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  1. See I've had the exact opposite experience where some jerks were all up in my face because I only had a shotgun slung, and they quickly changed their tune when I wipped out an AK, so it goes both ways really. For realism's sake though, I agree that anything bigger than an AKS-74u, MP5k or UMP shouldn't be feasibly pulled out of a backpack faster than a slung weapon.
  2. Weeb'd myself because I felt left out.
  3. The idea is cool, but I voted no because I don't want to download a 1gb trashcan only to use the one non-expired sandwich that was thrown into it. Unless this can be rummaged for more lore-friendly decent additions, it's not worth the download.
  4. People constantly complain about the rain, what makes you think they'll be any different with the cold? X doubt
  5. When it's you first time ERPing...


  6. I don't think would fit with the current state of the lore.
  7. You make it sound like saline is somehow better than a water bottle or canteen, even though it's a single use item, I don't see how it's better than any actual drink.
  8. Having experienced RL events related to this, absolutely.
  9. Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I'll be visiting you guys for sure!
  10. I wouldn't mind but since Western weapons are being mostly eliminated, most of the mod's weapons won't be added to the loot tables.
  11. Like I said in my own "broken loot" thread, over %50 of sheds have a head lamp in it. But LoOt Is NoT bRoKeN.
  12. I'm sorry but the only thing I can think about right now...
  13. @PhoenixLR Our interactions are never long enough, can't wait to meet your peeps again.
  14. My new name.


    1. Whitename



  15. Screenshot_1.jpg.d70615ce370e1cb03c9425da5f4a798a.jpg


    1. Rover


      wat meme GIF

  16. Cerberus founder here, that logo on the door, oof. Here's some of my own.
  17. Next time I die, I will literally make it a point to fill my backpack with radios, ski masks and head torches.
  18. Thanks for all the information guys, very useful to have a little bit of knowledge of what's happening behind the curtains. Now I guess I'll just have to sacrifice some goats to the loot gods. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. Yeah, that ammo is way too common considering the gun is heli spawn only IIRC RARE.
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