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  1. My character (Binky stabij) is a 19 (Born 11-12-1997 in Enschede) year old vetenairy student living in the east side of The Netherlands, Due to studying in the UK and developing his English communication skills people are likely to think he is actually british. News broke loose that there was a zombie outbreak in Chernaurus, Binky didn't think much of it, infact all he could think about is a cool roadtrip to Chernaurus. So Binky managed to join a group of 5 people that we're going to chernaurus to check it out. They went on a big road trip starting from The Netherlands all the way to Chernaurus, Kamenka. Ariving at Chernaurus we noticed a big road block and a millitairy camp, We all had to get out and show our passports and ID's but they wouldn't let us through the border. We realized that this wasn't going to work and we backtracked for a couple miles. Binky and Howard were talking about maybe camping on the side of the road for the night as it was getting darker. So the group decided to stop along the road and get out, set up some of the tents, make a fire and wait the night out. Binky and Howard were talking about sneaking out the camp during the night and trying to cross the border, since they knew it would never be allowed they decided to go alone, they were obviously not thinking of the consequences but all they wanted to do is get into chernaurus and see what is going on. Everybody was fast asleep, Binky & Howard made sure they would be in the same tent, so they wouldn't wake anybody up. When they were sure that everybody was sleeping they managed to grab their bags, and pack up they sleeping mats. It was too risky to pack up the tent but Howard remembered seeing a gas station on the map, they could sit out the night there. And so Binky & Howard followed the road, but making sure they were in the forest for a couple miles till they could kinda see the lights of the outpost. We noticed that along the fence someone already cut a small hole and we decided to go through it, easy enough. We made it through the outpost pretty easily, we we're quite distanced from the outpost. After going through the forest for a bit we realized Howard was right, we noticed the gasstation. Binky, being the unresponsible man that he is realized they we're gonna have a hard time surviving, they're no longer with the group and didn't really bring alot of food. He doesn't really know Howard, and he thinks Howard is weak. Having this going through hes mind he made the following unconsious discision. Howard: "Woa Binky, this is some pretty scary **** in there, it's completely abandoned." Binky: "You're **** right my dude, I'm definitly not going in there first, m..m-maybe you should go first you know, to check if it's safe." Howard: "U..u.uhm i don't know man, maybe we can just sleep outside under the trees, atleast it's not raining and we have thick clothes." Binky: "You'll be fine, i'm sure theres nobody in there" Howard goes around the back of the shop, he notices the door is open. Binky thinks: "You know. maybe i should tests hes strenghts, see if hes capeable to actually do this kind of thing, whatever we're doing anyway." Binky is right behind Howard as he puts one foot in the store. The moment Howard sets foot in the shop, Binky sees hes oppertunity and puts hes foot in front of Howards in order to make him "trip". Unfortunatly there we're broken racks on the ground from the storage room, Howard falls to the ground only to have hes head pierced by a piece of the broken rack. Binky immediatly realizes what he has done, he doesn't think for a minute and runs to the forest as fast as he can, not looking behind, and making way to much noise..
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: I got banned for having a suspicious steam account and i'd like to know what sparked the staff members curiosity. See Additional statement. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I've got a fairly average steam account, with hundreds of hours in Dayz and other games. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To get a explaination why the staff member in question thinks it is a suspicious account, and ultimately get unbanned. What could you have done better?: I have no idea what i could have done better if i don't know why i got banned for this reason in the first place.