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  1. Thanks @TiviylScratch for that amazing joke, man! Thank you to @FieJaxon, @GreenySmiley, @RogueSolace, and everyone else for everything today, it was fun!
  2. *She depressed the button once more* "Well, you sound alright in my book, but as I stated, do any of those things...and well......I'm sure you have a good quote for your headstones, right alongside those communist pricks. No offense, of course....but if you do 'slip up' and cause the wrong people trouble....there's been armies raised to kill off bad organizations before...." *She releases the button for a moment to take a quick pause* "I may just be interested in joining you all in some fashion or another, if you don't mind an old mercenary's help, of course....all I ask is that my friends and close allies be left alone, and obviously you treat me fairly should I join you....in other words, don't be a bunch of sexist pricks to me because I'm a woman mercenary and not a housewife...." *She releases the button*
  3. *Sara hears the transmission, luckily spared of the noise due to listening on an earpiece, and after it is over, she presses in the talk button upon it* "I'm not exactly sure what to make of this....besides the rant-like speech you have provided, Mr....uh..whoever....I just have one true concern and thing to bring up. I have no problems with a new government, but if you're like those black fangs and communist bastards, coming in here trying to steal my armaments and hurt my friends...well all I can say then is, you won't last long...." *She takes her finger off of the talk button*
  4. The Death of Ken Mendenhall (Open Frequency)

    *Sara sighs, hearing the broadcasted message and presses down her PTT, sounding calm* "It's....unfortunate to hear this...not because I am upset over ken's death....more or less upset that I wasn't there to see it.....don't get the wrong idea and think I wanted him to die...but with all I had been through with and around him..I'd have at least liked the privilege to see him go, and perhaps have told him my final goodbye. May he rest in peace....even though, like many who see acts of evil as any form of good, he will most likely end up in hell....poor bastard....he's gonna have to deal with Eli again for the next eternity....karma's a....well...you get the point." *She takes a deep breath and sighs once more, releasing the PTT*
  5. Sorry (Secure Frequency)

    *She presses down the PTT* "No, Luke. If you have a problem, take it up with your black fang pals, or better yet those damn traders in Vybor. You betrayed my trust, I'm done with you." *She releases the PTT*
  6. Sorry (Secure Frequency)

    *She hears the message and sighs, pressing down her PTT* "You let me down, Luke. I have no reason to care about someone who drops their friends on a moment's notice. Why the hell should I even care about what you have to say?" *She releases the PTT*
  7. *Sara hears the radio message, picking up her own radio and sighing softly as she presses the PTT* "I don't see the point in all of this.....sure people need to know the symptoms and such...but I heard prior mention of some kind of gas that renders them unresponsive? That to me just sounds like nerve gas..as the infected are still 'alive' in a sense........I hate to burst your bubble, Miss....whatever your name was....but if you release that stuff, it's going to probably kill every single person that walks into it. That stuff, if it attacks the infected and renders them as such, would that not also mean that anyone who happens to be carrying the infection or is otherwise immune with it in their body would also suffer?" *She takes a short pause, and a deep breath* "I may not be a doctor or any form of researcher like you, but from my understanding, you all just developed a potent nerve gas that could potentially kill the immune or anyone else who may unknowingly be carrying the infection within themselves. So, in theory, you're not only killing or otherwise thwarting the infected, but you're also potentially killing many more who are unaware of the infection within themselves. All in all, it sounds like you, that is to say, the UN and WHO, are just cutting costs to kill this infection, and not worried at all about the potential risk to non-turned individuals." *She releases the PTT*
  8. Commonwealth is dead [Open Frequency]

    *Sara picks up her radio, pressing down the PTT, her voice sounding weak* "So....Mr. Man.....since the government collapsed and such, does that mean that I can have my rifle back that you and the commies stole mere moments before they turned on you? Hell, I know I was rude to you, but that was only because of the heat of the moment, and the fact that I hated what they were doing to me at the time. It'd certainly be a gracious kindness of you, and I may even find a good way to repay you in return for my gun and mags back...if you even still have them." *She releases the PTT, hoping for a decent answer*
  9. Fil Vandren

