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  1. @Lucifer233's (Nixon Motley) POV: (Basically all the OP said is correct) We were roaming around Severograd when we were warned about a firefight being imminent. Me, @Sleepyhead, @Jamie, and Daniel (one of the suspect's allies) jogged to the East when we heard shots extremely close and directly South of us near the school, we all dashed North towards the quarry. Shortly after arriving at the quarry, Alojz (@Jamie) split off to go make sure our friend( @SmashingMedal) was alright as he was near a large group at the apartment building just Southwest of the quarry. Whilst Alojz was off doing that, me, Elyse, and Daniel watched the school from afar from the rocks in the quarry, we then attempted to go deeper into the quarry but Daniel turned back, we pursued until eventually giving up. Our entire group, some time later, established the city was safe enough to return to, we all regrouped just West of the main RP hub of the city (the pub). During this time things were a little tense between everyone, both groups (our foes and ourselves) were uncertain of what would happen, we both continued to watch each other until we were eventually approached, they asked for directions and we answered to the best of our abilities'. Later on, after giving directions, our what would be foes returned to the pub as did most of our group, we began making fun of their outfits, poking holes in their words, and overall making them look like laughing stocks. After getting fed up with insults they attempted to leave throwing a few insults on the way out (almost the only time one of them decided to speak), both me and Alojz started going after them harder due to their insults towards Elyse in-particular, I personally got in Jonah Blank's face. After forcing them to apologize, Jonah Blank asked me if I wanted a hug, I took offense to this but my words were not as quick as @Sleepyhead's initiation on the 3 men. Our foes were greatly outnumbered and after about 5 seconds of being surrounded with guns pointed at them, without any warning or words, they all opened fire simultaneously, killing a few of us (including me), but were then all promptly gunned down by those that remained.
  2. Nixon Motley

    Youth Nixon Motley resided in Duluth, Minnesota for the majority of his life, he lived a normal life, not one of great wealth or power or anything exotic really, but one of community, friendship, and family. Although his upbringing and relatively normal and happy life, he was very insecure, no matter what subject, sport, or activity or how good he was at them. He could never shake the feeling that he would ruin it for himself or screw up and become embarrassed. This harmful quality would haunt him for years to come. When he was eight he joined his elementary school’s Football program, he developed exceptional skills as a linebacker, and would continue to play throughout his youth and into high school. He was so skilled that his junior year of high school, he was offered a scholarship to the University of Minnesota. Although this seemed like a blessing, it would cause him extreme anxiety and panic attacks. He continued to worry that if he messed up the scholarship would be pulled off the table and his spot on such a prominent college’s Football program. In order to alleviate his worry and anxiety, and in an attempt to guarantee the acquisition of the scholarship, he began taking Steroids to beef up and ensure an edge of his opponents. His career in Football was just beginning in his eyes, Nixon could see himself going pro, making millions. All was well, his team was on track to go to the state championship, unfortunately for Nixon he wouldn’t be going anywhere near there. Right Idea, Wrong Execution However, the University of Minnesota scouts became suspicious of their possible candidates and wanted to ensure no doping was occurring. They told Nixon that he would be required to take a drug test for the scholarship offer to remain. He agreed, hoping that the lab tests wouldn’t detect his drug usage, but he could feel his anxiety returning, his grip slipping away as if someone was beating his hand with a hammer and for the pain to stop he would simply need to let go. Before the lab tests were concluded, Nixon quit the team, and let go, his grades and physique simply went downhill, his anxiety and panic attacks returned, he fell into a deep state of depression. He saw a way out of his miserable life though, something that would alleviate him of his sadness, he began smoking pot, then onto hard drugs, like Heroin and Opioid pills. An Uphill Battle For two years he tortured his family and friends, he wouldn’t apply to college, not that any would accept him at that point, he would constantly shoot up in the house. His brother, Xander, met a girl named Evelyn, the two were married, Xander had two children, Elyse and Desmond and his brother was doing well for himself. However, Xander was constantly worrying about Nixon, never knowing if he’ll get the call saying his brother has been hospitalized from a drug overdose. So