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  1. Killing a hostage achieves nothing but inflate your e-peen and munitions for lit PVP RP montages.
  2. Honestly I'd just do it and take the ban with a smile of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing that I took one for the team.
  3. Kicking a member out who broke a rule after the fact doesn't remove accountability from the people who looked the other way in the first place, especially the ones who were doing it together. The group was force archived because the rule break was done by some and known by others who didn't participate. It's unfortunate for the members who didn't share a time zone and/or weren't aware of it, but this happened over weeks, not just once. Can't blame people for not wanting to be a snake though, a lot of people here have really tight bonds and would rather take the ban.
  4. Just my 2 cents... I'd say all members of a group need to be accountable for their group's actions. If someone in the group breaks rules and they just look the other way and do nothing about it, they are equally as guilty. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. This is exactly what I thought about when I first saw the lights in game and it got me seriously confused.
  6. 1-Cerberus 2-Gray Fangs 3-NFC 4-SDS 5-B-17
  7. Perfect source of portraits for characters. /thread
  9. If he was sensitive he wouldn't be advertising it in his forum name. Pretty obvious what's going on here but I don't even want to take the bait. Cherrio lads.
  10. Born in Israel, a young Sepher moved to many countries before his parents settled in what was Soviet Russia at the time. It was an era of uncertainty and chaos for many immigrants. Work was hard to find, integration was slow and arduous and being accepted by the locals took years. Eventually, his family and himself would be respected and no longer would they have to beg for work opportunities or equal consideration. Sepher spent most of his prime years as manual labor in many industries including metallurgy, operating farming equipment, illicit construction work, etc. He eventually made his way into the dark alleys of employment, working in clandestine alcohol distilleries, mingling with the Bratva, its members and operations. His dislike of authoritative figures made him a perfect fit for the life of the Russian criminal underground. He was also very talented with his hands, making him a valuable asset for fixing gambling tables and stealing from the distracted or drunk players. His first taste of the carceral system would come when one day he bit more than he could chew and was caught red-handed by a rival gangster. His friend Vadim pulled a revolver out of his jacket and shot the gambler without any more thought and everyone scattered as blood and bills flew off the table in a flash of crimson retribution. Vadim looked at Sepher, doubt in his eyes, and let out an almost silent "sorry". He presented the revolver to Sepher after wiping it with a cloth and turned around with the rest of the crew, heading out and away from the crime scene. Being the junior of all present, Sepher would have to take the blame and protect the rest of the Bratva from being included, this was his burden to bear. He was convicted and imprisoned, but he never ratted out his brothers or sold himself to reduce his sentence. The first time proved his loyalty, the subsequent incarcerations proved his commitment. In and out of jail, he was true to the Bratva and the Bratva made sure they appreciated his dedication. Years after years, his determination, hard work and strict work ethics rose him through the ranks until he made it to vory v zakone, "thief-in-law". At this point, his function mostly consisted of being the example to follow, coordinating other members, paying off bribes and influencing the police force. Until his retirement, he would reap the rewards of his labor and be respected and remembered by both the criminal underground and law enforcement system. When the infection made its appearance, Sepher was an old retired man drinking his days away, waiting for death to take him to the other side. He was still somewhat healthy, but tired and bitter, and surprisingly, bored. He had left the criminal world behind, but still in reach for the sake of the old days. Once a week, he would drink to Vadim who never had the chance to make it as far as he did, having died fighting in a territory war. The apocalypse gave him a reason to get back on his feet and live the rest of his days trying to make the best of the time he had left instead of just wasting his days away. And so he left his old isolated cabin in search of meaning and purpose, walking every roads, never looking back, and eventually making it to Chernarus, albeit unintentionally.
  11. Secretly meeting a friend IG for ERP.


  12. Was working from home, had to go back to the office. Losing time to commute and coming home exhausted. Barely got any time to do my shopping on the weekend. #sofuckingtired
  13. If solving a problem in a roleplay community entails having players that are better at PVP, the problem lies deeper than with the lore and/or factions themselves. As far as I'm concerned, anything PVP related should just outright be banned from even being mentioned in a roleplay community. There are countless options that don't involve left-cliking over another player, and from what I've seen there's way too much tunnel vision concerning options when interacting with other players.
  14. Lore and lore factions are nice don't get me wrong, but in the end if you don't let the players themselves run what is happening organically and restrain what they can and cannot do, and also the content that is inaccessible due to lore reasons, eventually the players feel like they're just an extra in some movie that doesn't even have any main protagonist or story to drive the narrative. Players need to feel like their actions and choices matter, else they feel like their time trying to provide immersive roleplay is just wasted to oblivion. I played 29 straight days when the new lore hit, and I didn't even bother to log in for the title on the 30th day because I already felt like things were going nowhere and just a never ending repeating cycle. IMHO, the server would be better off with a watered down lore with major points and others that can be vague or just guess work, so that players can actually build narratives with more open horizons. I also think that reverting back to "day 0" was a bad idea, everything is more interesting at least to me further into the apocalypse when people don't go around memeing with Facebook streams and Twitter updates, which I found didn't fit in at all and made a major part of the roleplay much less serious.
  15. Yeah but then you get "We caN't FinD aNyonE TO RoLEPlAY WitH wHy arE TheY hiDiNG?"
  16. That is a seriously fucked up thing to say, I hope that doesn't represent the staff team a a whole.
  17. #workworkwork #nofunallowed #tiredaf
  18. Wouldn't change a thing because people who'd get pk'd would just make another throw-away character that's basically the same character with a different name, who most probably has some kind of relation with their pk'd character so that they can justify getting back in the same group and do it all over again.
  19. I don't even know the point of removing the player count from the landing page when you can just use any tracker website to tell you.
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