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  1. Matthias Trace

    Matthias Trace Chapter I Matthias Trace hails from Seattle, Washington, growing up he had many educational opportunities due to his parents’ wealth and connections. Throughout most of secondary school, Matthias was interested in helping others, as he felt it was unfair he had so many more opportunities than the other kids simply because of a genetic lottery nobody had control of. However, he did understand that helping people can consist of a variety of actions, but he knew taking his allowance and buying food for the homeless wasn’t really a self-sustaining venture once he went to college and eventually graduated. Matthias didn’t really know what he wanted to do for a career, he just wanted to contribute something to the world that would help the current and even future generations. After pondering and discussing with his parents, they settled on bio-engineering, a career with a solid paycheck yet would sate Matthias’s passion for helping others, not to mention Matthias’s dad had a few friends down at CIT which had a good program. Soon enough, Matthias had graduated highschool with high marks and numerous certifications with things such as Microsoft Office and other small things of the sort. His acceptance into the California Institute of Technology's bioengineering program made him ecstatic, he was so glad he would soon be able to help the world. Chapter II Upon arrival and orientation, Matthias worked hard at his classes however much he hated some of the general education classes. He of course had a major in bioengineering and a minor in psychology, Matthias had a true fascination with the brain, sometimes he wondered what would’ve happened had he majored in neurology. Although he achieved the academic marks he was looking for, he didn’t adjust well to his new life at the university, he didn’t get along with anyone, he hated his roommate, and well, just didn’t have the right social skills to fit in but that wasn’t important to him. He had constant contact with his parents through video calls and visitation, he couldn’t thank them enough for helping him get in to one of the most famed schools in the United States. The years went by slow but Matthias kept pushing, in spite of rumors around campus of his belonging there. Other students and even some professors thought he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for his father’s connections in the program, some were vocal about their concerns, but most stayed quiet. Matthias’s academic achievements did not go unnoticed, in fact quite the opposite, he was contacted by a firm doing groundbreaking work in the medical field called the Synaptic Foundation, a company based out of the UK. He was personally contacted by one of the directors, Oscar Coates. He was offered a position as one of their scientists with a high starting salary, plenty of freedom to explore the field, and good benefits. Matthias immediately contacted his parents but his parents also had some news for him, and it wasn’t good. Chapter III Matthias’s father had been diagnosed with a rare form of pancreatic cancer, the doctors at Seattle Medical Center were almost 100% certain he would not last through the next year. Matthias was crushed, he only had a few weeks until he graduated and would be able to start his job at Synaptic Foundation. Matthias couldn’t understand how such a tragedy could occur at such a time, how such an event had to happen to a dad who loved his child so much and even pulled strings to get him into such a high level school. Matthias decided to contact the Synaptic Foundation’s director, he said he was unable to take the job and wanted to spend what little time he could with his father. Oscar said that was unfortunate, but because the company wanted Matthias so badly, they offered his father a place in an experimental treatment program that one of their subsidiaries was conducting. Without hesitation, Matthias told his parents and they accepted the offer for the experimental treatment and of course Matthias accepted the job offer. His father was moved to the UK and was enrolled into the program, his mother went with and stayed in an apartment provided by the Synaptic Foundation, Matthias walked although he was upset his parents couldn’t witness it, he was just happy his father had a real chance. Chapter IIII After moving to the UK and starting his job at the Synaptic Foundation, Matthias became truly happy but this would soon come to an abrupt end. The director, Oscar Coates, called Matthias into his office and oddly enough his mother was there, his heart stopped. The experimental treatment failed, his father had died in his sleep almost two hours ago. Oscar offered his deepest condolences and gave Matthias a month’s leave and said if he needed more he could have it, his mother stayed in the apartment that the company provided. Matthias completely rejected his leave and buried himself in work, of course he explored possible avenues for a cure that his father would have needed, he didn’t want others to suffer from what his father had. Matthias truly lost a piece of himself the day his father died, part of his morality, part of his soul, vanquished. He wanted to help people, but he understood that there must be sacrifice, nobody knew of this dark-side Matthias developed, safe to say it was unhealthy. He cut himself from anyone he could afford to, including his mother, he kept working at a furious pace. Chapter V Matthias heard of an expedition to South Zagoria, a remote country below Russia, he went to Oscar and requested a place on the team they were sending. Oscar, against his better judgement and knowledge of Matthias’s “depression” thought his help would be invaluable. He shipped out to Elektrozavodsk, a city in the Southern part of South Zagoria. He arrived on the 11th of July 2017, his half birthday, halfway to 28 years old. Matthias didn’t even bother to tell his mother he was leaving, he would later feel deep regret and angst for such a stupid action. Matthias simply worked on what he was told during the expedition, he had little drive, his loss was overcoming him, soon he would have some drive, after all he’d need it to live. Soon the infection set in, and the entire team in the city was put on high alert and eventually they were ordered to disband the operation and evacuate to the city ports, Matthias was unable to make it and this resulted in him being separated from the group. Once he realized no other team members had reached the ports, he fled the city due to the violent looting and rapid collapse of society. Matthias made it his primary goal to locate other members of the Synaptic Foundation and figure out what to do, but above all, he needed to survive.
  2. The Disarmament Act of December [Open Freq]

