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  1. JimRP

    • JimRP
    • GenericName


    It's okay man, we believe in freedom of speech.

    1. Mexi


      Freedom of speech yet if anyone was to do this to you they'd be removed.

      You're really not making the place attractive for those that still want to see this place revived.


    2. JimRP


      Ironic coming from you.

    3. Taryn


      Couldn't you have messaged him instead?

      What was the point of this tbh?

    4. JimRP


      I couldn't actually, won't let me on my phone.

    5. Mexi


      I'm not the one openly calling people out for their opinions, I guess it is ironic coming from me but I'm not the one that -SHOULD- be acting professionally. Oh well.

    6. Eagle



    7. Taryn


      But you can screenshot this and post it to his wall but somehow his PM box on here is broken?


    8. JimRP


      Acting professionally? Mate, you must think this is my full time job. 

    9. LukeRP


      Eggs Deee I thought yall left for yer lil project?

    10. JimRP


      Yeah Taryn, indeed. Weird!

    11. Mexi


      Left? I've barely posted on both sites lmao.

      You guys gotta get another hobby 'cause attempting to bait people into flaming isn't gonna work unfortunately.

      Have a nice evening lads.

    12. Taryn


      Weird indeed.

      @LouieRP i didn't leave. I only left staff. Disappointed? Sorry 😕

    13. JimRP


      A new hobby? I got loads of free time. I'll look into painting. Bait people into flaming? Not really. 

      I guess this post somehow got you to reply on it though, don't know why.

      Anyway, this is all kind of ironic.

    14. DrMax


      Please take this petty argument to the pms. Thank you.

  2. GenericName

    Official SCUM Thread

    Quoted from the boss man himself in discord because we had the same discussion.
  3. GenericName

    Mia's Scum Travel Photography

    It's actually implemented that weight drags you to the bottom if you try to swim and are too heavy, plus you get even heavier if you get wet.
  4. GenericName

    If you were an Admin for a day..

    I'd ban myself.
  5. GenericName

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    You can fly, but every time you do you vomit uncontrollably. I wish I was one of the cool kids.
  6. GenericName

    SCUM RP ?

    The netcode still has serious interpolation problems. When you encounter other players, when they move, the rate at which the server sends the player's position to you (which I estimate being about 5 Hz) is too low and it tries to predict the movement, so it makes people look like they are teleporting when your client catches up with the player's actual position. I've actually seen on stream people being killed and for a full update interval, there are two bodies on the screen, the interpolation sent to your client and the actual position of the player who just died. I've seen those being as far as 3 meters apart, that is an insane amount of discrepancy. Sorry for the nerd talk. TLDR: The faster a player moves, the more distance there is between their actual position on the server and where your client thinks the player is, because that information is not updated often enough.
  7. GenericName

    Official SCUM Thread

    Only crazy people never change their mind.
  8. GenericName

    Official SCUM Thread

    CAN 22.79 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If anyone is interested in checking gameplay before buying, I'm currently watching this very decent streamer playing it right now, come join us.
  9. GenericName

    Official SCUM Thread

  10. GenericName

    SCUM RP ?

    Have none of you seen the twitch broadcasts? If you think DayZ is bad you're in for a real cute eye opener. The lag is so bad that players literally teleport every second, I bet they only tested the netcode on a closed network and thought it was good enough. The game mechanics and survival aspects of the game look amazing but in its current state it is far from even playable for RP purposes.
  11. GenericName

    SCUM RP ?

    $20 for early access.
  12. GenericName

    [Game] Corrupt a wish

    You inherit more money than you could ever dream of, but at the same time your country's economy collapses and your fortune is worthless. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I wish DayZ had base building already.
  13. GenericName

    Daily events

    It doesn't have to be like that though. I said NPC's but I could be a full-fledged character, hell it could even be done by non-staff members. It could be a doctor needing to get samples from the bunker site asking for an armed escort, it could be a "fetch 6 gas masks over X period of time" mission, it could be someone needing mercenaries to enforce his negotiations, use your imagination, there's no limit.
  14. GenericName

    Daily events

    I agree with anything being pushed by the staff team that makes the world more immersive and gives people reasons to do things. I had this idea where some staff members would sometimes get in game to impersonate some kind of NPC. It would be announced on the forum with a good delay for people to see it. They would be people who have needs for specific items or information and would reward the players in some way, with ammo or food or anything useful really. It would give people a reason to travel and go places, with an actual goal in mind. Different people and group could cross paths and decide to caravan together towards the goal, making it safer for would be bandit ambushes. Just an idea, I'm a big dreamer.
  15. GenericName

    New rules and whitelist

    Whichever comes first. If you character doesn't die, you lose the rights after 2 hours.