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  1. *LT Petersen Presses the PTT* "Upwards and onwards.. i saw him briefly before he left.. i believe i forgot to give him my best... if you have contact with him, let him know." "Lt. Petersen Over." *The radio goes silent.*
  2. Thanks for the RP : @Stagsview @Franny and @Brayces for the cool event stuff Got to gat gat a serial killer @Wulf @Phoenix @AndreyQ @APositiveElmo @Conor @DrMax @Imagine and others who's name i don't know sorry! Much love all around.
  3. Hope yall like the hospital, put a lot of love into it!
  4. Watchman

    Watchman's Edited Screenshots

    I love feedback, good and bad! ____________________________________ Original Post Below! Check it out!
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    From the album: Watchman's Edited Screenshots

    Custom Build
  6. https://imgur.com/a/D1OsU0r

    Here a lil album of the Hospital i put together today!


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      Before Pic for anyone curious

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      Yoo that looks great man!


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      Love the attention to detail, fits perfectly with the pre-existing LDF fortifications imo.

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    Thats edited in, by yours truly, just like her winking is
  8. No Also wanna mention you said that it was 20-30 min after you talked to me you killed him.. but the time i was called in was 22:43 server time and you killed him 22:49 ... care to explain?
  9. I'd like to make a couple of things clear regarding the accusations against Operation: Yggdrasil. 1. The Execution of Baron: As said by Gareth himself, you spotted someone in all black running away from the compound and then jumped into helpdesk where you received the metagamed information. I'd like to make it clear that none of us dressed in all black, so the person you saw wasn't even one of us. Now having never seen us during the attack, and having never verified it was us, you proceeded to use the metagamed information from Helpdesk to execute Baron, there is simply no way around it. 2. Demands: The only demands we heard from you were to surrender and stop shooting.. surrendering is a unreasonable demand and would simply lead to us being killed, therefore it would be classed as NVFL for our characters... something about Humvee's were heard but nothing concrete was said, and even if you demanded a new Humvee thats another unreasonable demand.. For long periods of time we heard nothing from you and the whole situation never seemed like a hostage situation more than you just having him for your own sake. 3. The act of letting the hostage go: I'd like to know a bit more about this. AFAIK the hostage was about to be let go when you decided to use the meta gamed information from help desk to simply yeet him out of existence, essentially putting the hours of role play you all just had to waste. If you were about to let the hostage go, and you didn't know the shooters, then you couldn't possibly have known it was us? Therefore you have to have meta gamed the information from help desk and used it to execute him. 4. @G_DateLR's POV proves that this was indeed meta-gaming. You saw an individual in all black running away, this was neither me or my companion, you then proceeded to go into help desk and have me dragged in there during an active situation, in help desk you then have it confirmed that we were indeed attacking, and you then proceed to execute Baron after learning this information through help desk, which is very definition of meta gaming. As for the case of being pulled into HD during an active situation, I think it is lousy and unsportsmanlike to pull someone into help desk during an active situation, you should have waited until after the situation was over in order to prevent cases of meta-gaming like this, while I cannot hold @JobScholten at fault as he likely wasn't informed that it was an active situation, I can say that @G_DateLR should have known better.
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    Love y'all!

    Much love all around to everyone ♡ ... stay awesome

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  11. Wanna give me some energy o's this valentines?

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  13. Howdy, Holgers POV: The situation escalated in Zalesei and a few of my people were killed and two hostages got taken, eventually one hostage was killed and they moved out of Zalasei in the vehicles we had, i managed to shoot one of them but they left the town and drove to the prison, we went to the prison and i saw the cars in their small "garage" compound and i confirmed that it was the ones they stole from us.. i threw some grenades in there to clear of people and also possibly destroy our vehicles and shot out the wheel on the Humvee. _______________________________________ I wanna add that i am a developer and i know for a fact that grenades do no damage to the modded cars, I'm not even sure they do to the default cars.. so i knew it wouldn't do anything to the cars and it were done simply to role play, i wish they would have done some actual damage to the cars. I sabotaged the vehicles as retaliation since you had taken two of our vehicles and captured two of our men hostage and killed several, I see no problems with my actions as they are entirely ICly motivated by your own actions. Adding onto the Help desk situation: I was told to hop into help desk only to find the people I was currently in an ACTIVE SITUATION with asking me questions about my IC actions, surely it is against staff protocol to pull someone out of an active firefight to collect information about that ongoing IC situation .... What strikes me as odd is that you seemingly had no idea who was doing the sabotage until you learned about it OOCly in help desk, after which you then proceed to meta game that information and execute @TheBar0n Also the other member of staff was @G_DateLR which I'm surprised you seem to not remember since hes a member of your group.
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