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    From the album: Deer Isle

  2. OldSchool

    Bring back increased stamina?

    I go around with a main rifle, a handgun, plenty of ammunition and cooking supplies and tools and I'm at about half stamina. It still lets me get around and jump most walls. If you want to wear a plate carrier and triple carry assault rifles and snipers, you should pay the price. I think increasing stamina would really only benefit hoarding, I don't think it's needed at all.
  3. OldSchool

    DayZ announcement

    DLC. For an unfinished and still broken game. Better be free or they can get literally get bear fucked.
  4. OldSchool

    like, yknow, nyah! >:3c

  5. OldSchool


    Didn't mean to get the guy perma'd. Didn't know he was on final and just wanted them to know what they were doing was breaking immersion, would've dropped it, but it was solved too quickly.

  6. OldSchool

    Problem starting game with new MODS

    Sometimes mod downloads are corrupted. If your error states a specific mod error, try to repair it or remove it completely and re-download it.
  7. OldSchool

    S2: Troll RP in Stonington - 23/09/2019 ~20:45 server time

    Server and location: S2 Stonington Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): ~20:45 Your in game name: Tobias Krieger Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Don't know Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was looting Stonington military compound when I came across a man I met earlier somewhere else in the city. He already came across as trolly the first time I saw him, speaking tentatively in ebonics but with no real accent, just saying "wagwan" pretty much every sentence. He also used the megaphone when I was not with him to scream things I couldn't comprehend. I left the compound and him and the other guy that you don't see in the video started using megaphones to communicate, when they were obviously right next to each other. The rest is pretty self explanatory as can be seen in the video. The video is short but that's all Shadowplay gave me after I pressed the shortcut to record after it happened. The trolling happens mostly after 3:15 but you can hear him repeatedly say "wagwan" in the beginning just like he did when I first met him.
  8. OldSchool

    Deer Isle is dope

    Took down about 90 in the industrial part of Stonington just before the server crashed. No I didn't count them, but I one shot each in the head for 3 AK74 mags worth. Fun times.
  9. OldSchool

    DayZ announcement

    I'm half expecting this announcement to be them stopping development and giving it to modders. Yeah you could say I lost faith. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. OldSchool


    If you wear cowboy clothes, are you ranch dressing?

    1. Zero



    2. Samaritan



    3. OldSchool


      I'll take that over a lol any day.

    4. Samti


      LOL :trolle:

  11. OldSchool

    Nerf Dex

    The injector is balanced as it is a single use item, but the pills are just overtuned. I'd say make it a pills blaster type with maybe 5-10 uses max.
  12. OldSchool

    Invalid Character Page

    I've been asked by staff to update my character page with the information on how he got into Chernarus. The reason provided for this is as quoted "having details such as this in your backstory is a way to keep from breaking immersion for not only yourself but anyone else you speak with. If you ever forget something you have told about your character's past you would be able to look back and be able to tell the same thing you told another." But my character does not know how he got into Chernarus, so how is this relevant? First off, since when is it mandatory to have this information on a character page, I've looked through the rules and nowhere is it mentioned or even hinted at. Second, WHY? I feel like this pointless zealous crusade's only goal is to waste both the players and the staff's time. My character has Dissociative Identity Disorder, his main personality is almost completely repressed and the information that I'm being asked to provide IS NOT AVAILABLE TO MY OWN CHARACTER. I feel like I'm being forced to clutter my own character page with useless information, despite there being no rule or mention anywhere that it is required. This information would not be able to be used by either me or anyone else because my own character does not have it, so why is it required?
  13. Tobias "Krieg" Krieger was found as a stowaway, wounded on a cargo ship that docked in the south waters of Chernarus, a few months before the infection reared its ugly head throughout the lands. He was promptly admitted to the nearest hospital to treat his wounds. Efforts were made to find out what had happened to him and the reason of his presence on the cargo ship. He had no official papers, nothing to identify him, no phone, no way to contact anyone who might know him. His incoherence and erratic behavior quickly forced the authorities to admit him to the Storozh complex, helped by the fact that he had broken the law by boarding the ship illegaly. He would spend days banging his head on the walls, screaming and raging, trying to bend the bars to his cell to no avail. Official records from the prison management reveal that he had to be confined due to keeping other inmates awake at night, speaking nonsense and claiming to be innocent. During one of those nights, he presented himself as Tobias Krieger, an American of German descent. Seemingly more cooperative than usual that night, he was allowed a writing pad and a pen so that more information could be found about him and is whereabouts on the island. His wrists and ankles secured with chains, this is what he wrote down before shoving the pen down a guard's throat and letting out a bloodcurling "KRIEG!" that could be heard on the entire island. This is the last official record from the prison files, no one really knows what happened to Krieg after this night. After South Zagoria was ravaged by the infection, Krieg roamed the lands, unleashing his rage on the meat puppets that would cross his path. He would mention the "crossbar hotel" to random strangers he came across as being a place where he made many friends and had the best meals in the country. Obviously his general demeanor scared away most sane people, until one fateful day he was found by a group of strange people wearing helmets. He offered to share the meat he had ravaged off a few four-legged fleshbags on the side of a hill. They came to meet again a few times over a few days. Whether it was morbid curiosity or actual fascination, they allowed him to stay in their company and adopt him as one of their own.
  14. OldSchool

