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  1. Fil Vandren

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Alright. Well. Last thing I'm gonna post here. Nitpick the hell out of it if you wish. I just think that maybe there should be some times when there isn't an army storming peoples' places. I thought the idea of just having some of your boys hang back on occasion was nice, but I know that you'd have just said "Why would we do that?" so I put it in a sense that would be more feasible. Clearly that was not the case. Sorry to even bother to begin with.
  2. Fil Vandren

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I also never said every firefight. I'm not trying to enforce anything or be a jerk about it. I just think every now and again maybe some of the big bads should be recovering after fights....doesn't have to be every small scrap they get into....I'm not the best at explaining things, sorry if it came off that way...
  3. Fil Vandren

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    Most people do, you'd be shocked. Unless it's a completely bullshit shooting (I.E. KOS, RDM, etc), I've witnessed dozens of people who actually RP out being injured and trying to recover a while. Everyone can't be forced to do it I know, but it's just a suggestion to ease up a tiny bit on the people that you all initiate on, as it gives them a sense of success since you guys are the "big bad guys" and all...you know? Also, a small note. I didn't mean during a firefight rping out the whole thing. I meant after. Like...for example: Say I was in a firefight, I got shot multiple times until I saw the "You are dead" screen in game. Instead of coming back the next day fully recovered and fine, I would take a few days, or even just a day or two away from initiations and combat to 'recover', and then by that point reasonably get 'back on my feet' and continue with my life. Easy. I just think of it as a way to make it a little more enjoyable for people they initiate on, as it would mean more fair numbers to go up against should they fight back. Instead of having the entire legion move in, some would be recovering and thus make it a little easier to fight them.
  4. Fil Vandren

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    I thought this community cared about realism. And I only used that round as an example, because if it were a 7.62x54, you'd be dead in one shot, whether from the impact, or the resulting internal bleeding/trauma. Even so, I just think that if they're shot in a firefight to the point of being "dead" (In game you are dead screen) then they should sit out on initiations for a while, because in real life if you get shot, you aren't gonna be running into combat again unless you're hopped up on a lethal dose of morphine and adrenaline.
  5. Fil Vandren

    Anarchy [Closed Recruitment]

    In the quote/spoiler above I have a slight bit of criticism, and I mean it as nicely as possible. I'm not being salty, I'm not flaming, I'm giving my honest thoughts on something.
  6. Fil Vandren

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    The explanation is appreciated, but not required. I was just curious, and that curiosity is buried now. I did not intend to start a major argument or ordeal out of this.
  7. Fil Vandren

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    Fair enough. I was just being inquisitive.
  8. Fil Vandren

    Capax Infiniti (Serious Recruitment Only)

    @Mexi, don't mean to sound rude...but why were you even watching a stream of another group anyways? Again, I don't intend to sound rude, I am just genuinely curious.
  9. Fil Vandren

    Lore Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Part 2 - Lost Thunder

    Ah, I didn't notice....that's perfect.
  10. Fil Vandren

    Lore Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Part 2 - Lost Thunder

    Just an honest concern I have. If I wake up one day to that kind of news, I won't be a happy boy and I'm sure many others won't be either. So I REALLY hope that target list is only lore factions.
  11. Fil Vandren

    Lore Event Series "Tipping Scales" - Part 2 - Lost Thunder

    Seems like it'd be a fun event. That being said....if an actual player group got their hands on it, I fear it being used to basically screw over anyone who is their enemy....I do hope that the list of targets if a group takes it for their own is strictly against lore factions or something of that sort. I'd rather not hear one day that my group's home got hit with a chemical warhead and we all have to perma or suffer from it.
  12. @Exio I hope you recover soon, Doc. @TiviylScratch It was fun being sick around you. Thanks for the help. @Kriss Blade Thanks for the new gun, you'll be rewarded when I can manage it. @Empress Julia Sweet dreams. Enough said. Thanks to anyone else not mentioned. So many people were around today that it's hard to keep track of all the names!
  13. *A woman's voice comes through on the radio, speaking calmly and slowly* "My head is doing fine, thank you. Left me with a pretty badass looking scar and a fun story about how someone decided to be a coward and have mercenaries to face me. You and the rest of those people are pathetic. And also, I happen to like the police force and the locals, I'm only rude to people if they make me be rude, buddy." *She releases the PTT*
  14. Fil Vandren


    *After hearing most of the broadcasts back and forth, Sara pushes down the PTT, speaking in a Chernarussian accent to mask her voice* "With all due respect, I have found most of CDF and other military forces to be quite inhospitable and rude. I have heard and witnessed people being insulted, harassed, and treated like trash over not being native, or for being of certain descent. I have even heard tale of people with russian heritage or even partial russian heritage being spat on or at, being called many vile names and even being attacked by CDF soldiers or similar militant group. Perhaps you should invest more time in disciplining your men and keeping other military forces whom you work with under control and less time trying to run safe zone." *She releases the PTT*
  15. Praying mantis style fighting...sadly doesn't work well with a combat knife...