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"Yeah its me, don't cream your pants."

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    1. Banshee


      @OxeN is this funny? I can't understand it.

    2. Banshee


      nvm just found out they're talking gibberish...

    3. Jannik


      haha den er sku stadig sjov 😄  (it's still fun)

    4. Franny


      I'm a little confused. 

    5. Franny


      Ohhh it's the skit you told me about! @Watchman @Ducky

  2. Watchman

    BeanZ WAR

  3. Watchman

    Section: 20 - Original NATO Broadcast - (66.0)

    *A assertive voice tunes in on the frequency and a man speaks with a slight Danish Accent in crystal clear radio quality* "This is Lt. Petersen, Callsign Delta-Kilo-Actual, Commanding Officer of the Danish troops currently located in Livonia.. Our primary OBJ in Livonia is not to assist any remaining NATO troops. We have our own OBJ for the interest of the remnants of the Danish Kingdom.. However we may be able to assist you and your men.. Any such agreement or talk should be done in person and not over a public frequency. Over." *End transmission*
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    Watchman's Edited Screenshots

    I love feedback, good and bad! ____________________________________ Original Post Below! Check it out!
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  6. Hopefully, it was a joyful item.. however like Ducky said there are things that make this harder to do.. however if Jim doesn't come through ill try and look into getting another model that i can put ingame
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    Tarkov Stream once again!



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    Guess who the next person to post below you will be.

    Nyet Alan Woods
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    In our adventures...

    Great pic!
  • Watchman


    All the videos are to be left playing without pausing Small drops of rain hits your face as the rain creeps though the cracks in the small shed you slept in, you wake up and wipe your face with your sleeve, you get on your feet and pull your rain poncho out from your bag and slide it over your jacket, you pull the hood over your head and proceed outside. As you run though the rain it starts getting heavier and heavier and as you gaze into the horizon you see heavy fog blocking your vision but you see a dim light in the horizon a few windows lit up, you run to the house and outside is a car parked under a small tin roof garage, as your attention is on the car you loose your footing and you slide in the mud and land on your back as you lay down in the mud you look up and notice that the rain has increased even more and so has the fog. Suddenly tin cans and bottles fall to the floor inside. You get up and then proceed slowly to the building when get closer to the door you hear the sound of a gun being cocked, You speak up saying "I mean no harm, I'm just looking for shelter" and you raise you hands slightly You hear footsteps in the hallway of the house, you slowly make your way closer to the door as does the steps, you stand in front of the door and it opens slowly and you peer around the corner, but nobody is inside. You stand in confusion and look around dumbfounded, but the sound of thunder wakes you up and you walk inside, the hallway seems empty there is muddy foot prints leading inside as you walk into the living room you notice the almost too perfect looking fire inside the fireplace a bunch of cans and bottles line the floor, shelves and counters. Near the couch in the living room is the cans of food on the ground you heard earlier, and further inside the room on the sofa table is the gun you heard, as you look around the room, there is blood leading out of the house and out the back door, you feel your stomach turn and twist. You grab the gun from the table and some cans off a counter, and move to leave the house the way you came when you near the door you hear a thump outside in the mud and it shocks you making you drop the cans in your arm You ready the pistol you found and check the chamber You hear a muffled voice drowned by the rain outside, you sneak to the door quietly with the gun trained at the door you turn the knob and sudden footsteps barge at you from behind and your mind fade to black. Small drops of rain hits your face. ____________________________________________________________________________ Wrote this quite some years back, thought someone might enjoy
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    New Character, New Me

    as always give me your opinion on the page and you'll get fat beanz

    1. DrMax


      Graphics are fire. How much to buy them! 

    2. RoverBeastHP


      Lidt dejlig.

    3. Revie


      No words ❤️

    4. Eddie


      Great CP man, loving the graphics!

    5. DerrickStorm


      Holy Jesus Christ... Here I was, happy, that I've changed 5 simple sentences in my CP yesterday to something a bit longer and better organized, and now I see a freaking D&D immersion level. Like... how?

    6. Ron


  • Watchman

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    I approve of your avatar 😮

    1. Revie


      Hehe thank you ❤️ 
      I do also approve of yours!

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    Streaming Tarkov once more

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    Teaching @Roland and others Tarkov!



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