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  1. Chernarus just has a special place in my heart.. not even just the South Zagoria region.. i wish someone would make a map of another region in Chernarus.. but alas..
    1. Watchman


      Story still W.I.P

    2. EddieLR



    3. Inferno


      We do be out here

  2. Roar was born in Trelleborg Settlement where his Family had stayed since the outbreak of the frenzied flu his grandmother being a tour guide on the grounds of the old viking settlement, shortly after his birth most of the settlements men was killed in a fatal expedition to gather supplies, including his father Finn.. He was raised by his mother and the other settlements women now known as his "mothers" along with male elders who survived the settlement adapted and the women grew stronger and just as, if not better at defending the small settlement they would be known as shield mai
  3. Oh word?.. M16?


    1. EddieLR


      I like the watching shit blow up! Thanks for sharing!

      Happy Pineapple Express GIF by Comedy Central


    2. PublicVoodoo


      Tropic Thunder Intro Scene - YouTube


      Still no Red 9 though. Or bows... 

  4. I taught you well my boy, great work! - looks awesome!
  5. please consider the following :


    1. Empress


      Interesting. I think I will consider.


    2. JacobSimp


      Hmm maybe

  6. I made dis


    @Jackfish wanted me to post this, enjoy the prefab bby

    1. DrMax


      You’re beanz farming again, but I like it. So have beanz. 

    2. Harsardie


      What a beautiful and immersive prefab! Looks very realistic and while it does have that dark, post-apocalyptic vibe to it, it still feels like a comfy place where people live. Nice work!

    3. Niller


      Metro Exodus vibes, i like it.

      Take my beanz

    4. Crimson


      Very nice. I like it! You should make more pre-fabs around the map for other players to claim. 

    5. EddieLR


      Damn, that's nice. Of course Watchcorp does the best work!

    6. Bryan


      Amazing work, really. Much love

    7. Whitename


      The bean farmer himself returns

  7. This is good points, Esseker is an amazing map (Also yes since i stepped down, been pretty lacking updates kek) I actually added more cars in Cherno, probs got removed by Rolle tho like all the other stuff i added that made the map unique to DayZRP ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    1. EddieLR


      Time to wake up bitch... get up 🤣

      Vibing White Cat GIF

  9. I would do these things, but i aint dev no more fam
  10. @Danjust vibin with his thread
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