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  1. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    More pvp for rp?

    Yeah, if only people actually roleplayed their injuries, maybe, but as it stands right now, people who are injured or killed in firefights just run around like they came out fresh out of the clone factory. It's good to dream though.
  2. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    [Game]Rate The Persons Avatar Above you

    The best Fallout, New Vegas/10
  3. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    More pvp for rp?

    And there are people who's OOC hate is ruining the community. To those people I say "Hopefully, when you grow up, you look back and feel petty, childish, spiteful and immature"
  4. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    Cheesecake Appreciation Thread

  5. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    More pvp for rp?

    What we need is people being willing to roleplay out hostile situations instead of literally jumping the gun and shooting after 2 seconds. I want to see people having heated arguments on the side of the street and have it develop into something, instead what we get right now is "you looked at me funny"/"you look like someone who did something"/"I don't like your hat" *initiates and kills everyone*. You get NOTHING from this except the same people bragging about it later on the radio shitter (pun intended). ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    DayZRP Guitarists!

    I play guitar and drum and I've been told I can sing too. This is the guitar I currently use. I play anything from The Beatles to 30 Seconds to Mars and other current bands.
  7. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    Interview with a Community Member: Genji

    I've never met you but you sound like a chill gal, now I want to meet you. Nice interview, 10/10 IGN
  8. SomeWeirdAssGuy


    I usuall soft but I can also can be hard and stand up for myself. At least I'm not uptight and full of shit.

    I can be a dick, but I'm not an asshole.


  9. SomeWeirdAssGuy


    I get that you like to socialize, but the point of the discord is to be a tool for staff support and to facilitate official groups communication. It doesn't need to cater to your "goofing around" needs, there's plenty of other ways to do that.
  10. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    Password doesn't work

    Title says password, post says passphrase, that's why I was asking for clarification.
  11. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    Password doesn't work

    You're gonna have to be more specific. The passphrase is for the whitelisting process, the password is to access the server, which one are you talking about and what is the problem?
  12. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    A different post-apocalypse, fast forwarding in time

    I'd prefer to have a lot more of this And a lot less of this Also, cannibals would actually make a bit more sense in this setting. What I hate about cannibals is that people are only playing them because the supported mechanics are integrated into the game. How many cannibals did we run across during the mod days? Not a single fucking one ever. So why so many cannibals now? Because it's in the game? That's a lame-ass excuse. And Russian/Chernarussian communists who claim control of the region over bullshit government assignment, it's so over-done it's cringy and borderline a meme at this point. Let's all just be people with actual survival needs, fears, goals and moral ambiguity. Right now you can assess someone in about 10 seconds of meeting them, this one's a campfire survivor who doesn't PvP, this one's a badass Russian communist who initiates on everything that moves, this one wears a mask so he's gonna try to kill me and then eat me, it's so fucking boring.
  13. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    A Formal Apology

  14. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    [Game] Catch someone looking at their own profile!

    Haha, fucking loser...
  15. SomeWeirdAssGuy

    A different post-apocalypse, fast forwarding in time

    I'd prefer a really gritty barren setting, so I'm all up for this. If it was possible to reduce ammo and firearms spawning so that using a bullet to kill a man would actually mean something, instead of people having 8 stanag mags each with a decked out M4.