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  1. Watchman


    Happy New Year Ya'll ?


    Hope everyone had a great year and get an even better one next year!


    Shoutouts :

    @Phoenix Thanks for always chatting and being a great friend. Even when we don't talk for extended periods of time it never feels strange when we spark up conversation again, thanks for including me in all your great projects, groups and so forth, hope to spend more time with ya in the new year!

    @Kaiju47 You aren't on here mostly but ill take any chance i can to praise your dumb ass, thanks for letting me stay at your house for a fuckin month it was a blast and i hope to see you very soon again!

    @Aisling Thanks for being a fantastic friend too, again you are one of those people i can not talk to for a long ass time and then we just immediately click once we talk again, i love it.. thank you.

    @Soofa Thanks for being a lot of fun in-game, i enjoy being in a group with you hope to see ya more in 2019.

    @Harvard Thanks for being great in-game too, appreciate ya and get well soon.

    @Sivarg Thanks for always supporting my content, it doesn't go unnoticed < 3

    @DrMax Thanks for being supportive too and i enjoyed or time In-game be it short.

    @Spartan Thanks for your support too and for being you.

    Honorable Mentions :
    @Voodoo @N-ToxRP @yung flare @BrianM @Scarlett @JimRP @Mademoiselle
    @Banshee For making Dope Music ]. @Justin


    (These Firework pics i made back in fuckin 2015 or some shit)
    PS. Sorry for spelling , ya mom gay

    1. Watchman


      Probs missed some people because i have bad memory, appreciate ya all tho

    2. JimRP


      Thanks? ? Happy New Year!

    3. Watchman


      @JimRP i see ya support on my recent stuff ?

    4. Hellboy


      Nice beanz farm ?

      Jk jk, happy new years ❤️

    5. Sivarg


      Happy new year!

    6. Watchman


      @Harvard i mean... ya not completely wrong lmao

    7. Serf


      Love ya man! Happy new year!

    8. ScarlettLR


      same to you all the best for 2019  ?

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