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  1. You look like a nice guy.
  2. There's 8 basic armbands created from raincoats, +240 color possibilities from dyeing them, so 248x176,937,868,800= 4.3880591e+13. Have fun with that number. You have to realize that at some point, the numbers are so high they just become meaningless.
  3. Here's the full list and numbers omitting Ghillies because tops can't be worn with a vest and make the calculations very complicated for my simple brain. If my calculations are correct, there are 176,937,868,800 possible combinations, assuming you are wearing at least one item of each category. Head (109) Eyes (5) Face (18) Shirts & Jackets (112) Vest (15) Pants (61) Shoes & Boots (44) Gloves (4)
  4. IMHO, that red shade of blood is way too bright. Should be closer to red wine color.
  5. R.I.P. Chris



  6. Saw Guardians 2. Very disappointed. Very visually appealing, but the story left me questioning the motives behind the sequel. They addressed the question of Quill's father, which I thought would be a sub-plot but ended up being the whole movie. They didn't use any source material to drive the sequel which makes it seem like the story leads nowhere. Fun to watch for the visuals, but very forgettable as nothing in this movies connects it to the grand scheme of the Marvel universe as opposed to the first one which was about one of the infinity stones and had a real storytelling purpose. I can only imagine what happened when they tried to sell the script.


  7. I could be a voice mentor but not as much for accent as for pacing. When doing different voices, people seem to forget that pacing changes everything. How fast you character speaks, his tone, where he puts his inflections and where he emphasizes vowels or consonants. That's as important if not more important that the actual accent. But I agree that very few would ask for those services.
  8. Don't shoot anyone you can't ID, I don't see how hard that is.
  9. Love your profile song, sounds like old school 90's.

  10. This thread isn't about Life is Feudal, please respect the OP's discussion and get back on topic. Thanks.
  11. 10/10 totes adorbz
  12. Except when the LiF server was brought back after the wipe, literally NO ONE played it.