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  1. Since we cannot grow carrots to feed the horse, this mod is useless and unrealistic.
  2. This idea is nice but I think you don't understand how much actual time it would take to create an original community exclusive map. No matter how much money could be pooled into this project, it would take years before we could see anything close to how finished Chernarus or Livonia are. I don't think it's even feasible considering all the hurdles that could slow the progress even more like devs dropping out because of RL reasons and so on.
  3. Oh my, Mr. Walsh and "Livvy", I've met those kind people before. Glad to see like-minded players come together, this looks great!
  4. We've never needed it before and the only reason it's even being mentioned right now is because of RL events. I don't see how it's needed seeing as hygiene is seldom if ever mentioned in game, nor is it tied to a game mechanic like it is in the game SCUM for example.
  5. YES because it is a buggy broken annoyance. If you need a safe space log out and lock yourself up under a staircase like Harry Potter.
  6. Isn't there logs for this? If the problem is people griefing sheds, shouldn't we just fix this instead of bumping the sheds hit points? Seems like a weird way to go about it.
  7. I asked someone to just stop following me and it WAS considered an initiation. A demand is not required.
  8. I'm sorry but someone would only do this because they're trying actively to bait you into a KoS report or they're just trolling. In this case they would be the ones effectively trying to ruleplay and obviously NVFL. I would've shot them too without a doubt and I haven't shot anyone in more than a year.
  9. Working from home is weird.


  10. You're good if you're wearing stretch jeans, most of mine are. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. I'm pretty sure W.I.P. groups aren't allowed, but I might be wrong. I also feel like the background is mostly "how X met Y and Z" and not much else, would love to read more about actual motivations.
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