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  1. Born in Orlando, Florida. Mike grew up in a horrible family with both parents being alcoholics and smokers. He also had a rough childhood full of lies and deception from friends and family. He mainly took jobs which kept him away from home for long periods of time to escape the harsh reality of his relatives. At the age of 21, to get away from all the issues he suffered back home, he bailed on his hopes for collage and left for Chernarus. After nearly a year of organizing a home and job, he worked as a small-time, local farmer and hunter in his shoreline town. That was until the outbreak.
  2. Okay, I have said my part. I've been honest with you. I'm not trying to make it sound like I'm sweet talking you but, I really do love the DayZRP servers. Game play was nothing like I've ever experienced in other survival games. It really makes DayZ a great game. Also you've been nothing but polite, fair, and just with what you've told me. I see the reasoning behind things that you've said, I may not agree with it, but I can understand your reasoning. I'm only in this situation because I was lazy and didn't watch what I wrote. Either way, you're the admin here. Its your choice to keep me banned or let me back in. Thanks for being a great help. Edit: Jesus it really does sound like I was sweet talking you
  3. Look,, what I wrote was a mistake, the only underage person I know is SyMaX (steam username) and he already got banned. I was playing on your servers at the time and wasn't watching what I wrote. I am being honest. If you want I could give you the names of the people I play and you could ask them of their age. Also when I said played with underage people I mean encounters not actually playing with them. IC encounters. And I did not memorize their names. I wasn't aware of the age limit at the time. Why else would I have made the forum post.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I can see where I went wrong, It is quite obvious now. I corrected myself later on when someone quoted this and I corrected what I intended. I corrected myself later in the forum post claiming that I have met other players IC and I assumed that they were underage. I am not friends with any other people that are underage, someone could contact them and ask if necessary. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The only underage person I know (which I found out because he said he got banned for said reason) was banned. I do not know of any other underage people. I just want to make that clear What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Even though I haven't played a lot on the DayZRP servers (maybe about 70 hours now) I love the experiences on it and would love to continue these adventures. Also my lesson has been learned: Don't type forum posts without 100% focus or you will screw something up. What could you have done better?: Focused more on what I wrote or this wouldn't have happened (not saying that;s a bad thing, its a good lesson to be taught). Also reading the rules more in depth. I understand the basics of the rule but I must have over looked the age part, or else I wouldn't have made a post about it.
  5. Sorry, I am a little confused. Where do I post this ban appeal? To the admin that banned me or a forum area?
  6. I got banned, for a reason I don't understand. Apparently having one underage friend and asking a question about it on the forums means I have more underage friends and I must give the names, which frankly, I don't have any other than the one that got banned. How do I write a ban appeal? Anyone?
  7. My apologies, if I'm writing a bit off, I am tabbing in and out of game checking replies, I have met others and game that I assume to be underage. /closed
  8. As I said before, he was the only one that I can confirm. Though it is roleplay, I have met other people IC that seem to sound like underage. I do not have any connections to them, just encounters.
  9. My question here is answered, thank you all for your time. I will inform my friend of this. Thanks everyone though.
  10. I'm of age, I just wanted to clear this up for my buddy, I did miss that age requirement in the rules and so did he, sadly he fell a victim to this.
  11. I only have the one and he got banned.
  12. One of my friends got banned for being underage, yet there is no rule against being underage, he is also fourteen, I know others that are younger and don't have any issues, I just find it unfair? If anyone could shed some light on this that would be great.
  13. Infected pushed me out a two story building, straight through a wall.
  14. Hello everyone! I just submitted my whitelist request and I hope to see you out there.