Xander, with his silver tongue and way with words, convinced Nixon to go into rehab. The next year of his life would be the hardest for Nixon, he was going through withdrawal, but slowly recovered from his addiction to Opioids and Heroin. After rehab, Nixon got a job at a local grocery store and rented a small log cabin near Lake Superior, just a few miles North-East of Duluth. He remained at his log cabin for a few years before his life would change entirely. Blood, Spilled He deeply cares about his brother Xander and his family, and feels he owes a great debt to him, due to his help with his own drug problem. Granted, when Xander wasn’t working he could normally be found still smoking pot out of a bowl or sitting on his porch smoking a cigarette, some habits he just couldn’t kick and they seemed fine to him compared to Heroin. When news reached him of Xander’s wife, Evelyn, and her murder, Nixon was truly devastated and did whatever he could to help his brother and his children. Eventually, Xander revealed a secret to Nixon, that he was eating other humans, and feeding the same meat to his unknowing children, Nixon didn’t know how to react, but through Xander’s silver tongue and Nixon’s debt to his brother, he did not intervene and was convinced it was not a bad thing. A Fresh Start Xander could not remain in a house his wife was murdered in any longer, he couldn’t stand the town anymore. Xander wanted a fresh start for his children and of course, their loving uncle to help watch over them and protect them. The two did their research and wanted to live the quiet life, a small town, trustworthy neighbors, although Nixon was thinking moving to the remote midwest but Xander wanted out of the country. A few weeks later they packed their bags, booked a flight, and landed in Chernarus. Upon landing they proceeded to pick their car up, and drive to Berezhki. On their way Nixon forced Xander to stop for cigarettes as customs refused to let him in with his own pack of Newport’s. Unfortunately, a new start, meant a new brand of cigarettes European and large Russian brands dominated the industry, “not even Marlboro’s” he thought to himself. So he grabbed a brand called “Ziganov” and a lighter, hopped back in the car and off they went. Their home was a small log cabin similar to the one Nixon had been living in on Lake Superior. Most neighbors know basic English and most shopkeepers are fluent, the stores have a small selection of brands but have most everything the family needs. However, due to the nature of the small town, both Xander and Nixon understood they must pace themselves on how much human they all ate, everyone knows everyone, one person going missing is a town tragedy for everyone. Granted, one day, everyone would be in on their “human operation” which was eventually called The Vale of Shadows. The family remained in the small town for 12 years, except for Desmond, who was sent to boarding school in Electrozadvsk when he was eight. A Brother Lost On January 8th, everyone knew of Xander’s now psychotic behavior, although Nixon tried to downplay it. After coming off work and walking through the door, Nixon would understand the magnitude of his brother insanity. He came home to a body, two teenagers, Elyse and her best friend, Alojz. Elyse, as she sobbed and Alojz comforted her, explained what had happened, Xander was abusing her and almost killed her, when Alojz and his father Danil, came in and stopped him, this left Danil crippled. A storm of rage came over Nixon, he grabbed the metal stick used to arrange the firewood while it burned, lunging at Alojz, blaming him for his brother’s death. Elyse jumped in the way and calmed Nixon. Nixon to this day has never fully forgave Alojz, although he acts as if he did. The Outbreak To be written as character develops….
  3. Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hero RP, Survivor RP, Hostile RP, Hostage RP, Group RP, General Knowledge)?: (Darren Larkins) Mostly Hero RP however I would also like to learn a bit about military RP to compliment the hero side. What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? EST or GMT -4 How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? Forums If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what would you like to learn about or improve on? I do best at hostile roleplay but would like to expand my horizons beyond that and learn the tactics of a hero so I am not restricted to only certain kinds of characters.
  4. VAC Ban Blacklist

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/a43dd771fe42263d638b863cd7af4276 https://gyazo.com/5eba6389b4c272c29a3c1e139411ed34 Why the verdict is not fair: My VAC ban has now exceeded 365 days (one year) and i would now like to apply to whitelist. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I may have cheated in the past but I have good roleplay experience and no longer cheat in video games. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My unblacklist so I can play on the most populated RP server in DayZ What could you have done better?: Not cheated in the past