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  1. OldSchool

    What do you listen to ?

    You introduced me to this when it was on your profile and it's now one of my favorite songs ever, thanks.
  2. OldSchool

    What do you listen to ?

  3. OldSchool

    Assault Vest Black

    Hmm so, the Utily Buttpack does in fact work, just not as it used to. You can't attach it to the vest, it now takes the backpack slot and rests in the center of the back instead of the lower part. It looks ridiculous and is kinda useless in this state, shame.
  4. OldSchool


    They actually put it in the game the absolute mad men XD


    1. OldSchool


      For anyone wondering this is what I'm referring to.

    2. Watchman


      My pleasure o7, glad ya like 

  5. OldSchool

    Groups initiate way too much and shoot way too fast.

    The kill is valid because he mistakenly raised his finger? That verdict is wack. That's how you get new members to misunderstand the rules and/or leave.
  6. OldSchool

    Assault Vest Black

    But that's the point of the Smersh vest though...
  7. OldSchool

    Assault Vest Black

    Is this a reskinned Smersh Vest (looks identical when equipped) and if so, why can't I put a Smersh bag on it? Is it a DayZ problem or a mod problem? Also, I lost my compass that was stored in one of the special slots, is that common? Thanks in advance.
  8. OldSchool

    New to this server

    Welcome to the madness.
  9. OldSchool

    How do you have your tea? (Poll)

    Cheap tea with brown sugar and a bit of milk.
  10. OldSchool

    Fallout Thread

    Some project I was working on about 2 years ago. My old channel was taken down with false copyright claims by salty members of the community so I gave up on the project.
  11. OldSchool


    I don't remember planting beans, but they just keep coming. Seriously though, Roland answered the thread, stop beaning me tyty.

    1. Crim



    2. Caraham
    3. OldSchool



    4. DrMax


      Ez beanz

  12. OldSchool

    Big question

    I envy your wits.
  13. OldSchool

    Big question

    That sounds like a shit deal, no offense.
  14. OldSchool

    Big question

    Bear with me, semantics. If we consider that English is read from left to right, and that the 5 is in the first position, the 1 cannot be put to the left as it would be in the first position, in front, hence the 1 has to be put to the right, behind in the reading order. Thus I declare the answer to be 51 and if you disagree your opinion is wrong because of science. Then again, I'm pretty fucking dumb. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDIT: I actually voted wrong but this post is right.
  15. OldSchool

    Are cheaters allowed in the community now?

    Referring to this thread. Bear in mind, I've never talked to Impostor nor do I know him, but I don't feel safe playing on the server knowing that this was basically just swept under the rug, with a caution? I don't understand the huge discrepancy between the expected punishment and the one actually given. EDIT: @SeversonRP "I think what that rule entails is more on the lines of proper aimboting, or ESP" People have literally got permabanned for duping items, which doesn't even involve third-party software. I have no ill will towards Impostor as I don't even know him or have even interacted with him if ever, but going from a permaban to a simple caution when third-party software is involved? It's been proven that he used it, how do you know he's not using it now?
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