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  1. Prefabs fuck up fps less than build walls, prove me wrong
  2. Watchman


    Looking good gamers, best of luck
  3. So fucking dope, love the vegetation
  4. Was bored so here ya go

    Thanks to @Ducky for his yelling ❤️

    1. Kattsura


      Amazing work!!! love the music!!

    2. America


      Nice. Well made!

    3. Malet


      Dude ...

    4. Aron73


      Really nice video!

    5. Brian


      You nearly killed us when flipping that car motherfucker 😂

    6. Watchman


      lmao yeah @Brian

  5. Beam me up

    teleporting star trek GIF by HULU

    1. Trijim


      beam me up scotty

  6. Its a thing thats been brought up time and time again that people seem to think that everything we do should just be free and something they can get without having to pay.. I understand its tedious having to pay for things.. but its just as tedious having to make it.. for me at least...I'm not saying thats what this specific post is about .. but it falls near the same category.. its a creative process i have to be in the mindset of.. money won't put me there or motivate me to start.. it helps a little but.. not significantly. That's how it came across .. so if nobody meant that.. my bad then, it just seemed to me that what work we were doing where being undermined and people didn't seem to understand.. despite having explained it before.. it upsets me a little.. I don't charge for my general work on DayZRP either.. when i signed up i never expected to get paid a single cent because i was making things for the community as a whole that everyone could reap the benefits of. And i also do things for people just because i feel like it everyday pretty much... I'm not trying to be rude but i don't really find as much fun in making things for groups as i do making general things for everyone to enjoy.. and thats where to money comes into play to kinda persuade me to do these things anyways i suppose.
  7. So you saying that technically advocating for the fact that our work has less value.. isn't something to be personally insulted about? so if i started fighting for the fact that you shouldn't get paid as much as you are for work you are doing.. then you would be just fine with that?.. not insulted at all? I don't really care much for what attitude you think is needed, i simply state that you shouldn't ask for help if someone is so adamant that they can do it themselves.. and if I'm helping someone make it .. i might as well be making it. If you need base textures.. sure i gotchu.. if you need a lil tiny bit of help with something .. sure i got you.. but if you need my help to start fresh and make new texture while never working with this before.. no i will not take 4 hours out of my day to explain something that is very tedious and annoying to work with that someone will likely not get the first time ... just like i didnt.. watch tutorials and practice
  8. As much as i love yall, i aint slaving hours of my free time on something tedious as DayZ Modding.. I do my textures until i feel they are perfect and the client feel they are perfect, just as i have done in other graphical work i have done.. that can take a lot of time and a lot of tedious redo and undos. It takes time to learn these things and acquire the skill to actually make texture that are in high quality with details and learning the in's and out of working with DayZ Modding.. which is essentially what you are paying for.. someone that know what they are doing.. which is why you pay professionals to make a house and don't build it yourself because it will leak and crumble.. simple as.. Use my services or don't... if you can do it yourself all the power to ya.. just make sure its up to standards and don't ask for help. thanks. o7
  9. copy right tbh and thanks @neom.. if anyone has suggestions for canned goods or anything possible by re-texturing fell free to suggest such things

  10. Snapchat-862699561.thumb.jpg.537aca42865b860fed5b4e0aed1e479c.jpgSnapchat-354222738.jpg.1033967e91382c0cbae3356f21c3712b.jpg20181126_150722.jpg.08201ae8327e63d442ac53912985544a.jpg


    pics are mine from US


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      I'm right here my love 

      hug gif come to me GIF

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      Step aside inferno, this man is spoken for 

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