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  1. Watchman

    24th Blvd and Prigorodki Street XII, South Zagoria

    im making what i want , regardless i already got new colors coming for stuff, added too much black last update lol
  2. ToeZOG

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    Watchman it keeps popping up that you are posting new screenshots, but nothing is there. Please stop spamming my notifications, you slut. 


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  3. Watchman

    [GAME]Rate the profile above you!

  4. Watchman

    Assault Vest Black

    Looks like smersh is coming back next official patch working .. ill leave it as is for now
  5. Watchman

    Assault Vest Black

    like i said I'm working on it, right now I'm more worried about the consequences of changing the vest while people have it.
  6. Watchman

    Watchman's Edited Screenshots

    I love feedback, good and bad! ____________________________________ Original Post Below! Check it out!
  8. Watchman


  • Watchman

    COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Member of the year
  • Watchman

    Nice to meet you all!

    Welcome bud!, hope you enjoy!
  • Watchman

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    • BrianM

    Gratz on Purple son, im so proud of you

    proud of you yes GIF by EditingAndLayout

  • Watchman

    DaRsnn's Media Thread

    Get to PK your character boo hoo bitch
  • Watchman

    Awimba's end

    Goodnight sweet prince. your sacrifice won't be for nothing.
  • Watchman

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    - Generation Zero - @Phoenix - @AlanM - @Franny - @Voodoo - @Harvard - @Aisling - @Eddie - @Derek Steel - @MrSaltyFish - @Red __________________________________________ @Brayces - Cool to meet ya in-game! __________________________________________ @Eagle - Good Shit my guy ___________________________________________ @Jackals thanks for the fun - Specially @Osku and @DaRsnn as always. ___________________________________________ @Kameníci , @Mexi @California and the other boys. o7 ps. probs missed someone because im dumb
  • Watchman

    S1: BadRP, RDM. Mogilevka Summer Camp. 2018-03-24, 00:10

    POV : We are all taken hostage by Jackals and eventually most of them run off and leave us the hostages in Haven, we gather around and @AlanM point out that one of the dudes there was one of the people who were with us the day before by the coast at another encounter, we were all baffled as to how they found us that day and him being pretty much the only stranger we had with us i assumed he was the one who gave us up to our captors since he was the only stranger there, so i ask one of the jackals that are still there if i can beat this guy up for possibly ratting us out, they agree so i beat the fuck out of him with intend to knock him out, eventually he starts punching back and we both end up getting knocked out, when i get back up before him, i see he has a gun on him, and i did sorta just beat the shit out of him, so i take it.. and he wakes up, i didn't get to see if he had anymore weapons on him so i hold him up with my friend pointing a gun at him and tell him to drop the magazines and his other weapons, he doesn't for a bit and i end up just throwing some duct tape on his hands, to relieve him of his possible weapons and the mags for the gun i already took, i tell him to move away from the gate and then when he moved a bit i tell him to stop, then i start frisking him and he keeps moving, i tell him to stop and then he starts wiggling and he wiggles out the duct tape, i punch him again because why would he do that when hes not supposed to, however he was apparently really low (Which i couldn't see because of the duct tape) and he then dies unfortunately.. which wasn't my intention at all and I'm really sorry about that, i wanted to RP more with Finn's character and find out if he did in fact sell us out and give him some good RP but it ended unfortunately when he died... Again I'm very sorry you died, it wasn't my intention at all. Sorry for the inconvenience and sorry for accidentally killing you.
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    Supreme Court 🧚‍♀️

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