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  1. OldSchool


    From the album: DayZ Chernarus

    Day moon
  2. OldSchool

    DayZ Chernarus

  3. OldSchool

    Zombies from Survivor Games

    That says nothing about the opinion of the players concerning zeds count. Some didn't play the map because it was unfinished, some didn't like that it was still in South Zagoria, others had different reasons. I left because of low population, not because of the harder zeds.
  4. OldSchool

    Zombies from Survivor Games

    That's one thing I liked about Deer Isle, players were more focused on the actual "plot" of the game which is the infected, and less on killing every person they meet because nothing else is a threat.
  5. OldSchool

    Official Petition to bring back the pink derringer

    Hear me out right? Ok. Derringer. IN ANY COLOR.
  6. OldSchool

    What are you excited to see most?

    I pretty much tag along anyone I meet, unless they rob me.
  7. OldSchool

    What are you excited to see most?

    Pretty much exactly me, minus the feminine charm.
  8. OldSchool

    Interview With A Community Member: Fae

    You changed your name from Genji to Fae. Real question time now.
  9. OldSchool

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. map for DayZ !?

    Yeah believe me it's the same for me.
  10. OldSchool

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. map for DayZ !?

    Got so caught up with the reference I forgot to say something about the map. As much as it seems cool, I don't think lore wise this is fitting for our community at this moment.
  11. OldSchool

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. map for DayZ !?

    Get out of here!
  12. OldSchool

    The fishing backpack...

    From left to right. Tackle Box - Fishing Net (wire+netting) - Water Bottle/Pouch - Tripod - Cooking Pot - Binoculars
  13. OldSchool


    Being old is so fucking cool.


    Came back to play this evening with my dinner plate in front of me, had to push my mouse further right and the keyboard further left to accommodate the plate. Slowly built up pulling a fucking muscle on my left side and it hurts like a bitch. #IShouldRetire

    1. Samaritan


      We need to make an old people's group. We could just sit around a campfire and moan about stuff. 

  14. OldSchool


    From the album: Deer Isle

  15. OldSchool

    Deer Isle

  16. OldSchool

    Toxic Zone Update

    I've seen on the patch notes that the gas is supposed to be invisible but I've come across 2 "random" clouds on Deer Isle and both were green and very visible.
  17. OldSchool

    Is theft big on the server?

    It's a role play server. In-game racism isn't directed at you but at your character. If you can't cope with that maybe this isn't for you?
  18. OldSchool

    Is theft big on the server?

    There's no way to tell when you find a base if the people are offline or just outside doing something else. Imagine having to grab staff every time you want to raid a base just to make sure they're not offline. You stockpile on loot, someone finds it, it's xmas day. Too bad you're the secret Santa. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. OldSchool

    Undaunted [Recruitment Open]

    Looks like I boarded the train at the perfect time.
  20. OldSchool

    Combination lock tie up?

    Not needed in the least. There's plenty of other ways to tie people up that don't have a potential for annoyance and wasting time.
  21. OldSchool

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    Server has existed for more than 3 months, I played there last year actually. Look I'm not gonna go through my e-mails and fetch my application acceptance just for the sake, you clearly don't wanna let this go so, you win, let's move on.
  22. OldSchool

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    Then it's been changed recently, I played there not even 3 months ago with the safe zones rules.
  23. OldSchool

    Add a general store / trader zone (NPC)

    They do, they have red zones which are PVP zones and green zones which are safe zones, I would know I've played there.
  24. OldSchool

    Toxic Zone Update

    I think you're right. If you already take the time to carry with you a full NBC outfit, have to move your gear around to accommodate, I don't see why they should deteriorate quickly. I know there's a medic bag that makes it easier but still, everyone's here to have fun.
  25. OldSchool

    Undaunted [Recruitment Open]

    They're really weird but they accept me for who I am. HYPE.
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