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  1. Share your "Seriously?" moments

    this just happened to me today. I was playing dayz, I had quite good loot but I got bored and decided to find someone to play with. I went to the dayz discussion on steam, pressed "looking for group" section and found a guy. I chatted with him, we made a call, he seemed to be friendly, but he was quite far away so I had to travel a distance to meet him, but eh, what the hell, I was just happy that I found someone to play with. So we met, as I understood he actually had a group and they said that in order to play with them they will have to check my blood time if anything bad happens and also my inventory. For the sake of "safety" he told that he will have to tie me up. I thought what the hell, maybe that's just some kind of roleplay of his, I dunno, so I agreed. He checked my inventory, shot me dead and blocked me on steam.