    *Darren picks up his radio and an angry voice booms* "Whoever the pussy was that said I wouldn't come down to the airstrip and tell them to fuck off in person, decided not to show the fuck up. Good luck enforcing your rules with me, you'll need it."
  3. The Disarmament Act of December [Open Freq]

    *Darren picks up his radio with an impatient frown* "I distinctly recall someone inviting me to the airfield and voice my concerns. What kind of host ditches his guests? I'll be waiting."
  4. The Disarmament Act of December [Open Freq]

    *Darren smiles* "On my way..."
  5. The Disarmament Act of December [Open Freq]

    *Darren laughs as he holds down his radio button* "What? You think people can't massacre everyone because of some shithead said no automatic weapons? I feel like with all the supposed power you authoritarians got, you'd know that nobody fights fair."
  6. Computer giveaway

    Does JimRP know how much I have always loved him?
  7. AMD Ryzen?

    I will guide you to this Reddit post asking a very similar question but also give my two cents. The Ryzen series competes with most newer Intel CPUs on most levels, most notably single and multi-core strength. DayZ, until .60, relied mostly on CPU and most of your GPU was not utilized, this however is not the case anymore with the new Enfusion engine. With this information, although a good CPU is still important, we could reasonably say that a GPU's use is normalized like with most other games, where the GPU is more important. Even though this does not answer your question, this will, I run an i5 4690k and R9 390 and have 60 FPS when travelling almost anywhere (Novodmitrovsk gives me trouble though I will admit), so it is safe to assume that a Ryzen 1600 (better than my CPU http://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-4690K-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-1600X/2432vs3920) and a 1050 Ti (better than my GPU http://gpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Nvidia-GTX-1050-Ti-vs-AMD-R9-390/3649vs3481) will run the game at a very smooth framerate and high-ultra settings for the most part. But, remember, it is DayZ and even with very good hardware it is bound to have issues like FPS drops, crashing, etc. Anyway, just my two cents, hope it helped.
  8. Improving Hostile Initiation Rules?

    See, although I see what you are saying, there are a few inherent problems. For the first one "You must have some sort of weapon that will look threatening towards a person (i.e - a gun, or melee weapon)", It seems to make sense at first, then you realize, what if a person is hiding in the bushes and simply wants to trick you into giving them your things without being in any real danger. A rare occurrence I understand, and to some it seems counter-intuitive to RP or is NVFL but I won't go into depth about that. The second rule "You must be visible to the person you are initiating on so they know who and why they want to initiate on you." although like the last one it seems logical, it is slightly biased towards victims and I'll explain why. Say I have a Ghillie suit or some sort of camouflage, since that rule is in place, it prevents me from actually utilizing it to gain an advantage. Another example which is similar to my first one about the first rule you mentioned, what if I'm simply hiding in the grass or bushes and you can't see me? You have no idea where I am so it is unlikely you will try to retaliate, giving me the upper hand, by putting such a rule in place you would be giving the victim an easier time while also disallowing people to plan certain aspects that can be key to a successful ambush or trap. In my opinion, rules should be unbiased towards any type of RP within reason and I feel the current rules do a good job of that, keeping it fair for bandits, survivors, and heroes alike.
  9. Darren Larkins

