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"but man, am I bad at math"

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  3. " I try not to dwell on the past. I've made corpses and widows and orphans, fed dogs and crows and graves. Sometimes I have had to kill for survival, other times for vengeance. I've fought for causes and I've killed for pay. And you know what? It really doesn't matter. This world doesn't care if you're on the right side or the wrong side, whether you fight for honor or glory or money, if you're poor or rich. I fight because I'm good at it, not because I enjoy it. " Relationship : None Best Friends : None Friends : None Blending In Friendship Music Photography Exploration Jonah was hiking across most of the world in his twenties and Chernarus was no exception he had to collect every passport stamp he could, but upon hiking into the country it became apparent that something was off and eventually upon hitting a small village it was abandoned by the living and what remained was the dead walking, after gathering himself he made for the nearest overlook and from there flames could be seen in the distance and sounds before suppressed by the environment could be heard such as gunshots and the explosion here and there. After surviving off scavenging and staying clear of zombies for quite some time, he stumbles upon a group of people whom at first hold him captive, but eventually he becomes a part of the group and follows by their example for a while and keeps his own opinions to himself.. the group is a hostile and dangerous bunch whom rob anything and anyone that they deem so.. takes what they want give none of it back.. eventually whilst out on a ride with two other members from the group they stumble upon a younger woman around 17 years old, the other members Connor and Ryan both help her up at first sight and proceeded to strip her of her belongings and eventually her clothing.. Jonah was sent to guard the house while the two had at it with the young woman.. he was fuming on the inside.. his hands squeezed so tightly on the silenced pistol in his hands that blisters started to slowly appear, eventually he had enough and rushed inside and swiftly put two rounds in each of the men's heads.. these were the first lives that Jonah had ever taken. Unfortunately it was already too late for the woman, she must've struggled too much and they choked her out, she was cold to the touch with a frozen thousand yard stare. Knowing he couldn't return to the others he fled on his bike out of the area he knew they operated in, and kept to himself. The real pickle here was that one of the men he had killed was the group leader's brother and the leader was a man of vengeance.. Jonah knew he would be found it was only a matter of time.. it was not even two days before they found him.. they chased Jonah around and eventually got him knocked off his bike in Chernogoarsk, Jonah's crash looked bad but he hadn't suffered any serious life threatening injuries a broken arm and lots of scratches on his arms and legs.. The bikes and the crash attracted Zombie and whilst on his ass the leader walks over and points his pistol to Jonah's head and a loud bang rang out between the apartment buildings.. but it was no the leaders pistol but a rifle fired from a stranger.. not knowing where the shots came from the rest of the group drove off almost immediately. Jonah almost immediately passed out once they had driven off. and this is where the new chapter starts. Scattered scars on front arms and right thigh with a few on face. Neck Tattoo : Left Forearm Tattoo :
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