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  1. Madness_

    S1 NVFL, Bad RP Stary Sobor 01-05-2017, 22:03

    I did log off early. I wasnt thinking. I did combat log and ill take the points
  2. Madness_

    S1 NVFL, Bad RP Stary Sobor 01-05-2017, 22:03

    I was in stary with @Genji when we see a guy with a Mosin. @Moo Ham Ed wanted the mosin. We try to strongarm him at first, than he just takes of sprinting. We have not intimated yet. Than we say to put yours hands up and get on the groujd. He runs around in circles till he pulls out a AKS and sprays down Donni. (Not sure who initiated)
  3. Madness_


    I was Taylor. I have no idea of what happned either
  4. My freind is aming one just look at his
  5. i was talking to someone on stary hill, after that my friend got shot in the double red building in stary for no reason. My friend killed one of the people who attempted to kill him without any rights and then i continued going up stary hill where i also got shot for no reason. he had no idea that i was his freind. FOrgot to us tempalte. Request for this to be deleted
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