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  1. Invalid UUID

    Alright I'm in. Hey thanks! <3
  2. Invalid UUID

    Can't talk on mic right now, sorry. How would I do that? It only allows me to go higher up. It's at 11 now.
  3. Invalid UUID

    Says I'm running the latest edition. Damnit what could be wrong?
  4. Invalid UUID

    The title of the thread, perhaps... I already tried a new identity.
  5. Invalid UUID

    Yeah, was that like an automated message or something? Like, you didn't really read my message? Not trying to be an asshole or something but I literally just said that it gives me an Invalid UUID error when I copy the UUID from my TS3 DEFAULT identity.
  6. Invalid UUID

    I'm trying to sync my TS3 with my DAYZRP account. Yes I'm using the default identity on my teamspeak. I've tried everything
  7. what up bruverinos

    dang this place is way more active than other dayz RP forums. makes me feel pretty warm knowing the dayz community isn't dead <3