    Part I- The Beginning Darren Larkins was an army veteran having served 2 tours in Afghanistan. He joined looking for purpose in life and to gain lifelong skills, but he discovered that the army was no way to live a life of luxury. Darren began doing shady things shortly after his 1st tour, doing black market dealings for other soldiers, getting them beer, drugs, and smuggled cigars. This got him connections with some higher ups and eventually he was able to convince them to promote him if he continued supplying them with the black market items. However, his success was short lived, once one of his superiors decided to give reason for investigation by showing the wrong people some “frowned upon items” he got from Darren. He was indicted shortly after Darren’s second tour ended. After that incident Darren thought it best to return to civilian life, not only in an attempt to avoid being caught by investigators but also in an attempt to start in the business of illegal drugs, guns, and money laundering back home in the U.S. His plan, to become a rich kingpin, in which he would then retire and live out his life in the tropics doing as he pleased. Part II- Civilian Life Once in the states he had to start his business again, no connections, no help. Darren started by finding a nearby cannabis supplier and bought 20 kilos, it was a start, an expensive one at that. After that dealing, he drove down to Miami, a large lively city where there was a plentiful amount of buyers. A couple weeks later his supply had diminished and he had made a handsome profit and he was now ready to move into the laundering and gun business. However, his selling of the cannabis, gained him some unwanted attention from his competitors. A week later he was jumped, and realized that he needed some protection so he decided to buy a pistol and 200 rounds from a nearby store. Darren made one mistake though, he didn’t rid the gun of its serial number. He started approaching local businesses and offered them his money laundering services most declined but some accepted and paid him well. Now that he had some passive income for his services he could move into the weapons industry, of course it would be illegally. He arranged a meeting with a local black market dealer and bought 5 AR-15’s, 3 Glocks, multiple suppressors ,and other attachments. But as he was leaving a squad of police showed up and arrested the dealer. He tried to sneak away to his car but was seen by an officer, he pulled his gun and began firing, the entire police squadron opened fire, he dropped his gun and ran…. Darren got to his semi-luxurious apartment and packed his essentials but then he heard 3 loud knocks and the words “Miami Police, open the door!”. He no choice but to surrender. They had tracked the purchase of his pistol back to him because of the serial number that he didn’t remove. Part III- Sentencing 4 Months passed, Darren was put on trial and sentenced to 24 years in a Florida state supermax prison for the following convictions; Assaulting an officer of the law with a deadly weapon, sale of illegal firearms, attempted murder, sale and possession of narcotics, and one that the prosecutor managed to scrounge up enough evidence and witnesses, barely, Racketeering. Each charge earned him more and more years but the judge gave him leniency due to his service in the Army, not knowing about his black market dealings. The judge told him that he would be eligible for parole after 12 years of his sentence was completed. Part IIII- Prison And Chernarus For 7 years, Darren trained and trained for there was nothing else he could do, and nothing else that would help if he was attacked. For 7 years he ate, trained, and slept. Waiting for something to happen he didn’t know what he wanted or what to do except simply wait. Soon though strange things started to happen, the guards were sometimes panicked for what seemed like no reason, sometimes they left the courtyard unattended allowing for fights to go down until they returned, again, panicked. Shortly, prisoners began to talk about bomb threats and the increasing number of domestic terrorism cases. Darren wasn’t concerned just yet. After six weeks of panicked guards and gossiping prisoners, an evacuation was planned and all prisoners were loaded onto buses, being transferred to other supermax prisons. While Darren was boarding the bus he saw one of the guards wandering just outside the fence, he did not recognize this guard in