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  1. OldSchool


    During earthquakes, coffins become big underground maracas.

    1. Xehara


      This is the quality content I miss.

  2. OldSchool

    Poll to remove Prison Island

    People go there to avoid RP, but it's close to players spawn and only has one way in. I don't see how this makes any sense. People who want to avoid RP trek North and into the wilderness, not close to the coast in a place easy to reach.
  3. OldSchool

    I miss DayZ Mod

    Rose tinted glasses. I tell you, reinstall the game and mod, hop on a server. I give you about 30 mins before you realize that it wasn't the game that made you think "those were better times" and that the reason it seemed like a better game was actually the people you were playing the game with, and the state of the community at that time.
  4. OldSchool

    • OldSchool
    • PaulB

    R U OK? 🤣


    1. DrMax



    2. Eagle


      Farm mode activated.

    3. Brayces


      I’m so ... ugh ... since when is activity worth more than being inclusive and welcoming in the community? Boiled down to a copy pasted welcome message set to repeat like a Alexa bot... I bet each person feels oh so recognized by staff of the new RP community they joined specially when they see the same message posted over and over to several different people. 

      It takes no effort to read a OP and pick up on something they’ve mentioned or bring up something you think the new player may be interested in. If you cannot create something better than a mass copy pasted message just don’t bother replying at all. 

      Being pandered to is somehow more insulting than being ignored specially when the pandering is out of self interest and not even concerning you. 

  5. OldSchool

    Welcome to Deer Isle

    You need better friends.
  6. OldSchool

    Back in style .png

  7. You have to untick that box that says "always keep my total playtime private ever if users can see my game details", that's how we find out if you have the minimum 10 hours required.
  8. OldSchool

    Vote Now! - DayZRP Loading Screen Contest

    I think @Ducky looks like what DayZRP should feel like.
  9. OldSchool

    Upcoming new mods

    All these mods make me go Especially the fast travel mod that was rejected by a vast majority of the members.
  10. OldSchool

    • OldSchool
    • Crim


  11. OldSchool

    Lag problem german player

    What you're describing sounds more like FPS lag than actual latency lag. I suggest maybe looking on the side of your system performance and hardware instead of internet connection. Lower your graphic settings and see if it helps for example.
  12. OldSchool

    A New Kind Of Doctor Group.

    Might want to rework or reword that, a placebo is an inert (fake) drug that is given, often use as control in medical studies. It has no therapeutic value whatsoever, and most importantly, placebos have nothing to do with diseases.
  13. OldSchool

    What weapon do you prefer?

    If there's few and I can take them one by one, a knife. If a place I'm looking to loot has 10+ of them around, I just get on top of a truck or something similar and use an SMG. I find that SMGs are optimal to clear infected, ammo is easy to find and the magazine capacity lets you clear many of them with well placed headshots without having to reload more than once.
  14. OldSchool

    Combat Logging addendum

    Yeah logically, those "logging in" would have been caught sleeping and would be dead already.
  15. OldSchool


    I agree that this puts us all in a bad place, but then again I've been tortured for information I didn't have that my captors where 100% sure I had because they thought I was someone else or that I knew someone I didn't. So I'm really on the fence on this, I get that torture needs to bring a very real element of fear, but in the wrong hands many could get executed for the wrong reasons.
  16. OldSchool


  17. OldSchool

    Boys Only Thread

    Hey just passing through. I say let the girls have this thread, boys and girls aren't that different. I'll be over there in the MEN thread. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  18. OldSchool

    Me and Yam and the 25 on route to end anarchy.png

    is this a screenshot for ants?
  19. OldSchool

    • OldSchool
    • lunathecat

    That is the cutest bongo cat avatar I have ever laid my eyes upon.

  20. OldSchool


    I agree. Recently I had an interaction with people at Green Mountain and a male who was standing there suddenly emoted *you see a child about 12 years of age* or something similar. My first thought was ok this is why he's acting so strange, my second one was well that emote should've come in way sooner because that's like vital information, and then lastly I thought he's by himself, acting shy and scared, how the fuck is he not dead yet? The situations just crumbled into nonsense to me when all the pieces were put together.
  21. OldSchool

    5 points - Flaming

    EDIT: Talked with ne_om, I choose to wear the points proudly like a battle scar. This can be closed.
  22. OldSchool

    DayZ Chernarus

    Day moon.
  23. OldSchool


    From the album: DayZ Chernarus

    Day moon
  24. OldSchool

    DayZ Chernarus

  25. OldSchool

    Zombies from Survivor Games

    That says nothing about the opinion of the players concerning zeds count. Some didn't play the map because it was unfinished, some didn't like that it was still in South Zagoria, others had different reasons. I left because of low population, not because of the harder zeds.
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