add more in the future! Enjoy and good luck with your character page! And do please link your character profile in the comments for me to check out, id love to see it!
  20. Watchman

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Thanks you!! you too lots of fun!
  21. Watchman

    Vox Populi Media Thread

  22. Watchman


    Here's the stuff i'm contributing to the Feb Update... Soon TM

  23. Watchman

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    o7 Thanks man, means a lot
  24. Watchman

    DayZRP Mod Version Update [Feb 2019]

    Here's my updated Changelog for the Feb Update! Added : - Added around 50+ new Flavor Items Varying from T-Shirts to Military Gear. Short Recap : - Timbalands Boots (Beige and Black). - FUMA Shoes (Black). - Full Black NBC Variant. - Urban Assault TTsKO Pants. - 3 Ushanka Types. - Black Tortilla Bag Variant. - 15 Baseball Cap Variants. - Bone Gloves, Shoes and Tracksuit Jacket. - White Plain Shirt. - Raincoat Variant. - Russian Military Gorka Jacket & Black South Face Gorka Jacket. - Ballistic Vest and T-Shirt with SECURITY print. - 2 Balaclava Variants (Faded Skull & Monster). - 3 New Rider Jacket Variants. - 2 New Bomber Jacket Variants. - 1 Taloon Variant. - 4 New T-shirt prints. - 5 New Hoodies. - Added reworked Smersh Vest (Assault Vest) and added Black Variant. - Added Plate Carrier and Pouches Variants (Green & Black added). - Added Smokable Cigarette (Matches + Cigarette Pack) and Rollable Joint (Paper + Cannabis) - Added the M4 Bayonet & SKS Bayonet back in - Added 2 Special Knife Variants (Hunting Knife & Machete) Fixed : - Fixed Bayonets not having proper Knife Animations Replaced : - Replaced 3 Cigarette Pack Variants with 1 for Recipe and Loot Table Control. _______________________________________ Disclaimer : This is only the items i have contributed to be added/fixed. The other amazing developers have tons of other amazing stuff.
  25. Watchman


    Big oof

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