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Characters Comments posted by OldSchool

  1. Fukken legend. I love the implied almost assured friction between our characters, but respect has been shown. Much respect.

  2. Holy fuck are you me with boobs? XD

    So many things about your character are similar to Skavy I can't even. Even the expressions you use in your description, "Ace up her sleeve". Top notch roleplay girl, very likable character, in a bitchy way. Can wait to run into you again.

  3. 12 minutes ago, HighlanderLass said:

    Its nice to see another civilian character, especially a muscian!

    Thanks! I've never played a soldier, I think they're too one-dimensional, I prefer playing civilians with broad ranges of perks and flaws.

  4. Just read some of your radio messages, I can totes hear her annoying teen angst in the messages like seriously. Keep it up, you're doing good.

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