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  1. Livonia in a nutshell


    1. Rover


      "Oh thank god it stopped raining."
      Thirty seconds later.

      raining kat dennings GIF

  2. This group could become the beacon of hope that some have been wishing for. To me that sounds like what I've seen hostile group do when they think no one's looking, but I guess we might've had different experiences.
  3. @TheGrinningJinx Was nice to have some good IC conversations going. Looking forward to develop this further.
  4. OldSchool


    you need white surgeon gloves
  5. May your layers go deep and your doom be exquisitely apocalyptic
  6. Leftover pizza for breakfast because I'm a responsible adult.

    1. RedSky


      I love leftover pizza breakfast day. Its the best breakfast period.

  7. I feel like I'm intruding just by commenting here, I'll be over there if you need me...
  8. Came by with some people from the Soup Kitchen, was glad to finally meet Iris @MrsSunshine. Thanks for the hospitality and the warm fire.
  9. Hi dad everyone wants, I'm the dad no one wants, welcome.
  10. HZJgWvc.jpg.d554c8cbda6ad9cac0659e26e77e9131.jpg

    1. Watchman



  11. It's Livonian snow, the best there is!
  12. Yo my man congrats!

  13. OldSchool


  14. Because a good amount of players form hostile groups that actively try (and succeed) harassing and running non-hostile groups into hiding or disbanding. Then after a while, when they've angered most of the player base, they archive the group, have someone else make another group, and do it all over again without any consequences to their actions because "they're not the same people". It's a repeating cycle that's been present for quite a while now, and no one does anything about it because it's still within the rules. I don't see it changing anytime soon.
  15. Let's agree to disagree. For someone that's either new or coming back from a break, to join a group before you even find your place in the current world seems like a surefire way of getting your style of roleplay restricted into a very specific way without being able to experience the full spectrum of what you're capable of. Go around and meet people for a good time, see what works or doesn't for you, then seek out like minded people in groups or not. Groups look like a great way to make friends fast, but they're also a good way of getting a lot of RP baggage that you didn't intend to carry.
  16. Too much potential for metagaming, and too much work for staff to update to make it useful at all. Not needed whatsoever.
  17. Don't fret about it, unless you're here to win an Oscar, in which case you should worry more about the paparazzi than anything else. Try to have fun, and forget about what people think, no one will comment on your RP unless you're trolling, or you're awesome, in which case they might drop a comment on your character page or profile. Get in discord and chat with people, you'll most likely find someone to tag long with. Good luck!
  18. I find this rule utterly arbitrary and ridicule. There's no reason why a depiction of a character that isn't a photograph shouldn't be permitted, as long as it is realistic and not anime or comics-like.
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