    There's not too much to really be said about me. Just your average man in a suit with a lot of money and a mostly boring life. Many people consider me to be some form of liar, cheat or fraud...personally, I consider myself very lucky. It's not every day that you get to own an entire casino chain in Vegas, making a fortune each day from unlucky saps who are low on their own luck, and dumb with their expenditure of money. The corporation aided me with that....the same corporation that took my sister...twisted her into a monster....I do feel sorry for her sometimes....but in return for her, our parents were given a fortune. Sad to say they didn't get to live long to spend it, only took around 8 years, and she was back....and pissed. I guess I was lucky that I stayed on her good side for as long as I did, as she spared me. I used the money to invest in a casino...took a long while after that, but it grew, and grew....and as of today, it seems as though I made a very great decision. I will admit, it was boring to have it all at my fingertips....but I do miss it, seeing as in place of wealth and luxury, I have a cold, desolate shithole to wallow through...full of rabid freaks, nutcases....and overly demanding self-righteous narcissists masquerading as soldiers and trying to impose their corruption. I gave up my pleasant and boring life to find my sister....those mercs said she was sent here....but I see no trace of my beloved monstrosity of kin.
  10. Buck Taska

    Where should I begin..? Well...I was born in Ohio on the nineteenth of November in the year 2001. My life up until now was nice...I had a good few friends...enjoyed my time in school even despite its difficulties at times....and generally liked the life I had made for myself. That is, until....well.....my parents had asked me if I wanted to come to this country to meet some distant family members we had who lived here. I had told them yes, because I thought that it would be fun. I had always gotten along the best with my family and the friends I had, and so I saw it as an opportunity to have some more people to talk to, even if it was only over a phone call or an email. Three days later we boarded a plan to Chernarus, and I was excited, I had known about the small conflicts going on around the country, but I was told that the family mentioned prior was in the south of the country, far away from most of the conflict. When we had finally arrived it was a pleasant few days, I had met my distant cousins and we actually turned out to like many of the same things. After about 4 days, there was some kind of military quarantine established in the city, new spreading of some kind of infection and subsequent riots, violent attacks....that sort of thing. My parents had went to the airport we arrived into the country from only to find it full of these people with something...wrong about them....they ran at my parents and tried to attack them...but my father...being a police officer, at least in our county of Ohio, always carried a gun. When they had gotten back, they looked traumatized and had told me and the other members of our family about what had happened and that we had to leave immediately, and that something was very wrong. My father said to avoid anyone who looked sick, and that we did....we spent days trying to find a safe place....but most of the soldiers we encountered either tried to...kill us or were already crazy...mad...rabid...whatever is wrong with them.... After a week of searching and trying to keep ourselves away from the crazy people, we arrived at a house with a storm shelter under it that looked abandoned. By that time it was down to just me and my father....my mother.....my cousins.....their parents.....they all...they....became like the crazy people, violent, sick, corpse-y looking......My father said we couldn't bring them along anymore. Go forward about two days...my father came back...bleeding from his wrist.....gave me his gun, his leather jacket...and the camera we used to take pictures...and told me that he had to go...for soon he wouldn't be himself....I don't understand what he meant....I haven't seen him since that day....and I'm still searching tirelessly for him....
  11. What Ken and Everest think of Hotspots

    I think our new discovery is a perfect home.
  12. @Dvlinhb FOR SPARTA! I really enjoyed that while of chatting, man. It was quite fun and interesting RP I'd say, if a little strange.
  13. Operation "Gorka Gun Drop"


    I do hope the influence in the trade region doesn't mean that my (Eli's) ammo and firearms business will be obstructed.
  14. I do not unfortunately have any footage of this ordeal.
  15. My POV on the situation I had just (re)-arrived at Svetlojarsk along with @Loscham and had RP'd out setting down "unconscious" @Saints and then a man showed up, crouching down and ranting in an incoherent manner, the only thing that I could make out is the phrase in classical latin "Deus Vult" meaning "God wills it". Other than the one statement I found coherent, the rest was just a blur of random incoherent nonsense. I had tried my best to just play it off as Eli would, however I did find it to be very trolly, annoyingly so even. After a little while of attempting to communicate with the man, I had gotten tired and logged off.