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  1. How do I write a ban appeal?

    Sorry, I am a little confused. Where do I post this ban appeal? To the admin that banned me or a forum area?
  2. How do I write a ban appeal?

    I got banned, for a reason I don't understand. Apparently having one underage friend and asking a question about it on the forums means I have more underage friends and I must give the names, which frankly, I don't have any other than the one that got banned. How do I write a ban appeal? Anyone?
  3. Unfair ban?

    My apologies, if I'm writing a bit off, I am tabbing in and out of game checking replies, I have met others and game that I assume to be underage. /closed
  4. Unfair ban?

    As I said before, he was the only one that I can confirm. Though it is roleplay, I have met other people IC that seem to sound like underage. I do not have any connections to them, just encounters.
  5. Unfair ban?

    My question here is answered, thank you all for your time. I will inform my friend of this. Thanks everyone though.
  6. Unfair ban?

    I'm of age, I just wanted to clear this up for my buddy, I did miss that age requirement in the rules and so did he, sadly he fell a victim to this.
  7. Unfair ban?

    I only have the one and he got banned.
  8. Unfair ban?

    One of my friends got banned for being underage, yet there is no rule against being underage, he is also fourteen, I know others that are younger and don't have any issues, I just find it unfair? If anyone could shed some light on this that would be great.
  9. Your worst death in Dayz?

    Infected pushed me out a two story building, straight through a wall.
  10. New Survivor

    Hello everyone! I just submitted my whitelist request and I hope to see you out there.