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  1. Anyone else noticed that something seems off with the item spawns? Now, I know that the tables were changed compare to the short period we had before the wipe, but I've noticed some things that seem anomalous or maybe even broken. Here are a few examples. Containers seem to have a ski mask spawn in them >%50 of the time, gas masks as close second, headwear seems to have taken over by %75+. Metal sheds seems to have a head torch spawn in them >%50 of the time. Pistol flashlights littering most military spawns. Shotgun shells are near-impossible to find. These pouches are nowhere to be found While these bags are literally everywhere I have also not been able to find a single backpack or backpack/belt accessory from the MSF-C mod. Can someone look into this and see if it's intended or maybe just broken? Surely seems really off to me.
  2. Good idea, but I heard from some of the staff that there's currently a shortage of 3D modelers in the dev team, so probably not feasible at the moment.
  3. Spent an hour on trails trying to find rocks because I was starving, only ever found one, then some good samaritan saved me.
  4. I carry a shotgun and I too have had difficulty finding more than ~20 shells.
  5. Seriously @Roland consider this being a bought perk I won't even be mad, it's eliti$m at its be$t.
  6. Stone knife seems like a slight QoL improvement.
  7. I wholeheartedly agree with this. There's way too much of "being a cunt just to aggravate with the intent of having a firefight", and not enough of "being aggressive and mouthy to create a feeling of imminent hostilities." I've initiated on people for being overly in my face and obviously trying to start shit, but even though I raised my weapon, it was never with the intent of actually killing someone. Hostilities that keep you on the edge of your seat are far superior in my opinion to the overused meme-like shit talking that only serves to get someone to initiate on you so your "unaffiliated" friends can yeet them in the back. That shit gets old real quick.
  8. Seems like a nice idea on paper but I don't see members leaving their group's discord to be forced into the official DayZRP discord when playing.
  9. Seeing as the community seems pretty split on this matter, this thread can be closed. Thank you everyone for your time and input.
  10. Just experienced a solar flare on the server, had been playing for a few hours, sky goes grey, clouds roll in, starts raining, five(5) seconds later BAM full on blinding sunlight out of fucking nowhere. Seriously, muh immersion. If you don't want rain, just disable it, but don't go changing the weather every time it rains, especially if it hasn't rained in hours. Like subscribe upvote add me on Instagram™ check out my OnlyFans and Patreon™, thank you for coming to my TED™ talk.
  11. I crashed twice in Berezino today as well, had never crashed since the lore wipe, or for the last year for that matter. Nvidia Intel Berezino x2 "STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION" crash both times, I don't know the code since I didn't take note of it and only saw this thread later First crash I was just talking to someone, no item interaction or in hand. The second time it happened as I opened a garage door IIRC. Might be worth adding that I hadn't crashed in over a year prior to this.
  12. Yeah I sound a lot younger than I am IRL which probably threw you off, unfortunately dinner called but I can't wait to catch up with you.
  13. To be fair they're not really a threat, don't get cornered by them, just lure them in somewhere and lock'em in there.
  14. Wipe ASAP. I already have to go around and look for essentials like bandages, compass and food because all of mine was stored in the removed mod's clothing.
  15. Can confirm that the most important programming tools are CTRL-C & CTRL-V.
  16. An unmatched feeling of accomplishment and God-complex. Maybe also a half-chub.
  17. Killed one with a full 75 drum mag just before the wipe.
  18. Like I said, I couldn't take down an elk with 6 shots of 7.62, or a boar with 4 shots of .308, I wish I had recorded it, and as the poll seems to indicate, I'm not the only one experiencing this.
  19. @Voodoo I see that you voted against this, as an administrator I would very much like your input as to why you think that passive wildlife should require 6+ shots of high caliber rifle rounds to take down. Thank you in advance.
  20. Yesterday, shot a deer in the face twice with 7.62, it ran away, I chased it, did it twice again (that's 6x7.62), lost it after that. Today, shot a boar twice with a double .308 Blazer™ shot, that's 4x.308, it ran away. Is this intended to discourage hunting as a means of getting food? Is it meant to make it harder for players to feed themselves? A ploy to get players to waste ammo so they can't PVP? What's the point?
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