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  1. Fil Vandren

    Testing a new map on S2

    Do I spy an oil rig on the satellite map?
  2. Shriek is one of the enforcers that has been sent in by Corporate in the wave that was called in by Stone a little over a month ago to provide some relief to the men already on the ground. He has never been to Chernarus before-- besides a few fly over's he did in some helicopters traveling to other countries in the region. Shriek is smart and resourceful, he's quick thinking on his feet and that's what's kept him alive in situations in the past when time and time again he finds himself in a dangerous scenario. Shriek's preferred weapons include the M16 amongst others, but he uses various load outs based on the OP hes being sent on. Stone and Shriek have worked closely together in the past, where Shriek was on Stone's security detail. Shriek also did a brief stint working directly under Spore as security detail, but he requested reassignment upon witnessing the brutality of Spore, which was granted at the expense of a pay cut for 12 months. In his mind though it was well worth it. Shriek has no real idea why they are in the area of Chernarus, but he knows that as long as hes here-- hes going to do his job, and do it right. THIS CHARACTER IS KOSABLE YOU MAY KILL THIS CHARACTER AT ANY TIME This Character is ALIVE
  3. @FireDude and @Mademoiselle once again, props to you guys for making my day yet again last night!
  4. @Mademoiselle And @FireDude you guys made my day today! Thank you both!
  5. *Sara presses down her PTT* "Yeah, Tiv is fine....we sorta moved out west in the country and found a nice place to live....he's there, and I make very frequent trips there and back...to keep up with news here and obviously keep him company so he doesn't lose his mind or something.." *She releases the PTT*
  6. *Sara presses down her PTT after hearing a very familiar voice* "Elizabeth? Never thought I'd hear your voice again....thought you and the rest kinda scattered....you don't gotta worry about me getting at anyone's throat....not sure how long you were listening, but I've honestly dropped most of the bitchy attitude....at this point it's more being hounded by the people who only ever knew me as such a person...and don't care to let me redeem myself....but uh...nice to hear you're still alive..." *She coughs for a moment and releases her PTT*
  7. *Presses down her PTT* "Are you deaf? I stabbed the sword into the top of his grave where it belonged, and it was STOLEN from there. Last time I wandered up that way to pay my respects, the sword was gone...hell....the grave itself was mostly dug up.....at this point I'm willing to believe Old Eli wasn't quite dead...and just got his own ass up and out of the grave with his sword." *She releases her PTT*
  8. *Her radio comes back after a moment* "God damn biter knocked my radio of my hand...and boy...that sword wasn't Ken's. It belonged to my friend...Eli Vaneslow. The man Ken wrongfully killed and stole the blade from....you think Ken engraved that thing by himself, with all of his lack of time being hounded by those freaks back then? I don't think so....." *She took a moment to sigh, once again more like a wheeze than anything* "Besides....even if you wanted it....I stuck it back where it belonged last I had it...in Eli's grave.....last time I visited it the sword was gone....so.....someone took it.......have fun trying to find a specifically engraved sword in this entire region...let alone the entire country out west......talk of that aside.....I get that I fucked up...made a lot of mistakes and caused a lot of trouble....but people change....cut me a break on this "she should be dead" shit....isn't it proof enough to you people that someone else called to get me help? I've made honest friends....met some nice people....tried my damndest to mellow the fuck out.....only even visit this region anymore to keep up with what's going on....husband and I live far out west in the country..." *She releases her PTT*
  9. *Sara presses down her PTT, slightly coughing for a short moment before speaking, her tone sounding dead and weak* "Well....aren't those some rather familiar voices.....first off, I have no clue who you THINK it is....but I don't know about anyone's brothers' sword that I stole....think you have the wrong woman there....unless I was smacked out of my mind on booze and god knows what else.....secondly.....I haven't seen or heard from Beth in ages.....a shame....but.....all of you who decided to just instigate.....should just drop it.....I already got myself charcoal....may not be iodide...but I'm pretty sure it'll help enough.....a week of pain doesn't add up to nearly a life of it I've already dealt with..." *She takes a moment to listen for something, falling silent. Anyone listening could hear a small wheeze followed by her voice returning once more* "At this point...I'm shocked anyone is alive who knows me....even moreso people who insist upon being radio warriors toward me......I've all but lost interest in starting fights and being a nuisance like I was.....not that I care for forgiveness...but many from around Novaya before it was attacked can testify.....I'm nowhere near as bad as I used to be.....sure....still a little weird....a little....whacky.....but.....I never caused anyone any serious harm....had some laughs with them....and-" *Her radio cuts out*
  10. *Sara presses her PTT, her voice light and sounding weakened* "I....don't think I can make that walk....too tired.....can hardly....move..." *There is a small sound as if she collapsed and her radio goes dead*
  11. *She presses her PTT* "Gunshot....infected heard me and decided to say hello......I uh...got finished cleaning up....should I worry about it lingering in my clothes? Was in a 'too tired to move' state when I heard the drops from town...must've been out for hours in Novaya before I woke up and felt like shit....still kinda do even after cleaning myself....can't find the doc here at the air field.." *She releases her PTT*
  12. *She presses the PTT once more* "Found a new radio....old one was freaking the hell out....heading southways now....what's wrong with the north? *She releases the PTT for a brief moment before pressing it once more* "Hearing reports of radiation.....am I gonna die?" *She releases the PTT once more, a loud bang heard a moment prior to it*
  13. *Sara presses down her PTT, after which loud coughing can be heard to all who listen* "To anyone who c-" *The radio cuts to static for a moment* "it" *static once more* "Novoya...my body is bur-" *Her radio cuts out entirely*
  14. Nice to see ya again, Blue!
  15. Eli Vaneslow was born into a rather luxurious life, his father having owned many successful businesses around the world which allowed his family to draw in large sums of money and live very comfortably. By no means was he "born with a silver spoon in his mouth" as they say, but he lived a very enjoyable young life. As life went on his father had begun to train him for the role he'd soon take on, this is to say the manager of the many businesses and companies his father had come to own. The worst stroke of bad luck had plagued Eli when he and his father took a flight to Chernarus, a country at war for a business deal with a few new companies and investors that could only further their wealth and brighten their lives further. The first few days were not so bad, but after a while they had heard reports of and even witnessed an outbreak of strange, rabid-like people. Needless to say, Eli had fled once most of those in the city, including his father had turned and eventually found safety in a large community of other survivors in a large factory area somewhere to the northwest of South Zagoria. The people were generous and kind to him, but asked one thing of him which was to take out supplies and bullets to other people who may be surviving out in the country.
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