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  1. God: Let there be women

    Women: Cool

    God: But no pockets

    Women: What?

    God: Put your stuff in a bag lol

    Men: lol

    God: lol

  2. These changes to the wolves and bears seem arbitrary and unneeded. Wolves were well balanced and bears already took a full 30 AK mag to the face to take down. Also, I'm pretty sure no one asked for this or complained that they were too easy. The number of times I had to rescue someone from wolves or bears because they didn't have an automatic weapon, now even with one it's going to be impossible if you're a lone wolf.
  3. That's just sheer luck because you're not meant or even should be able to run one on each. Both your GPU and on board graphics can't work simultaneously, so the way you have it set up, your computer doesn't know which graphic acceleration to use, so it might run off your GPU and sink your performance because your second monitor is sucking your PCIe bandwidth (the connector of your video card) or it just defaults using all on board graphics, which also sinks your performance because now it's not even using your plugged in graphics card. TLDR: It's not meant to work and it's bad for your computer and performance. Definitely plug both into your GPU.
  4. You need both monitors connected to your video card, otherwise one is using the video card and the other is using your on board, that's why it stopped working after you disabled it in your BIOS.
  5. OldSchool

    dark corridor

    Delightfully creepy.
  6. Are both monitors connected to the back of your GPU or one in the GPU and the second on the motherboard's back panel?
  7. Won't hurt to try, else I don't know how much more I can help, I'm running out of ideas.
  8. So if you don't have any graphics card software installed, is there anything you can think about that could have changed something graphics-related, like installing a new game with a fresh DirectX install?
  9. Your GPU is your graphics card. But sometimes motherboards (the circuit board that everything plugs into) have integrated graphics or the CPU (the computer chipset) have an on-board graphic accelerator, which means they have a very low grade GPU integrated. When an actual graphic card (your Radeon RX 470) driver's are not correctly installed or corrupted, then some games\programs can revert to using the on board or integrated graphics. Since your other games seem to be working fine, I'm thinking maybe there's a very specific graphic setting in DayZ that your GPU drivers don't like but even then it might be far fetched. Do you have any software related to AMD installed like Nvidia has like Geforce Experience?
  10. The fact that your GPU temperatures are the same makes me think it's a driver issue, because it seems your GPU is not being used. Even after only 3-4 mins it should have risen at least 5 degrees. Do you have an on-board graphic accelerator by any chance?
  11. Children characters on DayZRP.


    1. Watchman


      me visiting Chicago

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      For me it's more like




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      thank you for sharing that.

  12. The only way to watch.
  13. Didn't realize they could blow up, I guess I've been missing out on the fun. Oh wait, did we ban fun yet?
  14. The reason is that it's not working as intended and obviously broken. I wouldn't understand if someone voted against fixing something that's not working as intended, unless it was the now fixed "unlimited duct tape" bug.
  15. You can fist fight one, because you can kinda stun lock them, but 2 or more will most probably end with you dying.
  16. Let's face it, no one would ever trust a hostage to tie themselves IRL, the only reason this is even a thing is because within the mechanics of the game, tying yourself up is the same as someone else doing it. I find it very lazy and if I was ever asked to do it in game, I would flat out tell them "You want me to tie myself up and expect it to be secure? Is this your first time robbing someone?" About the meat, I don't think you'd need to be a medic to tell that a cut of meat is exotic, most people know what raw beef, pork, chicken and goat look like. However a medic would probably be able to easily single out a piece of human flesh from others. Now the inventory thing is just because people are lazy and nothing in the rules forces them to emote this specifically, I find it annoying but in reality it's not that big of a deal. If someone was shuffling through your things while you're tied up, I don't think it would be that easy to tell what is being taken unless it was something obvious like a cooking pot or something big enough.
  17. Yeah, Chernarus is just dead to me as I have spent too many hours on it. I came back to play when Deer Isle was a thing because of the new map, and now that there's Livonia I don't see any reason to go back to Chernarus ever again.
  18. Congrats!


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      Why thank you, good sir!!

      happy anime girl GIF

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  19. But this doesn't really affect you since you switch character between map, thus you actually have a cooldown for switching character. The problem is with the same characters being able to be in Livonia one instant, and logging in on the same character on Chernarus a minute later.
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