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  1. Watchman

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Lotta fun, glad to have met some fun people near us, hope to see you two again!
  2. Watchman

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Always a pleasure thanks y'all
  3. Watchman

    New to DayZ and RP

    Welcome to DayZRP, was great meeting you! hope you enjoy it here
  4. Watchman

    Vanilla Server

    might check it
  5. Watchman

    Chess Lessons

  6. Watchman

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    thanks yall, sorry i had to go early, lovely rp as always from these peeps
  7. Watchman

    A Shelter with a Surprise

  8. Watchman



  9. Watchman




    spooky skeleton GIF

  10. Watchman

    Watchman's Edited Screenshots

    I love feedback, good and bad! ____________________________________ Original Post Below! Check it out!
  11. Watchman

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    M'laddies, looking good guys.. always a pleasure to meet in-game and looks poppin with them graphics as always @JimRP o7
  12. Watchman

    • Watchman
    • Daisy


  13. Watchman

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @Daisy , @Aron73 and all the Runner boys and special shout out to @BrianM for the appearance
  14. Watchman

    • Watchman
    • Inferno

    miss my boy

    1. Inferno


      miss ye too bby

  15. Watchman

    S1: NVFL Elektrozavodsk 19:30 Server Time

    Our characters all used racial slurs, our characters are Racist and Nationalist. they hate any and all foreigners and there is no rules saying it isn't allowed to have a racist character, so even if used in excess (A few times by each person there perhaps so it wasnt) its simply roleplay and as you said you self "It may have added to the RP". Thats how our characters was but if you for some unknown reason think you have a reason to report our characters racial slurs feel free to do so in another report. this report isn't targeted on us but rather on the fact that your friend was completely mute and then decided to NVFL with extreme levels of BadRP No further replies from me either.
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