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  1. It's fucking purple and green you idiots
  2. Ahh the media really did overblow it. Our main paper came out at 2pm yesterday with front pages saying ISIS, 13 hostages, this is the beginning etc. when those facts were not known. As information comes out the bomb threat were not real, he was a lone wolf with 40ish sex offences on bail, outcasted from the muslim community. He was very unprepared. 2 hostages died and that is horrible but a positive is that at least he was this lone wolf. Reports say he isn't linked to ISIS so thats pretty disgusting that he tried to sell it as if it was their attack. People have been good about making sure we don't become ignorant, remembering that ones actions dont reflect the whole religion, country etc as seen by the twitter trend and just general reaction on social media. But then some of the idiots who i know, just typical ignorant australians have already started their "I hate religion" facebook statuses and all that shit. People will never learn.
  3. The terrorists are trying to speak to our prime minister on radio, thats what they are trying to achieve. Nothing much has happened but now they people are saying there are 4 packages around sydney, one at the opera house and one at a hospital found but they were nothing bad. I was just out shopping and people have been posting that suspicious packages were in the centre (30 mins away from the centre of the city) so everyone is freaking out now. I think the whole package/device thing was just them bluffing, trying to scare everyone and gain power. Police fucking everywhere now. Lets hope this will work out. Stupid news channels gave out the location of snipers which was stupid.
  4. Yeah all my family in the city have been pretty much locked to their buildings. Hope this works out but the chances of no one being harmed are slim, very slim. I don't know if you guys are familiar with the cronulla riots, but I hope things like that don't start happening again.
  5. Andrew

    Official CS:GO Thread

    "a good builder never blames his tools" I ain't blaming sheeet, I'm happy cycling through the MG ranks By then i would have probably got new equipment haha. Christmas soon????
  6. Andrew

    Official CS:GO Thread

    "a good builder never blames his tools"
  7. Andrew

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Well faceit came out in australia. Constant frame drops and lag, games full of nova 1's (just joined a game with a guy who had 5 hours on his account and got like 1 kill). Played a game against a supreme and got beat, to find that a guy on our team who had 5 kills was an lem. I joined faceit thinking that i will test it out for a game because i will be so bad (nova 4) but everyone is low novas except the odd few as stated. Feel bad for the globals and shit who want to actually play with a challenge but i think they go straight to the ranked leagues after 3 games or some shit.
  8. Andrew

    Official CS:GO Thread

    the silver luck is real ( I want to unbox a knife pls
  9. Andrew

    Official CS:GO Thread

    cz tap headshots are so ez though. If you try to aim with it, its okay. But I always use the p250 on eco rounds anyway. CZ can still be effective, you just need to properly aim now and be at a closer distance (no spray and pray) IMO
  10. Andrew

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Tbh the new train feels like it could have been made by the same guys especially in the a bombsite
  11. Andrew

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Opened a case after like 20 mins of having the operation and got the glock grinder which was not too bad. Unfortunately all my other skins have lost a fair bit of value but whatever that was expected. The new maps aren't too bad. I enjoy season, finally got to play it (I imagine most of you would have on esea and stuff already).
  12. Andrew

    Official CS:GO Thread

    It's mostly Aus MM. I mean that's possible if they had lower ranks as well, but as an LE I've been paired up against Globals way to often. Our communities just too small, gotta get used to it. To be honest the standard of the mge's has been quite low in comparison to some of the european guys here on rp. Im worried that one day if i hit mge i will get put with le's haha. I had a guy on my team yesterday who was an le trying to rank up his friends nova 4 account. He only hit about 28 against mg2's which i thought was a little strange
  13. Andrew

    Official CS:GO Thread

    Is it normal for nova 4's to play against mge's and dmg's? Maybe it's just aus matchmaking and a lack of players.
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