particular though. Soon guards rushed off the bus and Darren heard the radio a guard had left on the dashboard giving the description of the guard he did not recognize saying he was part of a local militia group that had been marked as domestic terrorists. Only the driver was left on the bus, he seemed nervous he bit his nails and started to sweat as radio chatter became more and more frequent. BOOM! The bus tipped and it’s glass shattered, at first all the prisoners who weren’t injured or killed were simply dazed, then they all started to hop out and make a dash for the nearby wilds. He fled to a nearby town, He knew the police would be looking for him and wanted to ditch his clothes as quickly as possible. Darren had family in Florida, his goal was to get to them as fast as possible. He found a Prius parked in an alley and stole it. Darren drove North towards Jacksonville, a suburb nearby would be where is uncle Tom lived. Tom gave Darren fresh clothes and some money but urged him to leave quickly. Darren to this day does not know what Tom did with his prison clothes or if he was caught. Soon Darren realized he would need to flee the country, Canada would not do, he needed a place with no extradition, a place like Chernarus. He went all the way to New York in his stolen Prius and found work aboard a cargo ship headed to Chernarus, once they were in the harbor he would ditch the ship. That was a fatal mistake. Once harbored in Berezino Darren left his crewmates behind, the cargo ship left without him. He found work on a farm far inland near Pustoshka, the pay wasn’t good due to his lack of Russian but it’s all he could find. He managed to get here after the civil war but unfortunately right before the outbreak. When the outbreak first started in looted like the rest of the population, then once the stores, electricity, water etc. all ran out he simply roamed the land looking for supplies. Darren aside from gathering supplies, actively finds paths that survivors, in small numbers, like to take, so he may spy on them. He chooses to hinder or help these survivors based on his needs or how he observes them. Darren will never wear the same outfit for more than a week for he fears the survivors he has hindered (robbed etc.) may come back for revenge.
  10. @Lucifer233's (Nixon Motley) POV: (Basically all the OP said is correct) We were roaming around Severograd when we were warned about a firefight being imminent. Me, @Sleepyhead, @Jamie, and Daniel (one of the suspect's allies) jogged to the East when we heard shots extremely close and directly South of us near the school, we all dashed North towards the quarry. Shortly after arriving at the quarry, Alojz (@Jamie) split off to go make sure our friend( @SmashingMedal) was alright as he was near a large group at the apartment building just Southwest of the quarry. Whilst Alojz was off doing that, me, Elyse, and Daniel watched the school from afar from the rocks in the quarry, we then attempted to go deeper into the quarry but Daniel turned back, we pursued until eventually giving up. Our entire group, some time later, established the city was safe enough to return to, we all regrouped just West of the main RP hub of the city (the pub). During this time things were a little tense between everyone, both groups (our foes and ourselves) were uncertain of what would happen, we both continued to watch each other until we were eventually approached, they asked for directions and we answered to the best of our abilities'. Later on, after giving directions, our what would be foes returned to the pub as did most of our group, we began making fun of their outfits, poking holes in their words, and overall making them look like laughing stocks. After getting fed up with insults they attempted to leave throwing a few insults on the way out (almost the only time one of them decided to speak), both me and Alojz started going after them harder due to their insults towards Elyse in-particular, I personally got in Jonah Blank's face. After forcing them to apologize, Jonah Blank asked me if I wanted a hug, I took offense to this but my words were not as quick as @Sleepyhead's initiation on the 3 men. Our foes were greatly outnumbered and after about 5 seconds of being surrounded with guns pointed at them, without any warning or words, they all opened fire simultaneously, killing a few of us (including me), but were then all promptly gunned down by those that remained.
  11. Nixon Motley

