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"Yeah its me, don't cream your pants."

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    I remember sitting in silence for a while, wanting nothing more than to break down. I didn’t, though. I didn’t break down. I just sat there, waiting. I’m not sure what I was really waiting for. I think I just wanted a sign, or something. Like, from the universe, saying it wasn’t the end, and that I should keep fighting. But I never got that sign. Must’ve been forever before I realized my guardian angel wasn’t gonna fall from the sky and make her love me again. No amount of false hope or sadness was gonna fix my heart, so when I realized that and finally decided to get up from my spot where I feel like I’d been sitting for days, I kind of just… accepted it. I accepted that the moon stopped following me home and the girl I loved didn’t love me anymore. This wasn’t a fairytale and I wasn’t a kid anymore. It was time to let go. I have to let go.
    - E. Grin

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