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  1. GenericName

    What IS power gaming exactly?

    Power gaming is forcing an emote without giving your intended target a chance to react to your action. You don't have to ask OOC, you just have to make sure your emote gives your victim an opportunity to emote back, else it's pretty much one-way RP. WRONG: *grabs Nick's jaw with his left hand and shoves a lit cigarette down his throat with the other* RIGHT: *grabs Nick's jaw with his left hand and tries to shove a lit cigarette down his throat with the other* In this example, the right way allows the victim to at least emote shaking his head to prevent the cigarette to enter his mouth. AFAIK it's always been that way in the rules and hasn't changed, it's just that it's been mentioned in a few reports recently and people thought it was different than it is. It has nothing to do with permanent damage or consequences and never has.
  2. GenericName


    Miscreated is so underrated.
  3. GenericName


    music is just wiggly air

  4. GenericName

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

    Oh god. I don't like the state of the current hostile RP but even I hated that idea. Preventing hostile roleplay won't fix the issue, people just have to stop doing the same canned bullshit. It's always shit talk>initiate>rob>torture>execute over and over, or it ends up in a firefight including the whole town and collateral casualties. The worst thing about it is that the new members experience it too, and then they go on to spread the same chain of box ticking by the book bad hostilities because they think that's how it's supposed to be done.
  5. GenericName

    Way all the hate for hostile rp

  6. GenericName

    Require recording during hostile situations

    With the amount of 30 secs recording we've seen in reports, I'm 100% sure that many player record but either say the don't/can't or just submit the parts that don't incriminate them or contradict their PoV. There's no reason whatsoever a honest player wouldn't want hostile actions recorded to cover his ass in case of a report. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. GenericName



    1. GenericName


      Translation: Hi gullible plebs, we won't be able to deliver the full stable release like we promised, so now we're shitting our pants and we're cutting resources where we can. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Laurence Taylor

      Laurence Taylor

      😐 can't say we expected much else? 

  8. GenericName

    I'm back...ᵃᵍᵃᶦⁿ (third time lucky?!)

    I'm from 2013 and still completely irrelevant. Welcome back.
  9. GenericName

    VDM Rulebreak Punishment Suggestion

    I've been here since 2013 and I've literally never seen or heard of this happening even once. I'd like to see you pull out even just a single report of this happening, but I'm sure you won't find any.
  10. GenericName

    VDM Rulebreak Punishment Suggestion

    Have you ever heard of complying players running in front of a shooter just to get killed in a firefight and then seeking a ban? No? Me neither. If anyone did that they'd get weeded out pretty fast.
  11. GenericName

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    Meh. I don't know about that. But there's one thing I know, fear is about tense situation where you can't tell which way things are going to go and tension builds up. That "art" has been lost since the mod days. I haven't been afraid of any of the groups since because everything that happens is an obvious box ticking flow of event. Contact>shit talk>initiation>robbery>torture>release/execution, everything done just to make sure you're inside the constraints of the rules but not much else. You can expect everything to happen the same way over and over, and that's not blaming anyone in particular, every hostile encounter is pretty much the same format. Back in the days you could encounter a hostile group and live to tell the story, even have a full hostage and release situation happens over a few hours. Nowadays hostilities seem forced and almost inevitably end up with a firefight that encompasses a whole town and multiple civilian casualties and collateral damage.
  12. GenericName

    Infamous Groups/Characters

    Good old B17 and SDS. Those were the days.
  13. GenericName



  14. GenericName


  15. GenericName

    Top 5 DayZRP PVPers

    #1 Me tbh. That's why I never PVP here. I would completely dominate the whole server with my 1337 pvp sk1llz, and then hate would ensue. I already get my daily dose of hate kthnxbai.