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  1. *The radio bursts to life with the young but deep voice of a man* Uh...lets see....is this thing on...? Right....well in any case, greetings to anyone who is listening...my name is not important at the immediate time. Only one thing is important at this moment, and that is that I have decided to take on...or rather hire...some mercenaries and/or bodyguards, as the country and its many residents have proven to be difficult to handle alone. I am looking for ex-soldiers, current mercenaries, and just about anyone who is trustworthy that has a good amount of combat experience, precisely two or three of such people. I am not however looking for some greenhorn spouting off about being a soldier but not knowing their MOS or other such codes, nor a random screwball looking to get paid. Speaking of the pay, I am a major scavenger, and good at finding just about anything, all you must do is name your price and I can most likely get my hands on it. Within reason of course, the price to hire you must be reasonable, I cannot, and will not for that matter bring a truck full of guns for one man, that would be ridiculous. *The man takes a quick pause to cough a little bit before taking a deep breath and continuing* I had also touched upon loyalty...and as such I expect loyal guards, I do not want a gun aimed at my head when my back is turned. If anyone who fits the bill wishes to be hired, contact me here on this frequency, I will keep my ears out for any responses, and to anyone who has listened, do consider my offer, and stay safe out there. *The radio falls silent as the man releases the PTT*
  2. Eli Vaneslow

    Eli Vaneslow lived a fairly typical life growing up. He made friends and enemies, had both fun and sad moments, and excelled at most of his tests and school classes. It was upon his 23rd birthday however that his life truly changed for the better in his eyes, but the worst in truth. On his 23rd birthday, he was given a large inheritance from his grandparents in the sum of nearly three and a half million dollars, which in itself was an amalgamation of nearly their entire lives worth of extra money thrown into a savings account and pumped up with interest to ultimate become his 23rd birthday surprise gift. The only question remained in his mind, what was he to spend it on, if anything..? Well, he had simply decided that he would use it to live a normal life, the only exceptions to which being expensive clothing and other such articles of vanity, and buying into cars and guns. He had spent the next four years spending the money on his dream cars, guns, and outfits before deciding to take a vacation from his life in the U.S., so he hired a private jet service to fly him to Japan. However the only stops before then would be refueling stops in neighboring continents/countries. One of said stops was on the northeastern civilian airstrip of Chernarus (South Zagoria), however a few hours into the plane's refueling, a large horde of people had stormed the airfield, causing utter chaos as they ravenously killed and devoured all that they could get their hands on. Eli had fled from the airfield as fast as he could, never looking back, in the hopes that the 'rabid' people weren't following him. (This is all for now/the start, I may update it with more based upon story arcs and occurrences in game.)
  3. The Establishment of a Community [CLOSED]

    *A woman's voice comes through on the radio* "Uh....hello.....I heard what you said about a community forming.....I think I may be of some use.....we can talk qualifications and expertise upon meeting....if we do meet....and as for who I am...well, I'd like to keep that to myself...at least in terms of radio chatter.......either way, I am interested and on my way to the meeting point mentioned earlier..." *She releases the PTT, her voice falling silent*
  4. Black Water [Open Frequency]

    *He presses down the PTT* You mercenaries are worthless.....truly worthless......I was ready to offer a large amount of armaments and ammunition I have stashed away...but suit yourself......I know she is not dead......I'll find her myself......was pointless to even mention it..... *He releases the PTT*
  5. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    Thank you for being understanding. This whole issue has really caused me strife. I just hope with the right amount of convincing, others will also take the same mercy you have on my situation here...
  6. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    @evanm23 No, not shroud. It was another guy. I had reported/warned him for the comment he made. He literally called my character trash OOCly in an IC forum section.....Shroud was at least nice about it, and stayed IC and such. Anyways, @Shroud, would you agree to the terms? I will roleplay out what happened from the execution, and all you have to do is wipe the after-execution stuff. Namely the extra shooting and perma stuff. Sound alright to you..?
  7. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    I think we have it just about resolved @Rolle, I will agree to roleplay out that the execution and stuff still happened (As I have been anyways, with the bullet scar from it and such), and we'll just cut the after-execution stuff out, namely the permadeath stuff and the extra shooting of my character.
  8. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    Yeah, read my last comment if you haven't already @Shroud, I'm not an unreasonable guy. I just want the stuff after the execution to be wiped. (The extra shooting and perma stuff, mainly). The rest can stay, I actually liked it.
  9. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    Yeah, the execution and torture was great, that can stay. Just wipe the permadeath and the shooting after the execution and such. Just say she was stripped and buried immediately after being executed. That'd literally cut out like 2 minutes of RP.
  10. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    @Ender I'll explain in a PM, not half infected, I'll say that ahead of time.
  11. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    I mean...one of my characters is hunting the other/wants the other hunted down (My way of generating some interesting hostile RP for myself). the character being hunted is the one who died to the accidental perma rights and was forgiven by ender and allowed to be played still, but on every IC radio forum post I make with my one character talking about the other, there's always one to three people who storm in and argue with me over it......they can't just let it go and make a false memory for their characters of the event to spare my RP. On one of the IC radio channels, one guy even went so far as to go OOC in a STRICTLY IC radio forum just to say my character is dead, and that it was a sucky character. The guy LITERALLY BROUGHT OOC HATE of my character to an IC radio forum just to get to me because he couldn't drop it. Eh....anyways......all I can say is.....this situation is really putting me on the spot and making me consider stopping RP on the server...at least for a long while...... People keep bringing up the character being shot after execution thing and getting so critical that it is giving me a headache like you wouldn't believe.....I just really hope that when this system is put into place...it'll help or even fully prevent this kind of thing from happening...I myself am already doing so by making sure to say "Yes to execution, no to perma" whenever someone asks for rights....mainly for less confusion and less people drowning me in my mistakes...
  12. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    I understand that, and I suppose it is a rather stupid thing to rant over...but it's the part where people clearly saw that Ender stated I could keep playing my character, but valued their RP too much to make a small merciful exception for me and spare my RP, even when they found out clearly that it was an accident. The part that's eating away at me is the fact that people CLEARLY SAW ender's response to the post I made regarding my accidental granting of rights, but they all still, even to this minute, won't give me a break and wipe it from their character's memory, because they value their own RP over an accidental (and first) death of my character.....
  13. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    Well, that's nice @Red, but tell that to 12 or more people who won't give it up. No disrespect intended....it's just a topic that gets on my nerves....that whole issue was solved by an admin, but people still don't drop it...
  14. A rule to solve an issue I have witnessed and suffered from.

    I had accidentally given perma rights to someone...not a story I feel like getting into. The verdict of a conversation between ender and I ended out with him stating I could still play my character because it was accidental, and a warning to be careful next time, as it will have to be a full perma then. NOT WHAT I WANT TO GET INTO THOUGH The purpose of this is to prevent something that they shouldn't have done either way, whether I had perma'd or not they should not have unloaded on my character's corpse. That ruins any chance of my character coming back and basically forces me to perma no matter what, because for IC reasons, I cannot have survived it. (Even though that character is still walking and talking just fine, as I stated before, ender and I resolved that, and apparently the people who watched that all happen didn't read his verdict on that situation.) Even if it is included in the powergaming rule, I would still like it to be a separate stated rule. Because it seems that this whole situation is just.....well....a mess, resolved or not, people still bother me IC and OOC with the fact that my character was shot 30 times after death. This is simply to make it so that I don't have to force-perma my character whenever some guy shoots my corpse 30 times after I have already respawned, which is completely unfair, witnesses or not. (I'm ranting again...aren't I..?)