    Youth Nixon Motley resided in Duluth, Minnesota for the majority of his life, he lived a normal life, not one of great wealth or power or anything exotic really, but one of community, friendship, and family. Although his upbringing and relatively normal and happy life, he was very insecure, no matter what subject, sport, or activity or how good he was at them. He could never shake the feeling that he would ruin it for himself or screw up and become embarrassed. This harmful quality would haunt him for years to come. When he was eight he joined his elementary school’s Football program, he developed exceptional skills as a linebacker, and would continue to play throughout his youth and into high school. He was so skilled that his junior year of high school, he was offered a scholarship to the University of Minnesota. Although this seemed like a blessing, it would cause him extreme anxiety and panic attacks. He continued to worry that if he messed up the scholarship would be pulled off the table and his spot on such a prominent college’s Football program. In order to alleviate his worry and anxiety, and in an attempt to guarantee the acquisition of the scholarship, he began taking Steroids to beef up and ensure an edge of his opponents. His career in Football was just beginning in his eyes, Nixon could see himself going pro, making millions. All was well, his team was on track to go to the state championship, unfortunately for Nixon he wouldn’t be going anywhere near there. Right Idea, Wrong Execution However, the University of Minnesota scouts became suspicious of their possible candidates and wanted to ensure no doping was occurring. They told Nixon that he would be required to take a drug test for the scholarship offer to remain. He agreed, hoping that the lab tests wouldn’t detect his drug usage, but he could feel his anxiety returning, his grip slipping away as if someone was beating his hand with a hammer and for the pain to stop he would simply need to let go. Before the lab tests were concluded, Nixon quit the team, and let go, his grades and physique simply went downhill, his anxiety and panic attacks returned, he fell into a deep state of depression. He saw a way out of his miserable life though, something that would alleviate him of his sadness, he began smoking pot, then onto hard drugs, like Heroin and Opioid pills. An Uphill Battle For two years he tortured his family and friends, he wouldn’t apply to college, not that any would accept him at that point, he would constantly shoot up in the house. His brother, Xander, met a girl named Evelyn, the two were married, Xander had two children, Elyse and Desmond and his brother was doing well for himself. However, Xander was constantly worrying about Nixon, never knowing if he’ll get the call saying his brother has been hospitalized from a drug overdose. So Xander, with his silver tongue and way with words, convinced Nixon to go into rehab. The next year of his life would be the hardest for Nixon, he was going through withdrawal, but slowly recovered from his addiction to Opioids and Heroin. After rehab, Nixon got a job at a local grocery store and rented a small log cabin near Lake Superior, just a few miles North-East of Duluth. He remained at his log cabin for a few years before his life would change entirely. Blood, Spilled He deeply cares about his brother Xander and his family, and feels he owes a great debt to him, due to his help with his own drug problem. Granted, when Xander wasn’t working he could normally be found still smoking pot out of a bowl or sitting on his porch smoking a cigarette, some habits he just couldn’t kick and they seemed fine to him compared to Heroin. When news reached him of Xander’s wife, Evelyn, and her murder, Nixon was truly devastated and did whatever he could to help his brother and his children. Eventually, Xander revealed a secret to Nixon, that he was eating other humans, and feeding the same meat to his unknowing children, Nixon didn’t know how to react, but through Xander’s silver tongue and Nixon’s debt to his brother, he did not intervene and was convinced it was not a bad thing. A Fresh Start Xander could not remain in a house his wife was murdered in any longer, he couldn’t stand the town anymore. Xander wanted a fresh start for his children and of course, their loving uncle to help watch over them and protect them. The two did their research and wanted to live the quiet life, a small town, trustworthy neighbors, although Nixon was thinking moving to the remote midwest but Xander wanted out of the country. A few weeks later they packed their bags, booked a flight, and landed in Chernarus. Upon landing they proceeded to pick their car up, and drive to Berezhki. On their way Nixon forced Xander to stop for cigarettes as customs refused to let him in with his own pack of Newport’s. Unfortunately, a new start, meant a new brand of cigarettes European and large Russian brands dominated the industry, “not even Marlboro’s” he thought to himself. So he grabbed a brand called “Ziganov” and a lighter, hopped back in the car and off they went. Their home was a small log cabin similar to the one Nixon had been living in on Lake Superior. Most neighbors know basic English and most shopkeepers are fluent, the stores have a small selection of brands but have most everything the family needs. However, due to the nature of the small town, both Xander and Nixon understood they must pace themselves on how much human they all ate, everyone knows everyone, one person going missing is a town tragedy for everyone. Granted, one day, everyone would be in on their “human operation” which was eventually called The Vale of Shadows. The family remained in the small town for 12 years, except for Desmond, who was sent to boarding school in Electrozadvsk when he was eight. A Brother Lost On January 8th, everyone knew of Xander’s now psychotic behavior, although Nixon tried to downplay it. After coming off work and walking through the door, Nixon would understand the magnitude of his brother insanity. He came home to a body, two teenagers, Elyse and her best friend, Alojz. Elyse, as she sobbed and Alojz comforted her, explained what had happened, Xander was abusing her and almost killed her, when Alojz and his father Danil, came in and stopped him, this left Danil crippled. A storm of rage came over Nixon, he grabbed the metal stick used to arrange the firewood while it burned, lunging at Alojz, blaming him for his brother’s death. Elyse jumped in the way and calmed Nixon. Nixon to this day has never fully forgave Alojz, although he acts as if he did. The Outbreak To be written as character develops….
  12. Official Mentor Program [Accepting Mentee's]

    Your IG Name and what are you interested in learning about (Hero RP, Survivor RP, Hostile RP, Hostage RP, Group RP, General Knowledge)?: (Darren Larkins) Mostly Hero RP however I would also like to learn a bit about military RP to compliment the hero side. What Timezone are you from and what time's do you usually play? EST or GMT -4 How were you directed to the Mentors thread (Word to- mouth, friends, report verdict, forums)? Forums If you had to judge yourself and your Roleplay. What do you say you do best and what would you like to learn about or improve on? I do best at hostile roleplay but would like to expand my horizons beyond that and learn the tactics of a hero so I am not restricted to only certain kinds of characters.
  13. VAC Ban Blacklist

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/a43dd771fe42263d638b863cd7af4276 https://gyazo.com/5eba6389b4c272c29a3c1e139411ed34 Why the verdict is not fair: My VAC ban has now exceeded 365 days (one year) and i would now like to apply to whitelist. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I may have cheated in the past but I have good roleplay experience and no longer cheat in video games. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My unblacklist so I can play on the most populated RP server in DayZ What could you have done better?: Not cheated in the past