    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Some Chernarooskis are trying to impose their will on Deer Isle, we could use some good old strong-arming and intimidation. Hope you will consider paying us a visit. Welcome back.
  15. OldSchool


    Hell yeah.


    1. Crim



  16. OldSchool


    I wasn't lying when I said this is how I spent my nights in South Zagoria.


  17. OldSchool

    Remove Mod Watermark?

    Voted to be changed to the website logo because to be honest, I'm quite biased since I made it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. OldSchool

    A Discovery - Interactive Lore Post and Quest

    THIS is what the community needs. Sadly I've been playing on Deer Isle in the past weeks but your post actually makes me want to hop on back on Chernarus. I'll be looking forward to more of this. Thank you for doing this.
  19. OldSchool


    Typical South Zagoria wedding.


    1. Watchman



  20. OldSchool

    What are you tired of seeing most?

    Oh god I've experienced this.
  21. OldSchool


    From my own experience, punching seems to have been used to bait an initiation more than anything else. If punching people isn't an initiation, you can just punch anyone with your crew waiting for a poor soul to say the words that will seal his fate. With a punch being an initiation, this gives proper defense rights to the victim instead of putting him in a situation where his only resort to stop hostilities is to put his life on the line and initiate, which is very backwards on a RP server, because we all know that as soon as the guy who got punched initiates, he'll be gunned down. Seems like an "easy loot" loop mentality, as demonstrated by this scientifically supported demonstration of a sample chain of events. 1-Punch random geared people who you'd like to loot. 2-Do it until that person initiates. 3-Have your crew gun him down. 4-?? 5-Profit
  22. OldSchool

    kick out no active character

    You have to set your character as PUBLIC, that's the problem right there.
  23. OldSchool

    kick out no active character

    If you haven't made a character yet, head HERE and create one, and flag him as your active character. Bear in mind that the character background has a minimum characters/words count, so try to be as thorough as possible. Good luck.
  24. OldSchool


    This is how I spend my nights in South Zagoria.


    1. Kenyi


      Wait, you're playing again?

    2. OldSchool


      Yeah on Deer Isle, join me. I'm never really gone dum-dum.

    3. Kenyi


      Hey, don't make fun of my abandonment issues. What's next, you secretly bringing back CBR on Deer Isle without our knowledge?

      Come back to the mainland pls

    4. OldSchool


      I'd like to be part of something like Cerberus but I don't think I'd ever manage to lead a group again. It was fun, but oh god the headaches. Also, I had been playing mainland from time to time, but I'm real bored with Chernarus so Deer Isle is just doing it for me right now.

    5. Kenyi


      Don't worry, us CBR remnants have come to accept(ish) that it's not coming back. And considering how it came to end back during mod, I can't blame you for not wanting to lead a group again either. Let's hope Deer Isle keeps interest for a while.

  25. OldSchool

    CLIP OF THE MONTH - Campfire Stories

    -snip- EDIT: Probably NOT the place to comment on clips, sorry.
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